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Luis Santos CV WSTERDY


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									                                               LUIS SANTOS ZANELLI

                                                    Coaching Experience
                                Ave Maria University – Head Men’s Soccer Coach (2007 – 2010)
                             Palmetto Ridge High School – Head Boys’ Soccer Coach (2009 – 2010)
                                     Oakridge Middle School – Boys’ Soccer Coach (2008)
                                       U-12 Extreme Team – Boys’ Soccer Coach (2006)

                                               B.S. Business Administration 2008
                                            Florida Gulf Coast University (Ft. Myers, FL)
                                               A.A. Business Administration 2002
                                                    Quincy College (Boston, MA)

                                                        Coaching Licenses
                                           National “C” License      (USSF)          2008
                                           Florida State “D” License (USSF)          2007
                                           Florida State “E” License (USSF)          2006

                                                       Playing Experience
                                   Club Alianza Lima ( Lima-Perú ) 1st Division        1993-1997
                                  Club Provincial Osorno ( Osorno, Chile )            1990 – 1992
                                  FAP High School ( Lima, Perú )                      1992 – 1996

           Originally from Lima, Peru, I came to the United States after stopping at young age my professional soccer career in order
  to attend college; but, my passion always has been and forever will be the beautiful game. Although it was personally extremely
challenging to study English as a third language after having learned Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as learn to navigate
 complex immigration regulations, I have found the journey most rewarding. Through my varied experiences of studying the game
 first through the eyes as a young professional player, then as a coach, and finally through the lens of a camera, I have learned to
appreciate the game from all angles. It is this unique combination of factors that positions me to be most valuable to an organization
                              dedicated to the development and promotion of the world’s only great sport.

                                                              Respectfully Yours,

                                                             Luis Santos Zanelli

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