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									How to make chocolate cake

•   Corn Starch-------------------------20g
•   Egg ------------------------------------2
•   Chocolate Powder------------------100g
•   Cake Flour--------------------------20g
•   Butter(no salt)---------------------60g
•   Cream(liquid)---------------------50ml
Need to be melted
                                      Put the yolk into
                                      the bowl that
                                      have butter and
                                      chocolate powder
                                      (1), then put egg
                                      white into a clear
                                      bowl that don’t
                                      have anything
                                      (2)and then mixed
             Egg               yolk
             white                    until it bubbles.

P.S. Separate yolk and egg white
Then mixed corn starch,
cake flour , and cream
together in the bowl 1.
At last put the bowl 2(egg white)
into bowl 1 and mixed , remember
don’t mixed too many times.

  oven temperature: 180 (celsius)
  time: 25-30 (minutes)
                   Q and A
1. How many corn starch did I put?
    1. 20ml   2. 30ml     3. 5kg

2.The oven temperature is_______.
 1. 220celsius 2. 500celsius 3. 180celsius

3.Did I melt the Butter?
  1. Yes    2. No
                   Q and A

4.How many minutes did I cook(oven)?
  1. 2hour 2. 25-30minutes 3.20-30minutes

5.What is the title?   ___________
The End

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