The Internet Marketing Crossroads: Content, Search and Social Media Marketing by andrewbran


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									   The Internet Marketing Crossroads: Content, Search and
                   Social Media Marketing

The past decade saw the emergence of integrated marketing communications (IMC) as
the preferred strategy for brands to effectively get their messages across. Essentially,
this is the practice of using multiple channels and seamless fusing them together to
achieve optimal results.

The same thing is happening today in the world of internet marketing. Search engine
optimization, content marketing and social media tactics – the three powerhouses have
reached a juncture wherein one is not exclusively independent from the rest. Borders
and roles have been shattered and today, SEO companies are not just concerned with
creating web traffic while a social media marketing company is not just held accountable
for driving social engagement.

Everything Begins with Good Content

Before, content development was an underrated element of cyberspace marketing.
SEO companies were busy building links, altogether neglecting the importance of high
quality content. Then, Penguin and Panda updates were rolled out by Google and the
spotlight was suddenly on content, hence the birth of the marketing philosophy ‘Content
is King.’

Think of content as the seed from which all good marketing efforts stem from. For
example, search engine rankings are now highly dependent on quality content. Thin and
duplicate content which were used to be the shortcut of many SEO companies before
won’t cut it anymore. Further, social media is driven by content sharing and only good
quality materials deserve to be spread around. Conversion optimization, the process of
converting traffic to potential leads or real paying customers, is highly dependent on
compelling and persuasive content.

Clearly, content is the thread that weaves together all these facets of marketing, the
backbone that anchors them all and the substance that makes online marketing a richer
and more meaningful experience for customers.

The Process of Building Good Content

Unless you are an extremely prolific writer or just a creative genius, SEO companies
cannot produce good content out of thin air. Likewise, a social media marketing
company cannot always spontaneously produce thought provoking status updates in
Facebook or Twitter and produce tangible business results.
Much is riding on good content that you need to have a process to follow. Here’s a basic

      Create a strategy, a plan and a deployment calendar. This goes for both SEO
       teams and a social media marketing company. You can start with a short-term
       plan then move to longer term scopes.

      Know why you’re developing content. What are the measurable business
       objectives that your content needs to achieve?

      If you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to play with your content. By “play,” this
       means calculated risks and informed decision making. See what works and
       revise over time.

      Take time to get acquainted with your audience. After all, content is for an
       audience and knowing what they’re looking for will definitely provide you with a
       solid foundation.

      Promote and have a clear call to action. SEO companies should not expect
       internet users to know what to do. Explicitly state what you want your readers to
       do without ruining the integrity of the content.

At the end of the day, social media marketing, content marketing and SEO are no
longer mutually exclusive disciplines from each other. They build on each other’s
strengths. Content is the element that ties all of these so make sure you spend time and
resources developing not just content, but a story worth telling.

Author is an Internet marketing expert and wants to share his knowledge with people
who are about to hire a social media agency New York for their business. He has also
given words to many articles where one can find the latest trends popular in SEO and
social media agencies.

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