Roommate questionnaire by ajizai


									                                              Tohono O’odham Community College
                                                   Roommate Questionnaire
Name:________________________________ Date:______________________
This is to help clarify expectations and preferences with regards to living on campus. It will help us communicate our
vision for your roommate experience and to ensure the best possible living environment
1. To be a good roommate, I will (check all that apply)
     o respect my roommates privacy
     o communicate openly with my roommate
     o solve problems when they happen
     o be flexible and understanding about our differences
     o create an environment that is welcoming for both of us
     o make our room a place where we both feel comfortable
     o other:___________________________
2. Prefers if roommate asks to use my personal property and space?
     o share everything (personal items, etc)
     o let my roommate use specific items without permission
     o let my roommate use items after asking permission
     o not share anything
3. Appearance of our room, I prefer it to be
     o orderly and clean
     o sometimes orderly and clean
     o disorderly or no preference
     o never
4. Cleaning the room (trash, clothes, floors, closets, desk, bed, etc.) I feel,
     o take turns cleaning the room
     o clean our own messes
     o never clean our room
     o both keep our room clean
5. There is a specific time I wish to study
     o morning (6-12)
     o afternoon (12-5)
     o evening (5-9)
     o night (9-12)
6. There is a specific time I wish to wake up?
     o morning (6-12)
     o afternoon(12-5)
     o evening(5-9)
     o late night(9-12)
     o don’t have a set time
7. There is a specific time I wish to go to sleep?
     o morning (6-12)
     o afternoon (12-5)
     o evenings (5-9)
     o late night (9-12)
8. Would prefer visitors, guests, family visits:
     o be welcome anytime
     o during the day
     o in the evenings
     o at night
     o only when I am not there
9. When I am upset, frustrated, or angry, I would like:
     o to be left alone
     o talk about it with my roommate
     o space and time to deal with it
     o not saying anything to anyone
10. If gone for the weekend, death in the family, or longer I would want:
     o to let my roommate know for how long I will be gone
     o to let my roommate know when I will return
     o to let my roommate know when, where, or how to get a hold of them or me
     o prefer not to tell my location or whereabouts
11. I like the room to be
     o hot

    o     cold
    o     warm
    o     room temperature
12. When I sleep, I like my room to be
     o dark and quiet
     o some light and noise
     o sleep whenever (noise or quiet)
     o radio or tv on
13. I plan on spending the weekends:
     o on campus
     o off campus
     o with family
     o out of town
     o with friends
14. While studying I like it to be
     o be quiet
     o with the radio one or tv on
     o alone
     o with others
     o outside of the room
These are just some questions that will help us better understand what works for you while living in the dorms.


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