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From: Steve Duran
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 9:07 AM
To: Patrick Tang (
Subject: FW: Hercules Ad Hoc Committees

Patrick, FYI...

I didn't see you on the cc list.

  - sd

From: Chris Tallerico
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 8:01 AM
To: Myrna de Vera
Cc: Steve Duran; Dan Romero; William Wilkins; John Delgado;;; Gerard Boulanger
Subject: RE: Hercules Ad Hoc Committees

Then by definition, they're not ad hoc, they're standing.

If you feel so strongly about keeping them in place as is, perhaps I should consult with
my friends at the 1st Amendment Coalition...maybe legal action is the best recourse.

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On Jun 20, 2012 7:50 AM, "Myrna de Vera" <> wrote:
Dear Chris,

The Legal Ad Hoc Committee was assigned other tasks such as recommending a
nepotism/cronyism and whistleblower policy. The ad hoc committee, including the
Finance Ad Hoc, complies with the Brown Act. Meetings are public and are posted 72
hours before the meeting. They vetted such policies in a public meeting with 2 liaisons
from the Council, Vice Mayor Delgado and myself Minutes are available for all their

If you wish to have a copy of the resolution assigning such tasks to the Legal Ad Hoc
committee, you may request it from the city clerk, Doreen Mathews.

The Council wishes to involve citizens in recommending policies, thus, we formed ad
hoc committees. The Legal Ad Hoc committee is sunsetting the end of the month,
although, personally, I believe their work has been invaluable and need to continue.

Myrna de Vera
Council Member
City of Hercules
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From: Chris Tallerico
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 7:14 AM
To: Dan Romero; John Delgado; Gerard Boulanger; Myrna de Vera; William Wilkins
Cc: Steve Duran;;
Subject: Hercules Ad Hoc Committees

Members of the Council-

I am very concerned that our ad hoc committees are actually standing committees and
therefor operating in violation of the Brown Act.

By definition, an ad hoc committee is a group of people that comes together to carry out a
particular task and then breaks up when the task is over. Based on the notes from last
nights Council meeting, it appears the legal ad hoc committee vetted policy, prior to
being presented to Council. I was under the impression that that committee was created to
help select the new City Attorney...???

I highly suggest that you move to disband these ad hoc committees and come into
compliance with the Brown Act on any future committee. If Council feels the need to
have on going input from a select group of citizens, then a Commission should be
established and be operated in accordance with California law.

Chris Tallerico

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