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									Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders
Mission: Combining the strengths of an education from
Valparaiso University with professional preparation and
hands-on experience, the IT Fellows Program provides our
students with the technical training and skills needed to
succeed in an ever increasingly digital world. Students gain
real-world experience that will give them a competitive edge
over their peers as they begin their careers.
 Program Structure
    Recruitment
    First Year Training
    Second and Third Year On-Campus Internships
    Fourth Year Internships
 Professional Growth
    Training Academy
    Enrichment Seminars
    Learning Journals
    Performance Evaluations
    Senior Technical Project
 Technical Development
    Hands-On Mentoring
    Training Sessions
Program Overview: Recruitment
 High School Seniors are recruited through a search for
  both leaders and technically-oriented students
 Advertising materials are sent to prospective students
  to entice them to attend Valparaiso University to
  participate in the IT Fellows Program
 Qualified Applicants are invited to participate in on-
  campus or phone interviews with IT Coordinators,
  Directors, and current Fellows’ students
 Accepted students are promptly notified, so their
  college search is not impeded
              First Year Training
 First Year Fellows participate in
  four cohort training rotations
  lasting six weeks each.
 These cohort rotations develop
  their skills in web design,
  programming, digital video
  recording and editing, help
  desk support, hardware and
  software support, and
First Year Training (cont.)
             During the rotations, Fellows
              receive hands-on training.
             This training comes to
              fruition as Fellows complete
              projects aimed at showcasing
              their newly developed skills.
             Fellows present their projects
              to IT Staff, who critique and
              evaluate the presentations.
          First Year Training (cont.)
 In the Spring of their first year, Fellows draft and polish
    their résumés for the internship application process.
   IT Fellows obtain their internships in a manner similar to a
    "real-world" job search.
   Classified Ads, which are ads produced by internship hosts
    on campus to entice Fellows to apply for their positions, are
    distributed to Fellows.
   Fellows must submit their résumé to each internship host
    and arrange for an interview.
   Hosts then extend job offers to the candidates best suited
    for their department, and Fellows accept the position they
    feel best suits them.
            Second and Third Year
            On-Campus Internships
 Second-year Fellows
  engage in year-long
  internships with the
  department they chose in
  their first-year job search
 In these internships, they
  fine-tune their skills in
  areas of technology that
  pique their interest
 Second and Third Year (cont.)
 In 2007, the VU Information
  Technology Department was
  recognized as one of the
  nation’s top 100 IT departments
  by CIO magazine, a distinction
  earned by only six other
 Fellows work side-by-side with
  members VU’s CIO-100 IT
  Department in their second and
  third year internships
      Fourth Year Internships
 Fellows in their fourth year of the program will have
  an opportunity to work on the most important and
  sophisticated technology projects on campus. They
  serve as mentors, trainers, and leaders for the
 Select fourth-year Fellows also have an opportunity to
  intern in prestigious off-campus internships.
 The fourth year is the culmination of the program. It
  brings together the professional and technical
  development of the previous years as the student
  works in a setting comparable to an actual workplace.
            Training Academy
 The IT Fellows Training
  Academy is held annually
  the week prior to
  Freshmen move-in.
 During this five-day
  training period, we
  emphasize teamwork,
  development, leadership,
  and basic technical skills.
          Enrichment Seminars
 Enrichment Seminars are
  seminars that cover a topic in
  great detail and are aimed at
  stimulating thought or
  providing insight into that
  particular topic.
 Through the tutelage of an
  expert in a particular field or
  discipline, these seminars give
  Fellows a chance to increase
  their marketable talents.
            Learning Journals
 Fellows reflect upon and record their thoughts about
  the program three times per rotation in their Learning
 These journals are kept in any format students wish to
  use, including blogs, web-based journals, and
  standard document journals.
 Fellows submit their Learning Journals to the Program
  Coordinators, who provide them with feedback.
      Performance Evaluations
 Program Hosts provide IT
  Fellows with feedback to help
  them gauge their growth and
  performance in the Program.
 Fellows are reviewed on a wide
  variety of professional and
  technical criteria
 To facilitate open
  communication, Fellows also
  review each Host’s
  performance in mentoring
  them and providing
  meaningful projects to
Senior Technical Project
          In order to successfully complete
           the program, Senior IT Fellows
           complete a Technical Project
           demonstrating what they’ve
           accomplished in the program
          The Senior Technical Project is the
           equivalent of an academic Senior
           Thesis, except as opposed to being
           written, it’s made via the technical
           medium of the Fellow’s choice.
         Hands-On Mentoring
 All students in the IT Fellows Program are mentored
  through hands-on assistance from IT staff.
 Cohort rotation Hosts provide basic training and
  technical overviews before assigning Fellows to their
  projects, and provide help whenever necessary while
  Fellows complete their assignments.
 Intern Hosts lend their expertise whenever a Fellow
  has difficulty completing their projects.
           Training Sessions
 Intern Hosts often offer
  training sessions to provide
  Fellows advanced knowledge
  in a specific topic pertinent to
  their role.
 Certification programs
  through nationally-recognized
  agencies are often offered to
  ensure Fellows have industry-
  standard knowledge and skills.
     For More Information on the
          IT Fellows Program
 Contact:
    Jeni McIntosh-Elkins, IT Fellows Coordinator
       (219) 464- 6141
 Visit:

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