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									                                                    LYNN ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL
                                                        WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT

TEACHERS: This student is being monitored temporarily in an effort to assist in his/her progress.                      Matthew Wilkins
          Please complete with appropriate responses and return to the student at the end of                          Guidance Counselor
          the period. Thank you!

STUDENT                                      ___________________ Homeroom          ________                 For Week Ending _____ / _____ / _____

                                            Homework /                              Improving /     Grade
                            Attendance       Classwork                                  Not          to             Comments           Teacher
                 Subject                                          Conduct
                                           (Completed?)                              Improving      Date                               Initials

 Period A

 Period B

 Period C

 Period D

 Period E

 Period F

 Period G

The student should retrieve the Weekly Progress Reports from Mr. Wilkins’ office door. The Weekly Progress Report should be given to his / her
teachers on Thursday and Friday to complete. The student’s parents / guardians should review and sign the Weekly Progress Report over the
weekend. The student should return the Weekly Progress Report to Mr. Wilkins the following Monday. It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve
and return the Weekly Progress Report.

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