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running by ajizai


Updated on 10.13.03

The essence of 90 days is NOT running it is doing it for 90 straight days with no excuses.

The most common mistake I made with running is over doing it.

To accomplish any goal, it must be attainable and reasonable.

Day 1: loosen up however you do that. SET $19 CASIO WATCH FOR 30 MINUTES, PUSH START

Start off at a normal walk for about 100 yards, break into SLOW JOG until you are feeling very
uncomfortable, walk until you feel ok, break into slow jog, etc CIRCLE ROUTE SO YOU END UP near
the starting point. IDEAL IS ABOUT 400 YARDS from starting point, 30 minutes alarm rings. WALK
SLOWLY AND COOL DOWN as you return to the house or wherever you started.

I used to run at lunchtime when I worked in safe areas and there was a company shower. NOT EATING is
good for you. Exercise kills appetite.

I say again, the essence of this is doing it 90 days in a row without exception: death in the family,
hangover, worked overtime, have to go in early, weddings, funerals, other fucking excuses. THERE IS

Once you get that message, 90 days is something that you WANT TO DO, will do.

The subconscious message of 90 days is I AM A MAN. I HAVE DISICIPLINE, I DO WHAT I SET OUT

This is the simplest method of raising your self esteem 10 notches.

By 90 days you will be able to slow jog the entire 30minutes.

Go to the high school or college track and do one slow lap, SET WATCH AT 00:00 hit START then 8 laps
and on the 8th lap 1/2 way around, burst into the fastest possible sprint you can generate. HIT THE FINSH

Continue doing this 2-mile time once a week or once a month.

When you can run 2 miles in 19 minutes run a 10K and do not walk a single step, pace yourself. I do not
care if your time is 90 minutes. Do not walk a single step.

Take one day off running after the 10k as follows, get up same time, go out and jog for 5 minutes slowly.

Next day, get back to 30 minutes or better 404-5 minute because the endorphin high kicks in about
40minutes with the pulse above 140.

If you are fat or fat and old GET YOUR heart checked, DON'T BE STUPID, BEFORE GETTING YOUR

Aloha, RDS

You must RUN four days a week, preferably 7 until you reach 90 days. Every day you run you body goes

IF YOU DO NOT RUN for two days, your body forgets that something was after you. Four out of seven
minimum to get into aerobic shape and that takes forever.

7 out of 7 until you can do two 15 minute miles without walking one single step then increase the pace until
you can do 2 14:30 miles back to back. The secret is LONG SLOW DISTANCE.

Get JIM FIXX Running.

End of sermon - RDS


That which we resist persists.

To become happy is a by-product not a result, not a place, an attainable goal.

To be happy one must DO THINGS he enjoys doing.

If one is not doing things he enjoys doing he will never be happy.

If one does things he enjoys doing trying to be happy, he will never be happy. NEVER!

Happiness cannot be pursed it ensues.

It is a result not something you can go get.

If you believe you are SELF SABOTAGING you can do phone counseling with me.

If that is not effective you can attend the PERSONAL GROWTH SESSIONS WITH ME.

If that does not work you can go running every morning for the next 400 days, rain or shine, heat or cold
and on the 400th day run 12 miles in less than 100 minutes.

That is guaranteed to make you happy.


Cannot miss on single day of running. NOT ONE.

That does not mean on a tread mill, or around and indoor track that means out in the real world.

Aloha, RDS


The most effective method of changing your life and your sex life is to run every day for the rest of your

When you can run two miles in 16 minutes you are in aerobic shape. From there it only gets better and so
do you.

I have tasked my creative mind to develop a program that is effective because it is concrete and
So far I see that only Eric and Pablo are running. The rest of the list has rationalizations as to why running
is not possible.

Although I do not plan to make OFFICE POLITICS a required book until about week 8 or 9 of the
coaching program, you COULD search Google for a used copy and read it all the way through 3 times.

The answers you seek on which foot to put in front of the other foot first is in that book.

The solution to your situation, no matter what your situation is, is to put one foot in front of the other,
repeat, repeat, repeat until you step up on to the shining path, out of the mud and sludge.

From there it is simply a matter of:

         AWARENESS
         ACCEPTANCE
         LEARN NEW WAY


    Now I see that the #1 point is mental--commitment, discipline and self-reliance.

