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Antwerp is “zot van A” (“crazy about you”), if you respect a few rules
Antwerp welcomes you. Your presence is an added value for our city. Some action is nice, but
sometimes a minor ‘student’ action, such as partying until the small hours, is a nuisance for other
inhabitants in the city. In Antwerp, many people live, work, study, relax ... together. Therefore we ask
you to respect a few rules. It makes living together easier and much more pleasant for everyone.

As a student in Antwerp, we ask you to respect a few rules, just like any other inhabitant or visitor. If
you respect these rules, Antwerp is happy to have you here. If you ignore them, you risk a GAS. A
what? A ‘Municipal Administrative Sanction’, which can easily amount to € 60 or more.

Mutual respect makes living together in our wonderful city much easier. Together we turn Antwerp into
the best student city of Belgium! Use what Antwerp has to offer you, respect the rules and certainly
enjoy your student days to the full.


▪   Respect the quiet hours between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.

▪   Sort your waste and put it outside at the right moment.

▪   Park your car or your bicycle correctly, without hindering others. You can find good bicycle racks
    and parking places everywhere in the city.

▪   Did you know that students, companies and tourists can rent a bicycle at a cheap price from
    Fietshaven? More information at

▪   Don’t urinate in public, only at public toilets.

▪   Don’t damage the public domain or private property.

▪   Don’t spit on the street.

▪   Only put up posters at the appropriate places.

▪   Don’t litter.

▪   Pick up your dog’s poop and only let your dog run free in specific dog areas.

▪   Don’t spray graffiti. Graffiti is only allowed at a few places.

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