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The online has totally changed the way we trade everything, such as excellent art. Many
performers are finding that selling online can be another way to market and offer their
artwork to a bigger worldwide community of art customers and lovers. Have you ever
thought how many individuals all over the world use the World Wide Web every day to
buy products such as excellent art to beautify their homes? According to the latest
research, over 1.2 million individuals buy online every day.

Commissions and Account Fees
Art exhibits price performers as much as 50% in commission payment, and the marketing
exposure is limited to those individuals that visit the collection and decide to purchase.
Some online art exhibits websites also price a commission payment. Revenue for online
exhibits can range anywhere between 1-5% is normal and up to 10% on the higher end.
Other online art exhibits price a per month membership fee to cover their per month
expense price. The reason that online art exhibits commission payment and expense price
is not as much as a collection in New York is because online exhibits do not pay for
renting a facility, programs and labor price. There are a few online art exhibits that do not
price any income or charges.

Selling Unique Art
Some online art websites offer art online that is not always original art. You may think
you are buying an innovative item of art but instead it is a printed image of a artwork on a
fabric. If the printing are designated lithographs of the very first artwork, it could
eventually have some value but not as much as an innovative artwork. Some performers
choose to offer printing and lithographs artwork in order to mass produces and increase
their income from every original item of art. Those types of printed copies are for art
customers that are not interested in appearance but are just looking to buy a print to frame
and hang on their wall. More serious art customers and lovers want the genuine thing.

Promote and Sell Your Artwork
Selling your art online is another alternative to market your artwork because online art
exhibits reach a bigger audience. These websites offer the location for performers and art
lovers to connect and manage with one another. They offer specialist and growing
performers with the tools to market and enhance their art through social medias. There
are many worldwide performers and growing performers that are discovering this new
form of promotion and selling.

It has never been easier for performers to offer their work and been more convenient for
art customers and lovers to browse and select high-quality original art. Who knows,
maybe the next Picasso could already be selling their art in one of those online art

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