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    2012 Texas Crime                       Hyatt Regency
  Prevention Association               701 W. Campbell Rd.
    Summer Training                   Richardson, Texas 75081
        Conference                     Rooms = $84.00/night
    Richardson, Texas                     (972) 619 - 1234
     July 8 - 13, 2012                      Code TCP1

 Keep the information coming in and we will keep you informed at

             TCPA 2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
President:                                          Treasurer:
Jeff McGowen                                        Linda Furlow-Patty
Deputy Harris County Sheriff’s Department           Fort Sam Houston MP US Army
49 San Jacinto                                      Reserve Terrell Hills PD
Houston, TX 77002                                   7040 Chimney Rock
(Cell) 713 – 516 - 5836                             Canyon Lake, Texas 78133
(Office) 713 -755 - 8752                            Cell 210-896-2886
E-mail:                   Work 210-221-9686

First VP:     Legislative Affairs
Steve Garst          Little Elm PD                  Membership:
100 W. Eldorado Parkway                             Cheryl Garst
Little Elm, Texas 75068                             129 Cottonwood Lane
                                                    Little Elm, TX 75068
Wk 972-294-4525
                                                    (Cell) 936-203-4360

Second VP: Training                                 Sgt. at Arms:
Jason Keller                                        Lennon Evans         Harris County SO.
Peace Officer                                       17923 Rolling Creek
Grapevine Police Department                         Houston, Texas 77090
307 West Dallas Road                                Wk 713-759-9454
Grapevine, Texas 76051                              E-mail:    
Office: 817.421-2192
                                                    Civilian at Large:
                                                    Michelle Lanham
Third VP:     Communications                        Reduce Auto Theft in Texas (RATT) Task Force
Doug Sisk           Duncanville PD                  1400 S. Lamar
P.O. Box 380280                                     Dallas, TX 75215
203 E. Wheatland Rd.                                Office Phone: 214-671-3738
Duncanville, Texas 75116                            E-mail:
Wk 972-780-5027         Fax 972-780-6420
                                                    Past President:
                                                    Vickie Stonaker       Dallas PD
Secretary:                                          1400 S. Lamar
Rosie Salinas                                       Dallas, Texas 75215
Community Liaison, Austin Police Department         Wk (214) 671 - 4384
311 Burton Hill Rd                                  Cell (214) 223 - 5610
Austin, Texas                                       E-mail:     
(Office) 512-974-4736
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North Texas Crime Prevention Association Welcomes everyone to the
                2012 TCPA Summer Conference
                               Jeffery P. McGowen, President CCPS

On January 12, 2012, in a special election at the TCPA mid-winter conference I, Jeffery P. McGowen,
was elected President of this great Association. I want to first thank each of you who put your trust
in me by allowing me to serve as your President. I want to thank Interim-President Vickie Stonaker
for holding down the fort until the special election was held. I want to thank Daniel McCool for his
tireless work ethic, his dedication, and efforts to bring this Association into the technology age and
I was disappointed we could not both serve on the board of directors together. I want to congratulate
newly elected board members Jason Keller, 2nd Vice President of training and Linda Furlow-Patty,
Treasurer for stepping up and taking on this task. I asked Civilian at Large Michelle Lanham and
Sergeant at Arms Lennon Evans to continue their service to the members of TCPA in their current
positions and they both agreed to do so, thank you both for serving. I look forward to working with
the entire board of directors, regions and members to make this organization the BEST it can be.

I will not spend a lot of time introducing my self; I am deputy with 19 years of service with the Har-
ris County Sheriff’s Office. I have over 14 years of experience in the crime prevention field where
I hold the titled of Certified Crime Prevention Specialist and various other certifications. I am the
Immediate Past President of the Gulf Coast Region where I served until I was elected to the state
board this past January. I have been married to my lovely wife Sheryl for over 20 years and in 2004
she blessed me with the birth of our quadruplet boys; Jacob, Jacoby, Jason, and (Justin R.I.P.).

