The ONE Thing You NEED To Know About Illness and Disease by amaradsence


									The ONE Thing You NEED To Know About Illness and
There is a belief system prevalent in the western world today that says illness and disease is
caused by something physical in the body and that physical illness is caused by physical means.
This belief is one of the greatest misconceptions, or more accurately, misperceptions, that
exists in relation to health and medicine in the western world today. It is the main reason why
medicine is not making any headway on any of the major illnesses and diseases currently
prevalent in the world.

Somewhere along the way we developed an incorrect view or perception of what sickness
really is and why it exists in the first place. Unfortunately, we are presently locked into the
belief system that says we are at the mercy of all illness and disease and that there is nothing
we can do about it. This is mainly due the belief that illness is caused by strictly physical sources
and means and by them only.

We get the flu because we are infected with the influenza virus; we develop cancer because of
cancer cells in our body; we have repetitive headaches because we do not drink enough water;
or we have a sore back simply because we sat incorrectly on a chair. These are just a few
examples of causes that we ascribe to our physical symptoms. In most of these cases, we are
told that these physical ailments are separate from us and that we have to suffer the effects
until they disappear, either on their own or through the help of medication etc.

Fortunately, we do not have to believe this any longer. Knowledge of a better way is beginning
to flood the earth like rays from the sun as it rises above the horizon. It is becoming clear to
many that there must be more to sickness than what is commonly believed and taught in the
world as a whole.

As was introduced in my article, 3 Misconceptions About Illness and Disease, the body, in
reality, does not have power to create. The belief that it can, a fundamental error, is the source
of all physical symptoms produced in our bodies. As hard as it may be to accept, the body is
nothing but a machine, and like a machine, it receives its directions and messages from a higher

What is that higher source? It is the mind, which is the only level of creation. Nothing physical is
able to create anything else that is physical. The level of mind is the level of creation, aka the
cause, and the physical level is merely the effects of this cause. It may seem hard to accept at
first, but this is how it works. There can be nothing physical unless it first existed in the mind.
For something to be in the body, it must first have been in the mind, if it hadn't, it wouldn't be

This leads us to the one thing we all need to know about illness and disease: You cannot cure it
via physical means, because it is not caused by those means. What does this mean for us? It
means that we do not need to seek outside ourselves for healing; we are the cure we have
been looking for. Our perceptions and corresponding beliefs are what drive our physical
symptoms. In this way, illness and disease is a call to lead us back to a balanced perception, to
help us let go of beliefs that are hindering our moving forward in life.

Until we understand and acknowledge this, nothing will change in our health & well-being. No
one will be completely free of illness and disease in the world until they realise that it is not a
physical problem. The symptom may seem physical and appear in the body as something
physical, but the symptom is NOT the real illness or disease. All illness and disease stems from
the mind, and this is the only place it can be cured or alleviated. Therefore, the problem is not
physical, it is mental. All types of physical healing or treatment are forms of magic, being based
on magic principles.

Again, as hard as it is may be to accept, until it is accepted, no progress will be made in
overcoming illness and disease, no matter its form. It is not something to be despised or
avoided, as it contains within it the very seeds for its reversal. Every illness or disease is
designed to teach us a specific lesson, to lead us forward and ultimately back to wholeness in
the mind. It is futile for us to hold onto the belief that these things are separate from us, that
illness and disease are out to get us.

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