Men’s Suits: Is your wardrobe lacking that special something which can set you apart?

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					Men’s Suits: Is your wardrobe lacking that special something which can set you apart?

Men’s Suits are formal attire for gentlemen. They generally comprise of a pair of trousers, a shirt with
collar and button down sleeves, a formal coat made of the same material as the trousers, a necktie and,
optionally, a waistcoat. They may be tuxedos or dinner jackets paired with matching formal trousers.
Suits are worn to weddings, formal parties, business meetings and formal lunch or dinner engagements.

Suits vary in their tailoring. They can be classified into different types based on their design and cuts. If
worn with a waistcoat, they are called three piece suits, as opposed to the two piece suits, which consist of
just a coat and a pair of trousers. Depending upon the design of the coat, the suit may be single breasted
or double breasted. Sometimes, in case of a three piece suit, a single breasted coat may be paired with a
double breasted waistcoat and vice versa.

Men’s Suits are generally available as ready made ones these days. However, they can be altered as per
customer’s specification. Customers can also purchase cloth and get suits tailored as per their choice.
Readymade suits are, of course, a much cheaper alternative to custom made suits. A wide variety of fabric
can be used to make a suit, but wool is generally the preferred material as it is cheap, easy to procure and
comparatively easy to maintain. Cashmere and silk fabrics are also used. For warmer weather, many
customers prefer suits made from linen and synthetic material.

What are some of the different suit styles?

       Suit styles have not only evolved over centuries, but they are still undergoing alterations.
        Specially with the increasing interest in readymade suits, different styles of suits are establishing

       In general, most suits are tailored such that there is a narrowing of the outline to highlight the
        contours of the wearer’s body.

       Suits are generally dark coloured like black, grey, dark blue and brown. People may occasionally
        opt for lighter shades like white, cream and navy blue. But suit colouring is generally very sober.

What to keep in mind while selecting a suit or ordering a custom made one?

       Good tailoring is the key to making the best out of a suit.

       Proper measurements are essential to ensure best fitting. The garment should look balanced, not
        matter whether the jacket is buttoned or left unbuttoned. A good suit should perfectly mold itself
        to the wearer’s body without appearing to be too tight. And of course, too loose suits appear
        shoddy and shabby.

       Badly tailored suits gradually attain wrinkles over a period of time and appear ill-fitting and
        shapeless. Suits made of synthetic material are quicker to wrinkle as compared to those made of

       Length of the topcoat is an essential aspect which makes or breaks the image of a suit.
A good boutique offers proper advice to its customers to make the best possible selection. Choice of
proper material, style and colour can ensure that the suit flatters the wearer and highlights his personality.
Since suits are very long term investments, it is important to invest in a selection which will stand the test
of time.

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Description: Men’s suits are set of collared shirt, jacket and trousers for formal occasion. Proper selection of fabric, style, measurements is essential to ensure that the suit flatters the wearer.