The first thing I did when I was elected held a board meeting with theTCPABoard of Directors presentatthe
winter conference and advised them of my intentions as I serve the entire membership. They are simple:

1.     Open the lines of communication between the regions and the state; the number one
complaint from the region is the state board is not doing enough to support the local regions.
I will send a survey out at the end of March to each of the regional presidents and I encour-
age all members to take this opportunity to voice your opinion(s). Question 1. What can the
state do to help your region? Be thinking about that while I put the rest of the survey together.

2.   Unfinished business; I asked Secretary Rosie Salinas to pull the minutes from the previ-
ous meetings and find the agenda items that were approved so we could act on the approved
agenda items. One item the board approved was for TCPA becoming a TCLEOSE Training
Provider. I appointed Past President Scott Rhodes as Chairman of the advisory board and a
committee was formed, Jason Keller will have more exciting news on this topic in his article.
Another item was the purchase of audio and video equipment for each region to be used by the
regions monthly and sent to the conferences so we would have the equipment needed to conduct
the training. I’m glad to say the equipment will arrive in time for this summer’s conference,
thank you Doug.

3.     Elephant in the room; every conference there seems to be a small group of disgruntle
members for one reason or another. I plan to put all their worries to rest. Past President Vickie
Stonaker asked if she could sit on the By-Laws committee and I in turn asked her to chair it.
Vickie agreed and I am asking for each regional president to send Ms. Stonaker and Rosie
Salinas the names of a representative from their region to sit on this committee by the end of
March. Thank you, Chief Terry Garrett, Heath Police Department, Don Williams, Crime Pre-
vention Trends, Retired U.S. Marines and Jim Baylor, Retired Rice University Police Depart-
ment. They are all Past TCPA Presidents and Life Members, thank you all for serving on the
By-laws Committee under Vickie’s tenure. Vickie and the By-Laws Committee will look at the
entire document and make a complete overhaul of our by-laws if needed. Be patient this may
take some time. Unfortunately there are some things which can not wait; one item is the con-
stant complaints over weather the Policies and Procedures are valid. I asked Vickie to propose
a by-law change that will allow the acceptance or rejection of the Policies and Procedures as
written so we can get past this issue. These are the same Policies and Procedures that are men-
tioned throughout out By-Laws and have been in place since at least 1999. Any suggestions
for changes to the current By-Laws must be submitted and posted marked or received in writ-
ing to the TCPA State Secretary no later then April 11, 2012. TCPA Secretary will then forward
the proposed amendments to the Regional Presidents as soon as possible, well before May 25,
2012; the Regional Presidents will forward the proposed amendments to their regional members
for their review no later than May 25, 2012.

4.     ICJS; this issue has been at the center of many debates. I commend the previous Boards
and George Little (Former ICJS Director) for their forward thinking and their efforts to stan-
dardize training. What I want each and every member to understand, ICJS is a TCPA vendor.
TCPA has no control over what ICJS does or when and where they conduct their training or who
they contract with. I have been working with ICJS to reduce the cost of training. The Gulf Coast
Region and North Texas Region have both conducted classes and were able to train approxi-
mately to 110 new crime prevention practitioners. The cost per student was only $130.00. Three
trainings all for the same price no arguing or haggling this was the best price they could give the
Association. I have been in negotiations with other Crime Prevention Training providers as well
and their prices are driving the members away. One vendor had to cancel the class scheduled in
South Texas because of the lack of participation. If any member has contact information of any
person or entity that has a train the trainer program for Basic Crime Prevention, Crime Preven-
tion Practitioner Course or CPTED please contact Jason Keller so his committee can review the
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curriculum and see if TCPA is able to approve the training and possibly provided the mentioned
training through our regions at a reduced rate to our members. Any crime prevention practi-
tioner or agency has the right to create his/her own curriculum and submit the information to
TCLEOSE and TCPA for approval.