Exercise is also a part of it. And that comes only after you have the discipline to get those sneakers on the
pavement every single day. Then the speed gradually builds and the endurance gradually builds and the
focus and the endorphins and the calmness and oneness that only a long distance runner knows gradually
overcomes you.

When you are able to enjoy a 5-k race from beginning to end you have arrived. Approximately 6 months
after you begin the 90 days. When you cannot wait for Sunday so you can go race in another 10k, the things
that bother and annoy you now somehow disappear from your life. No shit!

My best 10k time ONE TIME ONLY 47 MINUTES. I was slightly in front of the majority of the runners.
I remember it like yesterday. Everything was in place. I was in the Zone! The winner of that race probably
did it in 29 minutes! It makes no difference, you are not in competition with him. You are in competition
with your resistance to being the best you can be. Every time you go out there, you are up against yourself
and nothing or nobody else. It is just you and the stop watch.

Monday thru Friday it is just enjoying getting into condition and enjoying the sky, the trees, the sound of
the world. Sunday it is you against yourself against the stopwatch!

That which does not kill me makes me stronger!

Aloha, RDS


> I ran the 400m track 8 times in 15min 10sec. 7:30 miles! Studly. Oh to be 20 again!

Now concentrate on getting daily run up to 40 minutes at about 9 minute mile pace.

I used to drive my different routes to get an approximate mileage. Then I knew my pace.
Start looking for a 5k race and possibly a 10k race. Pay attention to your feet and shoes. Might be
necessary to get perfect shoes as you have arrived at aerobic condition and now it is a matter of building
endurance and speed.

Shoes make a big difference once the speed is up there. I always had the thinnest possible shoes, they no
longer make anything even close! Unless one pays $60 plus. 10k racing requires perfect shoes so you do
not damage anything as you are doing the best you can for 40 to 90 minutes. Trying equals not relaxing and
that is when we damage things. The perfect runner/racer runs at about 95% during the race and 99% during
the kick/finish. Few of us attain perfection. However it can be seen if you watch the marathon or the iron
man runs on TV.

The leaders run relaxed! You can see that just by looking at them. They are not straining they are just
pumping their arms and legs in a smooth, even rhythm.

That is where you want to be 95% and everything just flows. Watch the 400-meter races and you will see
sprinters who can run relaxed too! That is not an oxymoron. Although they are up on their toes and not
aerobic breathing, they are 99% not 100%. Awesome control. Awesome discipline.

Even 220 hurdles among the creme de la creme, relaxed they are!

So, as you stay with this you will notice now and again that you are TRYING TOO HARD and that TIRES
YOU OUT. I do not know how to explain it. I just can tell you to NOTICE yourself AS YOU ARE
running. Make an effort to maintain the pace and relax at the same time. When you GET IT you will know

Even BOXERS fight relaxed! by the way. The big time boxers that is. Have to. 15 rounds is 7 too many to
be tense!

Aloha, RDS


>In reply to issues about money

Lack of $$ is very destructive to anyone your age.

Keeps you child-like in many ways worst of all in your own view of yourself as a PROVIDER AND

That radiates like a PULSAR to women and in particular to MISS RIGHT.

There are many on this list with $$$ PROBLEMS and lack of $$$.

Without $$$ you are not "in play" in the world, in the world of desirable women, in the world of self-
esteem and self-respect.

Underlying lack of money is often the lack of self-respect/self-esteem and lack of feeling like I deserve to
be healthy-wealthy-wise-happy.

The solution to this is found outside your front door every morning at 5:30 am. It is called RUNNING FOR

Getting up, getting out there and doing for nobody but you is required to send, through all the shit that
THEY put there this message: I count. I am important. I matter.
Steel Balls Principles, no matter how well you understand and can cite them are impotent when they come
up against the negative SHIT put into your head by parents, priests, professor and politicians and NOW


Affirmations help. Positive thinking helps. Listening to Louise helps. Listening to Branden helps. Listening
to Tracy helps. Watching the VCDs and writing test questions helps. However they are all futile when the
underlying BELIEF IS:

I do not deserve to be healthy-wealthy-wise and happy.

A belief can be changed.

You used to believe in Santa Claus.

You used to believe in The Government.

You used to believe in a lot of false ideas.

