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									Admissions Procedure
The process to be admitted to the Wayfinders Program is rigorous. We will use a written
application, personal statement, references and interviews of student and family to
ascertain student’s eligibility to attend the Wayfinders Program.

Initial Referral Inquiry
        A student may be referred by parent, Regional Center service coordinator (RCSC),
        school, or by the student them self.
        Good reasons for referring a student include:
        The student is interested in pursuing academic interests on a college campus.
        The student expresses a desire to live independently and is ready to make a commitment
        to learning independent living and vocational skills.
        The student is ready for a change in living arrangements and lifestyle.
        The family is supportive of the student’s decision and is willing to partner with the
        Wayfinders program.
        Poor reasons for referring a student:
        The family wants the applicant out of their home.
        It seems like a good idea to separate the student from their family.
        The student has lost the motivation for learning in their present environment.
        The student feels ready to live independently, but the family and service coordinator does
        not feel they are ready.

Initial contact may take place by phone, email, or at a scheduled preview date. The preview dates
will be scheduled periodically throughout the year. Attending a program preview is mandatory
before being admitted to Wayfinders.

During the program preview, all aspects and goals of the program will be reviewed and
discussed. A tour of the campus and apartments will take place with an opportunity for questions
and answers by the staff. The ultimate goal is for the student to live in a situation of their
choosing with appropriate support in place and to be able to participate in an employment setting
at completion of the program. Wayfinders is not a place, but a program to develop leadership and
independent living skills. Full participation in all components of Wayfinders, including
instruction time, after hours, and weekends is mandatory.

       The student will need to be able to explain why he or she wants to participate in the
program. A referral from their regional center will be required.

Information requested at initial inquiry will include:
     Name, address, phone number, and age
     Current living situation
     Current social, volunteer, and vocational activities
     Guardianship status
     General Financial status: Regional Center client/ SSI or SSA/ private resources
This statistical information will be kept on file to assist in program review and to assist in future
program planning.

If the student meets the criteria, he or she will be encouraged to complete the application packet
which can be accessed online or by mail. Please note the due dates of completion for requested
materials. A list of important dates is included in the packet.
                   Information may be obtained from the Wayfinders web site:

The program considers those individuals that meet the following criteria and have completed the
application process (with assistance as needed):
     The applicant must be motivated, committed to want to learn the skills taught at
        Wayfinders, and plan to live independently after completing the program. The family must
        have a commitment for the student to learn to live independently (with supports as
     The applicant must be willing to participate in 30 hours of instruction a week, as well as in
        the supported learning during after hours and weekends. During these hours, the student is
        to be available to participate in activities, to remain awake, not watch television, play
        computer games, and not have visitors.
     The applicant must be willing to complete all 8 semesters of the program, without
        scheduled absences.
     The age range of students to be accepted is 18- 28 years of age.
     The applicant must have an intellectual/ developmental disability. They may be a client of
        a Regional Center in the state of California, or have the ability to obtain Regional Center
        services, or provide tuition costs through other means.
     The applicant must have received a diploma or certificate of completion or equivalent
        from a high school program.
     The applicant must be able to participate in completing the application forms and willing
        to participate in the personal interview.
     The applicant is required to provide current testing from school placement.
     The applicant must be able to function without attendant care for personal needs.
     The applicant must possess enough self-help skills to be able to safely and independently
        function in his/her apartment with minimal supervision during all program hours.
     The applicant must have acceptable social behavior, verified by previous schools, family,
        and/or agency personnel as well as the ability to get along with peers, follow rules, and
        accept supervision. There is no smoking or drinking in the program, apartments, or during
        planned activities.
     The applicant must be free of any communicable diseases that are transmissible by casual
        contact and all immunizations must be up to date. He or she must have health insurance
        (i.e. private or Medi-Cal).
     The applicant must have the necessary income requirements for individuals living
        independently, (i.e., SSI, SSA, private).
If the student does not meet the criteria for the Wayfinders Program, they are encouraged to
search other options through their Regional Center service coordinator, online exploration, and
through their local school districts.
        IMPORTANT DUE DATES (2011)