I want to thank South Texas for hosting the 2012, Mid-Winter Conference. I know the challeng-
es faced when hosting the winter conference. Pete Bernie and Deanne thank you, for your hard
work and dedication to the Texas Crime Prevention Association. I have to thank Lt. Steve Upton
of Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office for posting the training hours in a timely manner. I would
also like to thank Warren Reaves for completing the certificate of attendance and sending them
to the regions.

Recently I was informed some of the members who attended the 2011 summer conference in
El Paso, may have not have received proper credit for the hours of training taken. I asked Jason
Keller to look into this matter. If there are any discrepancies on your TCLEOSE training report
please let us know A.S.A.P. TCPA Board of directors will do every thing in our power to rem-
edy this situation.

The 2012, Summer Conference is now posted on the website. Thank you, Vickie, Chris, Doug
and Keith for working so hard to get the conference information on the website and running
smoothly. Vickie advised me she would have scheduled training and vendors posted as the
training comes available. If you have vendor suggestions please contact Katheryn Dodson
( with the name and contact information. Thank you, Katheryn for
agreeing to continue in this position. If you have training ideas or information on sponsorship
please contact Vickie (

Please take the time to visit the website and make suggestions and contact Doug Sisk if you see
any problems. I have been fielding call in reference to Paypal not working for renewals. It is my
understanding this issue is not with Paypal it may be the security setting on departments’ server.
I have signed up at least 5 people in the last week who were having this same problem.
I am in the process of filling open committee positions. Some of you I have already contacted.
Please answer the phone when I call. This organization is great because of the hard work and
dedication each of you that took the time to read this gives to your community every day.
Vickie mentioned in the last newsletter, “TCPA has some awards and events that have not been
awarded or acknowledged because their history has been lost along the journey. Our members
deserve these distinguished awards and it is important these awards are restored and presented
to our members”. I could not agree with her more, while I was president of the Gulf Coast Re-
gion I focused on appreciating those who made the region shine. There are great practitioners
all over this state and they are doing extraordinary things for those who are in their community
we need find these individuals and recognize them for their work and efforts. Let’s make sure
every award category has at least one nominee and the media, members and/or sponsors are
recognized as well.

Starting in April, I will attempt to visit every region in an effort to answer any questions the
members may have. I already have requests to visit three regions and I will visit North Texas
to visit the Hotel and check on the progress of the conference. In the mean time if you need
to contact me I can be reached just about anytime by calling my cell phone 713-516-5836 or
e-mail me at Thank you all for doing what you do to help reduce Crime in
your area,

Jeffery P. McGowen, President
Texas Crime Prevention Association

         Congratulations to the newest
           Life Members of TCPA
                        Donna Beck-Crim
                          Dennis Porter
                     Gilbert C. De La Portilla
                          Lennon Evans
                          Rosie Salinas
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Greetings from North Texas,

Thank you to South Texas for hosting the Mid Winter training conference in South Padre. Host-
ing a conference takes a lot of work, your time and efforts were really appreciated.

North Texas members are gearing up for the 2012 summer training conference. The confer-
ence will be at the Hyatt, in Richardson, Texas. We will be offering Crime Prevention 1 and 2
and CPTED. Each class has a minimum of 25. The code for room reservations is TCP1. Each
Region was given scholarships at Mid Winter. Anyone who receives a scholarship please send
your registration form as soon as possible.

We are looking at some excellent training topics and will be begin posting the training as it is
confirmed. Some of the topics we are planning on are Social Media, Nixle, Abandoned and
Foreclosed properties and some back to basics crime prevention. Let us know if you have any
training requests.

Kathryn Dodson, Texas Auto Theft Prevention Authority is coordinating our vendors. Our goal
is to bring back our vendors from the past. We have a committee working on a casino night.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the conference.

Take care and be safe,

Sgt. Steve Garst, L.C.C.
Certified Crime Prevention and CPTED Specialist
1st V.P - Legal Issues - Texas Crime Prevention Association
President - North Texas Crime Prevention Association
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                               Rosie Salinas, TCPA Secretary
                                 Austin Police Department
                                     P.O. Box 689001
                                Austin, Texas 78768-9001
                                      (512) 974-4736

                                      Greetings to All,

I hope all made it back home safely after the Mid-winter Conference in South Padre Island. The
  hard work of the South Texas Region didn’t go unappreciated; all Regions represented at the
                         conference never failed to acknowledge them.

