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Mtechtips GOLD MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx gold oct expiry future as we given yesterday hit target of 32,050 now next target will be 32,265
while now intraday supports revised to 31,900 and 31,790.on intraday chart after reversal once again
hovering in overbought area. for all long positions stoploss should be strict.

Mtechtips SILVER MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx silver dec expiry future closed at 64,495 with gains of traded in range after initial
drop recovered all losses. today’s high was 64726. for tomorrow 64,800 is resistance and traders should
buy or go long above this only for another 1000-1500 points rally.

Mtechtips COPPER MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx copper nov future closed 457.6 with gains over 0.59%.our given target of 458 achieved and now
next target will be 464 now traders can trail stoploss below 454 for that. but maintain at 454.0 level
below some down and low side target at 446 then 442

Mtechtips ALUMINIUM MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx aluminium sep future given closed at 115 and here profit booking continues. heading towards
targets of 113-111 sl above low was 114.6

Mtechtips ZINC MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx zinc sep future continues its upside rally and achieved our given target of 115. but at that point
seen sharp selling from market now 115 will be strong resistance zone and like lead here also buying
should be done if cross 115 for medium to long term view.
Mtechtips LEAD MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx lead sep future achieved our given target of 125 as today made high of 125 is strong
resistance area below that correction is expected buy only if closed above 125 for target of 130-136.

Mtechtips CRUDEOIL MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx crude oil oct future given huge profit on short call from 5445 to 5050 in personal account
management. now for intraday hourly chart highly oversold on indicators expect sharp bounce back in
1-2 days. here traders should start accumulating but risk is high so stay careful. technical bounce back
target for oct future comes at 5220. Buy at bottom levels

Mtechtips NATURALGAS MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx natural gas future today remained volatile and swings in positive and negative areas. finally sep
future closed at 151.4.traders here start accumulation for big target on upside in medium to long term
period. for tomorrow 154 and 156.8 are resistance areas while 148 is support zone.

Mtechtips NICKEL MCX intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

Mcx nickel sep future closed at 963.3 with gains of as we given 975 acts as resistance today’s
high was 974.4.for tomorrow below 975 hold shorts for targets of 945 to low was 961 and
closed near low!!

Mtechtips BANKNIFTY FUT intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

bank nifty index today outperformed nifty as may big and medium sizes banks rallied on huge short
covering in fno segment. bank nifty spot today closed at 11,043 with gains of 62 points or
0.56%.yesterday we suggested short call for 100-150 points and today after gap down opening bank
nifty hit low of 10922!!

but as short covering triggered in many financial we seen sharp rally and consolidation in banknifty
index. for tomorrow bank nifty spot intraday resistance levels are 11,190 and 11,345 while on downside
supports are 11,000 and 10,870. traders watch 10,950-11,000 major support zone if slip below it then go
short for target of 10870 and below.

sell banknifty if and only if slip below 10,950-11,000

support zone for targets of 10870-10800

with stoploss of 11,050

Mtechtips NIFTY FUT intraday trading analysis 20-9-2012

nifty spot today closed at 5600 with loss of 10 points or – we given yesterday nifty given
downside move and hit low of 5586 while we suggested target of 550-5525.for tomorrow we still
bearish and expecting correction upto minimum 5525 while on profit booking, political crisis and euro
fear may hit 5440 once again. for tomorrow nifty intraday resistance levels are 5610 and 5685 while on
downside nifty intraday support are 5525 and 5445.intraday trend still bullish but momentum is now
bearish so stay on short side with strict stoploss.

for intraday sell in nifty in between 5610-5650 band

keep stoploss of 5685 and expect targets near 5533 to 5525.

while positional traders hold short position with stoploss

above 5690 and expect first target at 5440.

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