The truth is, evolution did not design us to be unhealthy, poor, ignorant and unhappy! We are designed to
be healthy, alive, fighting and fucking male animals of great joy and life.

Now that you know the TRUTH logically, rationally and reasonably all that is left is to know it with your
body and soul and spirit.

The route to the body, soul and spirit is not through reading and writing and watching VCDs.

The shining path is is out the front door, down the street, around the block and off into the fog, rain, snow,
sleet, hail, or gray cold dawn for 40 minutes for the next 90 days. Walk, jog, walk, jog. Eventually you jog
all the 40 minutes. NO WALKMAN, NO RADIO. Just you and the pavement until you body, soul and
spirit get what you logically know to be the truth.

You deserve to be healthy-wealthy-wise and happy.

Aloha, RDS


> She tore off my clothes and we have the best night of sex I've ever had.
> Life is fantastic

Yes, indeed it is when you are a MAN OF STEEL BALLS.

Dan did not follow the program for many years. Dan started following the program. Dan stopped
following the program. Dan started following the program. Dan posted the results.

You make a choice every morning when you get up and DO NOT GO RUNNING, DO NOT dress, DO
NOT GO pearl diving, DO NOT change something anything on and on and on with INSERT MANY
SIMPLE THINGS HERE - XXXX per the program.

That is a choice.

Every morning you CHOOSE how your TOMORROW will be.

Every thought you think, every choice you make .
You are responsible for everything that happens to you, for you AND AGAINST YOU.

You are responsible.

Dan has made some WISE CHOICES during the past FIVE YEARS.

You future begins right now with the choice you make right not.

As Louise Hay says, The point of power is always in the present moment.

You can choose to become successful right now.

Dan has laid out the process and the procedures as well as showing you what DOES NOT WORK.

Aloha, RDS


Honesty does NOT guarantee anything. Honesty prevents wasting your life and time with the wrong
person. Honesty enables you to become intimate [not sexually] with everyone you care for.

If you were in Personal Growth Sessions I would advise keeping a SECRET journal of your thoughts,
daydreams and fantasies.

I advise it anyway. The only difference is you would send me a weekly I HAVE BECOME AWARE OF
aware of.

A journal is only as good as you are. That is it is only as productive as you are GUT LEVEL honest about
writing in it EVERYTHING. That is why it MUST ALWAYS BE SECRET. Do not ever leave it any place
anyone can find it. Do not do it on a computer. Hand written every single day for 90 days. Weekly
summaries of what you become AWARE of.

Most mistakes are made by all of us because we are not AWARE of WHO we really are and WHAT we
really want. When young, we do either what our parents want or exactly opposite of what parents want. I
did the opposite. It was not the real me. I was neither what my parents wanted nor the opposite of what they
wanted. I was/am a unique individual with many complex desires, goals and dreams, many of them
contradictory! So are you. So are we all.

As I preach and teach it all begins with AWARENESS. I suggest you also go to my website and go into the bookstore and buy TAMING YOUR GREMLIN. It is a very short,
easy to read book and somewhat entertaining.

I set my digital watch for 15 minutes AND I STOP AND SIMPLY NOTICE. My life has gotten better over
the past months by doing that. I also do yoga twice a week and PILATES twice a week. Both have enabled
me to be much more in touch with everything I am and want.

I suggest you do all of this and more. RUNNING is the single best thing. See Office Politics. Your LIFE
will be drastically better a year from now when you begin running every single morning, hung over, period,
rain, heat, bugs, etc. Get out there and run.

YOUR BODY KNOWS WHAT TO DO. And that sentence is on my affirmations CD and that sentence is
WAY MORE THAN B O D Y that sentence means I am my body. My mind is in and of my body. My
spirit is in and of my body and my SOUL is in my body and of my body.
This might sound mystical and foolish and I guarantee that when you run for 90 straight days, not skipping
one day no matter what, you will KNOW in your heart, mind, soul, spirit and body that you are your body

It knows what to do about your future and your relationship. It already knows what you must do to end up
with a job you love. NO SHIT.

Sounds mystical. It is not.

You already know.

Now all you have to do is: Lose your mind and come to your senses.

Get physical! Thinking and figuring out easily follow with the WISE decisions after and only after you get
yourself into shape physically.

I advise everyone on my list exactly the same. I do what I advise. It works. I am living proof! - RDS


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