This conference was a very energetic one and folks’ dedication to serve was highly admired by

Due to the unusual circumstances and being in strange waters we were able to overcome and get
                                      us back on track.

 Congratulations to our new State President, Jeffery McGowen and all our new CCPS and life-
                                        time Members.

                       Hoping to see everyone at Summer Conference,

                                          Stay Safe,

                                        Rosie Salinas
                                    Community Liaison
                                  Austin Police Department
                                      TCPA Secretary
2013 Mid-Winter Conference Host
                Alamo Area
             Kerrville at the YO
        Let’s help them out and support these
        regions, we all know how hard it is to
              put a conference together.

     Reminder TCPA Awards Nomination forms and
  the Louise Bocock Scholarship application are on the
              TCPA website at this time.

They have to be post mark by June 1st, 2012 and mailed to
   Officer Darrell Halstead who has been appointed by
            Interim President Vickie Stonaker
           as Awards Committee Chair person.

                    Darrell Halstead
     University of Texas - Austin Police Department
      2201 Robert Dedman Dr. Austin, TX 78705
                  Fax - 512-471-7505

                                     Texas Crime Prevention Association
                                          Civilian At Large Report
                                       September 2011 – January 2012

Hello, everyone. My name is Michelle Lanham, and I am with the Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Preven-
tion Authority RATT (Reduce Auto Theft in Texas) office in Dallas. I would like to thank Vickie Stonaker for
asking me to serve as TCPA Civilian at Large when she became president, and thank you to Jeff McGowen for
asking me to continue until elections at the summer conference in July. I have been a member of TCPA for 17
years, and as Civilian at Large, I would like to see more private security and corporate investigators become part
of TCPA. With that in mind, I concentrated on two specific groups during my first few months on the TCPA

First, I contacted the local chapter of ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security). ASIS is the leading
international organization for security professionals. The organization has 37,000 members worldwide and is
dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational
programs that address security interests. Within Texas, ASIS has seven chapters: North Texas, Houston, San
Antonio, Texas Gulf Coast, El Paso, Austin and Ark-La-Tex. Based on advice from the president of the North
Texas chapter, I sent an e-mail to the president of each of the other Texas chapters and asked them to extend an
invitation to their members to attend TCPA regional meetings. I provided the name, coverage area, and presi-
dent contact information for each TCPA region. It was suggested that I send an e-mail again in the spring after
the new ASIS boards, which take office in January, have become acclimated. I plan to send another e-mail in
April asking the local ASIS chapters to contact their local TCPA chapter and request a speaker to review crime
prevention initiatives in the area. If any of you are contacted for a presentation, please explain the mission of
your local TCPA chapter and extend an invitation to ASIS members to attend your monthly meetings.

The second group I contacted for potential membership was the Texas Association of Special Investigation
Units (TASIU), which has two regions – North Texas and South Texas. The association is dedicated to combat-
ing insurance fraud, providing education for insurance investigators, increasing awareness of insurance fraud,
and supporting legislation that deters insurance fraud. I contacted the two regional presidents to explain the
mission of TCPA and asked how our groups might connect. Both presidents agreed to send an e-mail to all of
their members with information about TCPA, its regions, mission and meetings. In addition, both presidents
said they would be willing to include an article about TCPA in their monthly newsletters after the first of the
year. The articles will expand on TCPA’s mission and provide contacts and coverage areas for each TCPA
region. The TASIU regional chapters will also be asked to consider requesting a meeting program speaker from
TCPA about crime prevention initiatives.

In the coming months, I plan to focus on TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators). TALI is dedi-
cated to raising professionalism in the field of private investigations through education, public awareness, ad-
vanced certification, networking and legislative involvement. As with ASIS and TASIU, these are highly skilled
professionals that would greatly benefit TCPA membership.

