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					GA Meeting 6 November 2011

Ice Breaker- What kind of Cereal would you be and why

Budget Update and Funding Requests:
Around $1465.43

Funding Request
Alex Gregory                   Disney Movie Night
$20.00                         6:00-10:00pm, 11-18-2011
Alex Gregory
Disney Movie Night
Money for Popcorn and Soda
Friday, November 18th
Tangles and Hercules
Rent out HVC starting at 6:00pm

Passes with Consent

IRC Update
Decided Silent Disco is returning next Wolfpack welcome week
IRC Funding deadline Tuesday
Hall Council makes sure out of state students have a place to go for Thanksgiving
Food Disappearing from HVC Kitchen when it’s up
Ways to earn HOTS points
Bring a friend to a QAC meeting
Do a program
Go to Dinner and a Show! Tomorrow in Riddick at 6pm
-Comedian, catered by Mediterranean and barbeque
Thank you for going to Stress Free Fair! Quad had the most people go
Edit documents on the facebook group

RA Update
International Affairs- HVC Monday from 1:30-2:30
Cross the Line - 7pm Tuesday

Sustainability - Nothing new, be on the look out
Extension and Engagement - Clark Asylum
Cultural Explorations - Movie, Good-bye Lenin coming soon. Multicultural Christmas
Scholarship and Research- Tutoring subcommittee meeting, email quad tutoring if

Advisor Update-
RA Applications due soon
RA Evaluations
Program Evalutions- Helps with funding and future programming
Thanksgiving break- Halls are closing, Halls are reopening Friday at 5pm because of
the football game

ADF Training
You should get back the pink form
Tape receipts on a blank white sheet of paper, taped around, do not cover up any
Print out roosters, follow up with Kat
Cut long reciepts
Write what event was on at least one of the sheets

Voting on a Major Event
Katie McVey- Mentor Speed dating

Started with Scholarship and Research Committee
Sit down and talk about what their research is, what they are doing in their lab, give
your resume
Talked to Aaron Stoller and Judy Day, Talley Ballroom
Hosted by Honors, but open to anyone
Needs a lot of Manpower
Need to gauge interest

Q: How do we plan to connect with Professors to get them to come?
ans: Judy Day is taking care of that end with all of her connections.

Q: Can we count this as 2 of our main events?
ans: We can vote on it

Brian- This is something Honors is going to adopt annually, we will cover it. We just
need students to help volunteer and advertise for the event.

Q: What time of the semester?
ans: February, First or Second Thursday, afternoon to accommodate Faculty

Nathan- we don’t need to have four big main events a semester. That’s just the way
it worked out. Just a reminder that we are the QUAD area council.

Morgan- LAN party has had high attendance from the Quad in the past. I think we
can support this and donate time without specifying it as a major program.
Q: What about CHASS and management?
ans: We are trying to emphasis CHASS. We are definitely trying to get everyone in
the university to come out.

Q: Is this going to cost us anything?
ans: No

Does this need to be a major program?

Benefits- Heavily marketed to Quad, and be sure that people show up the day
Flexibility in number of programs and types, no harm in voting in as a major

This will be planned very closely with the honors program staff, since we do not
need to do most of the planning, it should not be a major event

Katie-Most of the planning has been done by me(Katie) so if anyone has ideas they
will be heard. I am worried the student support isn’t there.

Vote to support the event

Vote to classify event as a major program?

Allison Saito - Presenting a program Idea
Someone I know in the Peace Corps is working at a school that is in dire need of
writing utensil.
Sit outside of Clark on MTWTF and then ship them off to South Africa 5:30 to 8:30
The week after Thanksgiving
Talk to Allison after the meeting

Neal-SACCURH was fun. Learn how to make programs better.

NCARH is February and NACCURH is later on if conferences sound interesting.

Knit and Crochet Night this Thursday at 8pm

Staci Jahr
Kevin Young
Becky Breese
Stephen Odum
Stephen Corly

Jacquelin Morgan
Chris Pierson
Alyssa Rabel
Joseph Moo-Young
John Lee
Travis Tippens
Allison Saito

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