The Echo Advantage

					The Echo Advantage
When you buy Echo you’re not just getting a great product, you’re getting the
best product. But your experience won’t just end at the store. You’re also getting
a relationship with people you can count on who have an unrelenting
commitment to quality. That’s the Echo Advantage.

Who We Are

Here at Echo Digital Audio we’re dedicated to creating the best computer audio
hardware there is. It’s all we do, and we’re passionate about doing it right.

Our products are designed by musicians for musicians. These musicians also
happen to be elite hardware and software engineers who are absolutely
uncompromising when it comes to audio quality.

Our small, focused technical staff has been building digital audio products for
PCs and Apple computers for over 20 years. We own our technology – all our
designs are done in-house where we can pay meticulous attention to perfecting
our digital audio technology every step of the way. We like to think that we get it.
We understand what kind of products you want and how you want to use them.

We have a following of unusually loyal customers who share our vision of never
settling for anything less than the best – no matter what. We listen to our
customers and are constantly adding new features to our products to make them
the best in the business. That’s the Echo Advantage.

Innovation – First on the scene

If you’re looking for multitrack recording hardware, you’ve probably noticed that
just about everyone out there has a rackmount box with multiple inputs and
outputs. What you may not know is that Echo did it first. Our 20-bit Layla was first
introduced in January 1997 – a PCI-based rackmount multichannel interface.

You may have also noticed that everyone is advertising zero-latency monitoring
for their hardware. This was another Echo innovation – our very first hardware
had a built-in 24 bit DSP just for this purpose.

What’s the point of all this? Simply this – we’ve been doing it longer and better
than anyone else. Echo has been building audio hardware for over twenty years
– and every bit of that accumulated experience and knowledge goes into what
we make now. That’s the Echo Advantage.

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