Again, thank you to Vickie and Jeff for the opportunity to serve on the TCPA board, and I look forward to see-
ing many of you at the summer conference. Take care.

Michelle Lanham
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Texas Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Association
Tony Valdez, President 2012

TGCCPA would like to share great news with all the Regions. TGCCPA would like to welcome
its new board members, Tony Valdez as President and Sgt. Yvonne Cooper as 1st Vice Presi-
dent. I would like to also congratulate Deputy Warren Reaves on his position as 3rd Vice Presi-
dent along with his incredible tech support skills. I would like to give a big thanks to Deputy
Dan McCool as past 3rd Vice President and all the support he gave with our past fundraisers
and 2011 Mid-Winter Conference. TGCCPA would like to give a very special thanks to our past
president and faithful leader Deputy Jeff McGowen who is now the TCPA President. TGCCPA
supports Jeff in his future goals and endeavors at the state level.

TGCCPA would also like to say thank you to Harris County Sheriff’s Office & ICJS for con-
ducting the CP1 training this past November and CP2 training this past January. Both training
session graduated seventy six (76) crime prevention practitioners. HSO & ICJS once again
thank you for all of your hard work to make the training possible!

TGCCPA is proud to announce we will be the hosting region for your Summer Conference in
2013. The conference will have a lot of dynamic speakers, new activities for all members and
great hospitality service for all to enjoy. The host hotel for the Summer Conference 2013 will be
announced in the next several months.

TGCCPA would also like to extend its support and ideas to all regions. Please feel free to con-
tact us by e-mail or by public service Officer Tony Valdez President of TGC-
CPA (281) 337-6370. For more information about TGCCPA go to our web page at www.tgccpa.

Tony Valdez, President
Texas Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Association
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From your new Treasurer – Linda Furlow-Patty

Hello everyone! I thought I would write a short bio to introduce myself for those of you who do
not know me.

I am a native of San Antonio and has spent most of my life in and around San Antonio, living
for several years in West Virginia and Massachusetts. I graduated from Samuel Clemens High
School in Schertz, Texas in 1984. I worked for several years as an office manager for State
Farm Insurance in Universal City, Texas. I have worked for the U.S. Army Provost Marshal Of-
fice (Military Police) at Fort Devens, (Massachusetts) and at Fort Sam Houston (San Antonio)
for almost 27 years. I have been a member of TCPA and Alamo Area since July 2001.

I have held a myriad of jobs for the Provost Marshal Office. At Fort Devens, some of my duties
as the Operations Clerk were processing Military Police Reports, processing drunk drivers dur-
ing sobriety checkpoints, managing the RV Storage Lot and the Military Police Impound Lot. I
also performed duties as the Station Commander, Emergency Operations Center Liaison, Desk
Sergeant and Radio Operator. I assisted the Investigations and Physical Security Branches by
typing reports and assisting with investigations and inspections. I also spent off-duty time as-
sisting the Crime Prevention Branch during special events by fingerprinting children, compiling
statistical data and giving presentations for neighborhood watch and commander’s meetings.

I returned to San Antonio in 1987 and began working at Fort Sam Houston. My duties included
typing the daily blotter, journal and police reports. I also performed duties as radio operator,
alarm monitor and desk sergeant. I was promoted to another position where I maintained the
installation’s barred persons and suspension/revocation lists, citations, vehicle maintenance and
several other databases. I later became the Systems Administrator. My duties in that position
included ensuring that all computers for the organization were operational 24/7 and repaired
those that were not. I maintained the Army’s local Offense Reporting System database, along
with the server. I compiled statistical data and analyzed crimes and crime trends on the installa-
tion, briefed patrols, investigators, the Provost Marshal and Command Staff.
In 2001, I was selected to lead the crime prevention section, in addition to my duties as System
Administrator. I performed crime prevention inspections and coordinated special events includ-
ing the annual bicycle rodeo. I also attended all major events on the installation, such as Fiesta,
Day at Old Fort Sam Houston, unit organizational events, etc., where I fingerprinted children
and answered questions about crime prevention. I gave crime prevention briefings to many
units, organizations, clubs, and neighborhood watch meetings. I wrote and published bi-weekly
crime prevention articles for the local newspaper, and several crime prevention associations,
both local and international. I was instrumental in planning and executing National Night Out,
garnering five national and state awards for the installation. I also managed and supervised the
installation’s D.A.R.E. program and D.A.R.E. officers. In 2005, I took on the additional duties
of managing the Police Administration Branch. I am also the Crime Analyst for the installa-
tion, as well as Terminal Agency Coordinator for the Texas Law Enforcement Communications
System (TLETS).

