Travel & Subsistence Rates 2005/2006

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					                                      TRAVEL AND SUBSISTENCE


 These rates are to be used in line with the University’s Travel and Subsistence Policy.

 Car Journeys – for UK Journeys only

 For the first 100 miles of any journey*: 40p per mile, thereafter 25p per mile.

 NB : The revised definition of a journey is a continuous period away from

 The mileage to be claimed is the smaller of:
       a)     The mileage from the normal place of work to the place of detached duty.
          b)       Actual mileage.
 Motorcycle Journeys                                        Bicycle journeys
 For the first 100 miles of any journey*: For all journeys: 20p per mile
 24p per mile, thereafter 9p per mile.

 Subsistence Rates

 Breakfast :                £5.15 (leave home before 7.30am)

 Lunch** :                  £7.30

 Tea :                      £3.00 (arrive home after 7.00pm)

 Evening Meal :             £12.60 (arrive home after 8.30pm)

 Bed & Breakfast:           £70.65 (except London)
 Bed & Breakfast            £112.10 (London)

 NB:      These subsistence allowances will only be paid against actual expenditure. If,
          exceptionally, expenditure exceeds the value of the rate on any one meal
          allowance (e.g. lunch) it must be evidenced by receipts. You may be asked to
          provide receipts on an ad hoc basis to support claims up to the value of the
          allowances above in line with requirements from the Inland Revenue. Receipts
          must be provided for all accommodation expenditure.
 **       It is not permitted to claim lunch allowance when visiting other campuses of the
          University of Plymouth.

 Family/Friends Allowance
 If you stay with family or friends you may claim an allowance of up to £25.00 per night
 which must be supported by receipts. Please note that the Inland Revenue have
 updated their requirements for this allowance.

 This allowance may only be claimed if no other expenditure is incurred or
 reclaimed from the University in respect of bed, breakfast and evening meal
NB : Financial Regulations now state that all claims for payment of subsistence
allowances, travelling and incidental expenses shall be completed in a form approved by
the Director of Corporate Finance and must be submitted within six months of being
 D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\73eb1d62-8ef1-464c-bd18-b968d6efd04a.doc           Version 3; July 2005
                             STANDARD MILEAGE BETWEEN SITES

The following distances have been approved and as such must now be used by staff
reclaiming travel expenses incurred while visiting other campuses. Note the miles
quoted are one way only.

         Plymouth to Exeter                           44 miles
         Plymouth to Exmouth                          52 miles
         Plymouth to Seale Hayne                      30 miles
         Plymouth to Taunton                          73 miles
         Plymouth to Camborne                         64 miles
         Plymouth to Dartington                       24 miles
         Plymouth to Derriford Hospital               4 miles

         Exmouth to Exeter                            10 miles
         Exmouth to Seale Hayne                       25 miles
         Exmouth to Plymouth                          52 miles
         Exmouth to Taunton                           37 miles
         Exmouth to Dartington                        35 miles

         Exeter to Exmouth                            10 miles
         Exeter to Seale Hayne                        17 miles
         Exeter to Plymouth                           44 miles
         Exeter to Taunton                            32 miles
         Exeter to Camborne                           98 miles
         Exeter to Dartington                         27 miles

         Seale Hayne to Exeter                        17 miles
         Seale Hayne to Exmouth                       25 miles
         Seale Hayne to Plymouth                      30 miles
         Seale Hayne to Taunton                       47 miles
         Seale Hayne to Dartington                    13 miles

         Taunton to Exeter                            32 miles
         Taunton to Exmouth                           37 miles
         Taunton to Plymouth                          73 miles
         Taunton to Dartington                        57 miles
         Taunton to Seale Hayne                       47 miles

         Camborne to Exeter                           98 miles
         Camborne to Plymouth                         64 miles

         Marjons to Plymouth                           4 miles
         Marjons to Exeter                            45 miles
         Marjons to Exmouth                           53 miles
         Marjons to Seale Hayne                       31 miles
         Marjons to Taunton                           75 miles
         Marjons to Camborne                          64 miles
         Marjons to Dartington                        25 miles
         Marjons to Knowledge Spa                     58 miles

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\73eb1d62-8ef1-464c-bd18-b968d6efd04a.doc   Version 3; July 2005
         Tamar Science Park to Plymouth                            4 miles
         Tamar Science Park to Exeter                             45 miles
         Tamar Science Park to Exmouth                            53 miles
         Tamar Science Park to Seale Hayne                        31 miles
         Tamar Science Park to Taunton                            75 miles
         Tamar Science Park to Camborne                           64 miles
         Tamar Science Park to Dartington                         25 miles
         Tamar Science Park to Knowledge Spa                      58 miles

         Knowledge Spa to Plymouth             58miles
         Knowledge Spa to Exeter               91miles
         Knowledge Spa to Exmouth            102miles
         Knowledge Spa to Seale Hayne         85 miles
         Knowledge Spa to Taunton            123 miles
         Knowledge Spa to Camborne            12 miles
         Knowledge Spa to Dartington          79 miles
         Knowledge Spa to Marjons             58 miles
         Knowleddge Spa to Tamar Science Park 58 miles

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\73eb1d62-8ef1-464c-bd18-b968d6efd04a.doc              Version 3; July 2005

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