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					   The Mobile’s Rhyming Relay event - Saturday 23rd June 2012
 The Mobile’s Rhyming Relay event took place on Saturday 23 rd June 2012, and
helped to transport poet Craig Bradley to various libraries in the Borough. At each
      location Craig worked with children and created the following poems:

                                 Rhyming Relay

                               (Darlaston Library)

                                  Take a rhyme

                                  give it a shake

                                You’ll be surprised

                               What you can make.

                           Swim, throw, jump and run

                          Win a medal, have some fun.

                           Olympic torch is on its way

                          On these streets on Saturday.

                           Wave a flag, join the crowd

                            Sing The National Anthem

                                   really loud.

       (Willenhall Library)

    See the torch, turning gold

  Telling stories about day of old.

    What would the flames say

       If they could speak?

         Would it be bold

       or would it be weak?

  Hear it splutter, hear it crackle

  laughing like a witch’s cackle.

   Keep it burning, keep it bright

Keeps me warm on a winter’s night.

          On Holly Daze

        (Aldridge Library)

          I go swimming

            to the pool

          Every Monday

           at my School

           I like to jump

            I like to dive

        I started swimming

          when I was five.

       One day in Cornwall

           on the beach

          a wave took me
         out of reach

        So be careful

          if you play

        on the beach

         on holiday.

         The Games

      (Central Library)

           I am fire

          I am flame

          I will start

     the Olympic game.

        Run and jump

         until the end

     watch the Olympics

       with your friend.

           Run fast

   like a cheetah after prey

           like a jet

         you’ll be ok

you’ll be a Superstar someday.

        Going 4 Gold

     (Bloxwich Library)

     Olympic, Olympics

          taking part

    with all your strength
     and soul and heart.

         Be a winner

         be the best

        Win a medal

      I’ll be impressed.

       It will be wicked

        It will be cool

       It will be better

    Than going to school.

   Running, Triple Jump

    (Brownhills Library)

     Hop, skip and jump

      land with a bump.

       Throw a javelin

      then go travelling.

        Practice a lot

        Put the shot.

   Throw the hammer far

       Be a superstar.

Pass the baton to your friend

Run like a cheetah to the end.

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