I was certified as a Crime Prevention Specialist in 2002 and in 2004 was recognized by my
peers by being selected as the State of Texas Crime Prevention Specialist of the Year. In 2005,
I was awarded the Permanent Certified Crime Prevention Specialist by the Texas Crime Preven-
tion Association. I am an active member in local, state, national and international crime preven-
tion and crime analyst associations.

Some of my professional education includes 100 hour Crime Prevention Course, San Marcos,
Texas; Crime Analysis Course at Fort Benning, Georgia; Basic Data Recovery and Analysis,
National White Collar Crime Center, Lubbock, Texas; Microsoft Certified Software Engineering
courses, San Antonio, Texas; Telecommunicator Course, Terminal Agency Coordinator, and As-
sociate Trainer, Department of Public Safety, Austin, Texas; Military Police Investigations and
Crime Scene Processing, Fort McClellan, Alabama; and many other computer and law enforce-
ment related courses.

In 2009, I graduated from the San Antonio Law Enforcement Training Academy and I am a Re-
serve Peace Officer with Terrell Hills Police Department.

I am married to Charles Patty and live in the hills near Canyon Lake. Together our blended
family numbers six children, ranging in age from 18 to 33, with nine grandchildren ranging in
age from 2 to 15 (and 2 more on the way). In my spare time, she enjoys creating stained glass
art, baking, kayaking, volksmarching, shooting, and enjoying the outdoors.

I hope to continue the outstanding work of the previous treasurer, Daniel McCool. I am dedi-
cated to learning the ropes and helping to move the organization forward. Please contact me if
you have any questions or suggestions – I can be reached at or my personal
e-mail at
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Here  are
our Great
West Texas Crime Prevention Association Update

Greetings to all. Sorry I could not make it to the Winter conference but I had previous engage-
ments to attend to.

As most of you know, WTCPA had dwindled in membership over the past several years as inter-
est was lost. Last year I accepted the appointment as President of the WTCPA to rebuild the
organization. After research with former and current members, we were able to identify several
key factors in the loss of interest and membership. The two most prevalent were the vast geo-
graphic area which caused travel issues and the lack of “value add” to the meetings.

To overcome these issues we are starting 4 sub-groups geographically in WTCPA. One cover-
ing the Amarillo area, one covering the Lubbock area, one for Midland/Odessa, and one for San
Angelo. There will be regular meetings in these areas with TCLEOSE training attached (value
add) to keep folks plugged in and interested. There will be one general meeting each year
(maybe in conjunction with the summer conference) to handle elections and business issues of

Right now we have an active group in Amarillo and we are rejuvenating the membership in the
other areas. We are receiving positive feedback for this plan and are going to continue in this

We do appreciate the support we have had from the State organization and Vickie Stonaker and
are looking forward to continuing this relationship. Please keep us in mind for speaker topics
for our meetings and ideas to keep everyone plugged in.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in the summer.

Randy Harris, President WTCPA
                BASIC CPTED

          June 18th — June 20th, 2012

                HOSTED BY:
       Harris County Sheriff’s Academy
    2316 Atascocita Rd. Humble, TX. 77396

    Texas Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Assoc.
   P.O. Box 671624, Houston, TX. 77267-1624
          281-24Crime (281-242-7463)

             Basic CPTED Seminar
          June 18th — June 20th, 2012
         Cost before May 18th: $130.00
          Cost after May 18th: $150.00

For more information regarding the CPTED Course
     contact Lennon Evans @ 713-759-9454

Subject: Every Victim, Every Time Conference - College Station, Tx

The Every Victim, Every Time Conference is a conference for Law Enforcement, Attorney's,
Medical Staff, Crime Victim Advocates, etc. CEU's are provided.

