; 3rd Grade
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3rd Grade


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									Keene Elementary
School List 2012-13
3rd Grade

Label each item except tissue and notebook paper with child’s name

1 zipper binder or drawstring bag   3 boxes of tissues
3 glue sticks (no liquid glue)      1 pair of scissors (No plastic)
2 boxes of crayons (24)             2 boxes of Crayola colored pencils
1 plastic pencil box                1 large eraser
4 dry erase markers (black only)    2 boxes of # 2 pencils (24 per box)
3 pkg. of pencil top erasers        3 plain folders w/pockets
4 pkgs. red ink pens                1 plastic folder w/brads & pockets (Blue)
$12.00 Science and Social Studies Periodical Fee

                      Absolutely No Backpacks

Boys                                               Girls

1 pkg. 9x12 manila paper                           1 pkg. 9x12 colored construction paper
1 box gallon sized storage bags                    1 box quart size storage bags
1 pkg. Styrofoam plates                            1 pkg. of paper plates (not styrofaom)

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