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									Surrey Hills Blvd. Decorations

Surrey Hills Boulevard has won the Blue Ribbon Award from Oklahoma City Beautiful for the last 2 years.
As the gardens brown out, a community sponsored activity is being planned. The entire Surrey Hills
community is asked to decorate Surrey Hills Boulevard from the Northwest Highway to Hackney for the
holidays. Families, businesses, and clubs are invited to place non-electric decorations on the boulevard
starting November 20. These decorations can be signed with family or business names wishing
everyone a Happy Holiday. Our hope is that it can become part of an annual tradition involving everyone
at the holidays. All types of cultural holiday décor are welcomed as part of the celebration.

These decorations must be taken down before New Year and stored by individuals until the next holiday
season. All residents and businesses of Surrey Hills, the Fairway, and Magnolia are invited to participate.

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