Every Victim, Every Time Conference           April 24th - 25th, 2012

A&M Church of Christ              College Station, Tx

$25 Early Bird Registration Fee
$35 After March 1st
Includes Lunch both days

Kristi Hosea
Master Officer Kristi Hosea '87
Crime Prevention Unit
Texas A&M University Police Department

Texas, unfortunately, continues to lead the nation in alcohol fatalities and the need for continued
prevention education is high. Texas AgriLife Extension Service has a grant entitled Watch UR
BAC to provide free presentations on both alcohol awareness and drunk driving prevention.

The grant, funded by TxDOT, is statewide and targets both rural and urban areas. Resources
include a pedal car that is used in tandem with Fatal Vision™ goggles that simulate impaired
driving. We also have an excellent demonstration of alcohol content in various beverages and
the risks of alcohol poisoning. In March, we will have a DWI portable simulator that will even
further enhance our presentations.

Members of the Watch UR BAC (blood alcohol concentration) team have decades of combined
experience in drunk driving prevention and alcohol awareness, along with traffic safety best

You may contact Bobbi Brooks at 979-862-8325 ( or Laura Dean
Mooney at 979-862-1911 ( to schedule a FREE program in your
area. Please check our Facebook page (Watch UR Bac) or our Twitter account (@WatchUR-
BAC) for the most current updates.
 2012 Mid-Winter Conference
     CCPS Certification
James Kitchens - Travis County Sheriff’s Department

     Sofie Martinez - Waco Police Department

   Carrie Lindemuth - Irving Police Department

       Abu Baba - TCCD Police Department

        Chalres Patty - La Vernia / US Army
Thanks for all the hard work and a great conference STCPA

                                  at Job
                         Close-Up Newsletter

The East Texas Crime Prevention Association held elections at their last meeting. Officers for
the ETCPA are now as follows: President, James McCraw, Tyler PD; 1st Vice President Train-
ing, Toska Graham, Tyler PD; 2nd Vice President Membership, John Rolls, Longview PD; 3rd
Vice President Communications, James Bray, Longview PD; Secretary Treasurer, Mike Laza-
rine, Lindale PD; and Sergeant-at-Arms, Kristie Brian, Longview

Tyler Police Department recently implemented a new Child Identification Card machine that has
become very popular with approximately 150 Child ID’s made each month. The Tyler Police
Department has been involved with fingerprinting kids for identification purposes for several
years but we are now able to provide parents with a wallet sized ID card that they can carry with
them at all times should their child go missing. The ID card has all of the child’s identifying in-
formation along with any medical needs that the child might have. The card has a picture of the
child along with a digital thumb print. Tyler PD is also beginning to implement the machine for
special need adults, Alzheimer patients and homeless ID cards.

The East Texas Crime Prevention Association is pushing forward into the new year with a great
membership and exciting ideas!
                     Close-Up Newsletter
On February 25, 2012 Jacksonville Police Department had its 1st Public Safety
Awareness Day at Wal-Mart. The groundwork for this day started about three
months ago. After much planning and support, everything fell into place to have the
event. This event would not have taken place without the help of the Jacksonville
Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association members, employees of MADD, em-
ployees from East Texas Medical Center Jacksonville, employees from Agri-Life
extension agency, PEP team members for 911, Cherokee County DARE officer, a
couple of wonderful city employees and two Jacksonville Reserve Police officers
who worked very hard that day. Fatal Vision goggles were used mainly on the driv-
ing course. There were about 40 participants that drove the course wearing the fa-
tal vision goggles. The course was to show the dangers of texting and driving and
driving while intoxicated. Several informational booths were set up by MADD,
East Texas Medical Center, members of the PEP team for 911 and Agri-life Exten-
sion agency brought a rollover convincer. Jacksonville PD hopes everyone enjoyed
the day and hopefully people will think about the dangers of texting and driving or
driving while impaired.
  Ultimate Lock
one of TCPA Sponsors
                  Cash Americaone of TCPA Sponsors