1. Wayfinders Application Packet Due (post marked)
                   April 15, 2011

         2. Wayfinders Interviews Begin
                   May 2, 2011

  3. Wayfinders Acceptance Letter of Admissions
     Will be mailed and posted on-line June 1, 2011
Admissions Application (requirements):
If the applicant meets the admissions criteria, a formal application can be requested and
completed, with a release of information for additional documentation for the admissions staff.
Application can be found on-line or requested by calling the Wayfinders office at (559) 278-
0390. The applicant will complete an application and submit various records to complete the
process for possible admission to Wayfinders. It is important to have current information to
ascertain that the Wayfinders Program is an appropriate placement and that the student has the
combination of desire, motivation, skill, and experience to be successful in the program.

                     Please send all requested materials in one packet.
                     Completion of all of the materials will be required.
                       Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The Completed Application packet will include:
    General Admission Application Form.
    Personal Statement from applicant questionnaire.
    5X7 picture (may be computer generated).
    Reference letters (2).
    Referral letter from regional center, with most current IPP and CDER evaluation
    Consent for Release of Information.
    Deadlines for requested information and interview schedule (will change from year to
    Application checklist.
    Read and signed Fresno State code of conduct form.
    Wayfinders Interview Process Information Sheet
    Completed Skills Inventory Assessment.
    Current IEP may be requested at a later date.
    The additional documentation needed, in addition to application, may include: most
      current psycho-educational assessment, medical history including medications.

A review of assessments and/or information regarding the applicant’s psychological, behavioral,
medical, and academic history may be done by the admissions staff to ascertain that the needs of
student can be appropriately served by the program staff and community resources.
Wayfinders General Application Form

Please make sure you provide all requested information. Incomplete applications are not
processed. May be filled out by student or parent.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________State: ________Zip: _____________________
Phone: __________________ Cell: _____________________ Fax: _____________________
Social Security number: ________________________________________________________
Email address: _______________________________________________________________
Date of birth: _____________________________________Gender: ____________________
Father’s Name: _______________________________________________________________
Mother’s Name: ______________________________________________________________
Or Guardian’s name: __________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________State: ________Zip: ____________________
Phone: __________________ Cell: ______________________Fax: _____________________
Primary language spoken in the home: ____________________________________________
Have you attended a program preview? Yes _______ No _______ Date: _________________

Work Experience:
  Organization        Position    Responsibilities         Start Date    End Date   Hrs/Wk

Volunteer Work and Community Service:
   Organization               Description of Activity              Hours per week

Do you receive SSI: ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) In process ( ) Will apply at 18
If yes, who is your payee?
Are you a California Regional Center client: ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) En process
Name of your Regional Center: __________________________________________________
Service Coordinator Name: _____________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________State: ________Zip: _____________________
Phone: _____________________________ Fax: ____________________________________
Email address: _______________________________________________________________

Are you a client of California Department of Rehabilitation: ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) In process
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________State: ________Zip: _____________________
Phone: _____________________________ Fax: ____________________________________

Are you a client of In Home Supportive Services: ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) In process
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________State: ________Zip: _____________________
Phone: _____________________________ Fax: ____________________________________

Name of high school you are attending or have attended: ______________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________State: ________Zip: _____________________
Phone: _____________________________ Fax: ____________________________________
Email address: _______________________________________________________________
High school graduation or completion date or target date: _____________________________

Name of community college, post secondary, or resource center program you attend: _______
Contact person: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________State: ________Zip: _____________________
Phone: _____________________________ Fax: ____________________________________
Email address: _______________________________________________________________

Comments: __________________________________________________________________
Date of most recent medical exam: _______________________________________________
Do you take medications: ( ) Yes ( ) No
Have you ever taken medications for emotional problems: ( ) Yes ( ) No

Date: ___________________

   What meds                   How much                        Why

Do you need any help with your medications? ______________________________________

If yes, what kind of help: _______________________________________________________

Are you conserved: ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) En process
If yes, in which areas are you conserved: __________________________________________

Has the applicant ever been treated for emotional problems?
       If yes, please explain:
       Have you had any incidents of?
                ( ) causing property damage including starting fires.
                ( ) physically threatening or striking others.
                ( ) verbally threatening others.
                ( ) harming or cutting self.
                ( ) mistreating animals.
       If yes, please explain:

