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					                                                           Student Matrix
                                                     Hubbard Elementary School

                                                      School-Wide Rules/Expectations
Contexts                         P                         A                            W                               S
                         Positive Attitude            Accountability               Work Together                   Safety First
                        Manners sends a            Clean up after yourself      Wait your turn             Walking feet at all times
                         great message              Use restaurant voices         while in line              Let a teacher know if
                         (please, thank you or      Signal (thumbs up,           Say your name               you made a spill or see a
                         no thank you)               wave, high paw) to a          loudly for cashier          spill

                        Smiles                      friend across the            Help lunch ladies          Carry your tray to your
                        Say hello to lunch          lunchroom instead of          keep lunchroom              spot, don’t slide
                         ladies                      yelling                       clean                      Pick up napkins or
                        Restaurant voices          Eat only the food in                                      spoons you see on the
                                                     your own lunch                                            floor
                                                    Remember your                                            Use two hands when
                                                     manners                                                   carrying your tray

                        Smile                     Walk on the right side       Follow the person in       Walking feet
                        Use whisper voices          of the hallway when           front of you in line       Use stopping points set
                        Gives a small wave or       you can                      Yield to other              by your teacher
                                                                                                          
   Inside Hallway

                         a thumbs up to say          Keep hands to self so         classes                     Pick items up in the hall
                         hello to adults or          other people, the wall,      Hold doors for              that could trip people
                         other kids                  and student work is not       others                     Use hall passes
                        Learn teachers’             damaged or ruined            Appreciate and look
                         names and try to use       Respect others by using       at the art work on
                         them                        good manners                  the walls
                        If someone talks to        Go to and from the
                         you, talk with them         quickly

                        Smile                     Walking feet                 Help younger               Walk everywhere you go
                        Learn your bus             Students in pick-up           students if they look       after school
                         driver’s name and say       area stand against the        lost or need               Stay on the sidewalk at
   Outside Hallway

                         hello                       wall                          assistance                  all times
                                                    Use sidewalks all the        Listen and follow          Check with teachers
                                                     way to the bus                your teachers               before going to a car
                                                    Hands to yourself as          directions                 Use the crosswalk
                                                     you are walking
                                                    Push bikes, scooters,
                                                     and skateboards
                Use friendly, positive      Walk on everything           Allow others to play       Walk everywhere except
                 language                     except grass and sand         with you if they ask        grass and sand
                Invite others to play       Follow playground            Invite others to play      Follow all playground
                Use kind words               expectations                 Share equipment             rules/procedures
                Help someone in need        Being honest with each        and play space             Find a recess teacher if
                Be a good sport              other and outside            Playing fair and            you see someone hurt
                Have a positive              teachers                      being a good sport          or being picked on
                 reaction to any             Be prepared for recess       Take turns with            Walking feet
                 redirection or              If moved to a new zone        everyone                   Follow equipment rules
                 feedback from a              stay there                                               Follow outside teacher
                 teacher                     Go in a classroom only                                    directions
                                             if a teacher is present                               

                 Use bucket filling                                                                     Hands and feet to
                 words                       Stay outside unless you                                   yourself
                Using outside teacher        have a hall pass                                         Stay inside playground
                 names (not ‘duty’)          Hands to self even                                        boundaries
                Use your words               while playing

                                          Equipment Expectations:
                                           Slide down the slide on
                                           Climb on monkey bars
                                              following the arrows
                                           Play tag in zone 3 only
                                           Wait your turn on
                                           Share equipment

                Silent voices (singing      Throw paper towels in        Pick up paper              Flush the toilet
                 and playing are              trash can, not on the         towels if you see          Throw away paper

                 outside activities)          floor                         them on the floor           towels
                                             No playing or yelling        Tell your teacher if       Tell your teacher if there
                                             Use sink only to wash         there is a bathroom         is a bathroom mess
                                              hands                         mess
                                             Flush the toilet

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