Getting to Know One Another by CS0IGqB


									                           Getting to Know One Another
                                        Who Am I?
What are my strengths and weaknesses? Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to
10 for a variety of classroom and life skills. Color in the boxes on the chart
to make a bar graph.











1=   I’ve never done this before.                    5-7= I can do this.
2-4= I can sort of do this.                          8-10= This is easy for me.

Adapted from Tools for High Quality Differentiated Instruction           ASCD Toolkit 2007
Teacher Note:
Here is a list of some skills from which you can choose. Consider leaving one
or more attribute boxes empty, and ask students to fill in other skills that
they would like to rate themselves on.
Vary according to the grade level and backgrounds of your students. Be sure
that you include some skills that are not traditional school skills. If you
include only school subjects, some students will rate themselves low or high
across the board and miss this important message.
Adding in your head                                  Telling jokes
Graphing                                             Diving
Rotating objects in your head                        Making change
Adding on paper                                      Turning in your homework on time
Hiking                                               Drawing
Running                                              Making friends
Asking questions in class                            Drawing comics
Hitting a baseball                                   Making up stories
Singing                                              Walking a balance beam
Brainstorming ideas                                  Driving a car
Ice skating                                          Miniature golf
Skateboarding                                        Water skiing
Building a snowman                                   Eating healthy
Kayaking                                             Multiplying
Snow skiing                                          Word processing
Caring for animals                                   Exercising
Keeping a diary                                      Painting
Speaking a language other than                       Working alone
English                                              Fixing something that is broken
Cleaning up your area                                Playing an instrument
Keeping up with current events                       Working in a group
Conducting experiments                               PowerPoint
Subtracting                                          Writing poems
Cooking                                              Following directions
Keeping your room neat                               Reading
Talking in front of a group                          Writing stories
Dancing                                              Gardening
Listening to directions                              Reading a map
Talking to teachers                                  Giving directions
Dividing                                             Riding a bike
Making a speech

Adapted from Tools for High Quality Differentiated Instruction          ASCD Toolkit 2007

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