Do you:
      have any problems with incontinence? ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Sometimes
      require attendant care? ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Sometimes
      have a history of arrest or probation? ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Sometimes
      feel ready to move out of the house? ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Sometimes
      have a strong support system? ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Sometimes

Have your parent/s discussed coming to the Wayfinders Program and learning to live
independently? _______________________________________________________________
Would you consider entering the Wayfinders program on short notice, if admission procedure is
completed? __________________________________________________________________

Signature of applicant: _________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________________________

Signature of parent/ guardian: ___________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________________________
Personal Statement

We consider many things in making admissions decisions. Please include with your application a
personal statement. You should include facts about your background, goals, and any other
information that you think may help us learn more about you. The personal statement can be
written, videotaped, or recorded. Please be creative. Any electronic submissions must be on CD,
memory stick, or DVD.
Materials submitted will not be returned.
Please do not send originals.

Include the information from the applicant questions below:

  1. Why do you want to participate in the Wayfinders Program?

   2. Have you ever spent time away from home? ( ) Yes ( ) No

       How long and for what reason?

       Did you enjoy the experience?

       Please explain:

   3. Do you have any special interests that you would share with the Wayfinders admission

   4. In school, what are your favorite subjects?

       What is your least favorite?

   5. What do you consider your strengths?

       Are there any areas that you would like to improve?

   6. Is there anything specific you want to learn?

   7. Do you currently have a paid or volunteer job?
Application Check List for Student and Parent/ Guardian

_________Please complete and initial all of the items below:

_________I have read the Referral and Application Procedure.

_________I have notified my California Regional Center Service Coordinator that I would like
         to apply to the Wayfinders Program at Fresno State. I will add this goal into my
         Individualized Program Plan (IPP).

_________I have obtained referral letter and most current IPP with CDER report from my
         CaliforniaRegional Center Service Coordinator.

_________I have attended a Program Preview Day on (date): ____________________

_________I have filled out the application and provided all requested information. I know than
         incomplete applications will not be processed.
_________1I have provided a Personal Statement.

_________I have provided a 5X7 photograph

_________I have requested and received reference letters from 2 individuals.

_________I have signed and dated Wayfinders Consent for release of information Form.

_________I have read and signed the Fresno State/ Wayfinders code of conduct form.

_________I have completed Skills Inventory Assessment

_________I have read and signed the Wayfinders Interview Process Information Sheet.

_________I have made a copy of everything for my files

                         COMPLETED PACKET TO BE MAILED

           Wayfinders Program at California State University, Fresno
                            5005 N Maple, ED 03
                             Fresno, CA 93740
                           Attention: Admissions
Interview Process
Please review and sign at the bottom of the page.

Following the receipt of and review of the application packed and if the student appears to meet
the basic entrance criteria, an interview is scheduled with the student and parent(s) or

The interview process will ascertain:
    The student has the desire, ability and motivation to complete the program in the
       expected period.
    The student’s individual needs can be appropriately served by the program staff and/ or
       community resources
    The program provides the least restrictive environment.
    The student is prepared to enter the program.
    The student meets the entrance requirements.

There will be a parental interview as well as a private interview with the student. The rules for
the Wayfinders program will be reviewed and signed by the student and parent(s) or guardian(s).
A standardized assessment tool will be completed at this time, to ascertain strengths and
weaknesses of the student. This will assist in determining the level of support needed for
program success before admission.

After reviewing all applicants, notification letters will be sent as to the acceptance of the
applicant or the placement on the alternate list. We are committed to inform the applicant of
acceptance or non-acceptance into the program within a reasonable amount of time. Students
admitted will be required to complete further paperwork (with assistance of family or caregiver).
The student will be given an official date of entry. A student will be required to obtain a
purchase order from their regional center or have financial support from another source

This program is sure to be an impacted program (having more applicants than space available).
Though many may qualify, not all students can be accepted. Wayfinders students will be
selected using information submitted and through the interview process.

For students not admitted to the program, general suggestions may be given to improve skill
levels. They may reapply for the following year.

Student signature: _____________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________________________

Parent/guardian: ______________________________________________________________

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