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									Kansas Judicial Branch
Contact Information
                                                                           6th Judicial District
 This page contains basic information about the courts in the 6th Judicial District.
 This page has been created for your convenience and does not serve as the official
 webpage for the county, courts, or clerk listed herein.
 Because personnel changes can happen frequently, the contents of this page may
 be out of date, though every effort has been made to keep the content current.
 Report errors on this page to the Kansas Courts webmaster.
 Chief Judge                                                 Bourbon County District Court
 Hon Richard M Smith - Linn County                           Bourbon County Courthouse
                                                             210 S National PO Box 868
 Chief Clerk                                                 Fort Scott, KS 66701
 Janet England - Miami County                                Phone: 620-223-0780 Fax: 620-223-5303
                                                             Clerk of the District Court: Karen A Paddock
 Chief Court Services Officer                                Go to Bourbon statistics
 Robert Thomas - Bourbon County
                                                             Linn County District Court
 District Court Judge                                        Linn County Courthouse
 Hon Amy Harth - Miami County                                318 Chestnut PO Box 350
 Hon Steve Montgomery - Miami County                         Mound City, KS 66056
 Hon Mark Alan Ward - Bourbon County                         Phone: 913-795-2660 Fax: 913-795-2004
                                                             Clerk of the District Court: Alice A Ware
 District Magistrate Judge                                   Go to Linn statistics
 Hon Rebecca Stephan - Bourbon County
                                                             Miami County District Court
 Go to 6th Judicial District statistics                      Miami County Courthouse
                                                             120 S Pearl PO Box 187
                                                             Paola, KS 66071
                                                             Phone: 913-294-3326 Fax: 913-294-2535
                                                             Clerk of the District Court: Janet England
                                                             Go to Miami statistics



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