In our country and culture a teacher is still held in great honor and respect by amaradsence


									In our country and culture a teacher is still held in great honor and respect. He is
considered as a foundation of all knowledge and source of great ideals. He is the
torch bearer to the society. Students look up to him with faith and hope to seek his
guidance. Teacher can guide the whole generation through his versatile personality.
Dr. Radhakrishnan and Ravindranath Tagore are modern examples of great teachers
who influenced this country with their philosophy. If good ideas and values are to be
perpetuated and inculcated in the younger generation, they must come from the
mouth of teachers in their classes at all the levels of education.Like a unit of money
which circulates and has multiple effects in economy, teacher also multiplies his
influence among students who come in his contact year in and year out with a few
hundred students every year, he will have a life long impact on thousands of them
during the period of his service before retires.

Good morning to one and all today we are celebrating teachers day, A student during
his school life up to 10 +2 spends 25,000 hours in the school campus. His life is more
influenced by the teachers, where the students learns academics lessons along with
the moral values.Teachers who spends so much of time teaching us so many things.
Teachers are the national builders who build the future citizens of the country. A good
teacher is always remembered by the student wherever he is.Teachers stands on
this dais and teach to the number of batches. They will be there forever but what
about the students, they move to the highest position in their life's.

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