   Cash America International, Inc. provides specialty financial services to individuals in the
United States and Mexico with over 1,000 locations. We are the largest provider of secured non-
 recourse loans, commonly referred to as pawn loans, and operate under the brand names Cash
                 America Pawn, SuperPawn, Pawn X-Change and Prenda Fácil.

We also offer short-term cash advances in many of our locations, including over 200 stores that
 offer this service under the brand names Cash America Payday Advance and Cashland. Short-
 term cash advances are offered over the Internet to customers in the United States, the United
Kingdom, Australia and Canada through Enova Financial, our online subsidiary, and its brands,, and www.dollarsdirect.
  ca, respectively. In addition, check-cashing services are provided through our franchised and
 company-owned Mr. Payroll check-cashing centers. For more information, go to www.mrpay-

Our corporate office is located at:

1600 West 7th Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
 A GREAT thanks to Keith Bilbrey
with KB Media for your continued
support of the Texas Crime Preven-
 tion Association. Your assistance
  with the TCPA Website has been
                      Close-Up Newsletter
 Hope everyone is having a great spring so far, we are still working on the website
if you see something we need to fix or update please let me know. If you have ideas
   to make it better than it is, do not hesitate to contact me. The website is there to
       represent TCPA and its members lets make it as great as out members.
I am looking for great crime prevention related stories, ideas, events, pictures, train-
ing or anything that you would like to share with other crime prevention profession-
 als in Texas. I will also be including a letter from each regional president covering
  your regions activities for the quarter. Please send your newsletter information to
  me at, thanks! Doug Sisk, TCPA 3rd VP Communica-
               tions, Crime Prevention / Community Relations Officer,
                             Duncanville Police Department
                                    (972) 780 - 5027
                                     TCPA Listserve
The TCPA board is working on trying to make communication to the members easier and more interactive. We
want all members to be able to be able to communicate with other members, request informa-
tion, ect. so a list serve has been created. You can join the list serve by going to Yahoo Groups
and look for the Red TCPA logo and the following spelled out: texascrimepreventionassocia-
tion-Texas Crime Prevention Association<

or click on this link

There is another Texas Crime Prevention one there that is like from 7 years ago, unknown who
even started it.

So go to the above location and request to join, if you are a current member you will be accept-

Do not release this information to the general public.

Some things that the TCPA list serve can be used for:
1. Relay suspect/ suspect veh. descriptions, full or partial, of those arrested, detained, or escap-
ing capture. 2. Relay new methods of operation used by the criminal element. 3. Relaying cur-
rent crime trends and preventative measures. 4. To ask for help in finding contacts with those
unusual problems. 5. To share ideas relevant to the security and safety of our areas. 6. To advise
of meetings, schools and seminars that may help educate us.

Some things that TCPA list serve should not be used for:
1. Jokes or E-mails intended to seek applicants to fill positions within a company or members
seeking employment opportunities. 2. Chain E-mails that have no bearing on crime, hardening
the target, and making our areas safer for our citizens. 3. Any political position unless it pertains
to Crime Prevention.

As with all e-mail lists, some other rules apply:
1. Beware attachments that may contain viruses.
2. Do not forward information from this list to others without the permission of the author. 3.
No e-mail posted will be considered an official notice/policy/rule by the Texas Crime Preven-
tion Association and should not be construed as such. 4. E-mail on this list is not encrypted.
Send passwords, credit card numbers, DL#'s, and/or social security numbers at your own risk.

ALL posts are subject to approval of the board and if found to be detrimental to the association
it will be removed. Violations and/or unauthorized access may result in removal from the list
and/or appropriate legal action.

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