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									             PASTORAL POLICY

                  Aldridge School
                            A Science College

The Pastoral Policy is intended to complement the statement of Shared

Values which underpins the life and work of Aldridge School.

The Pastoral Policy should be used with all other extant policies as

referred to in the body of this document.

1.   What are the Pastoral Aspirations of Aldridge School?

2.   Who is involved?

3.   How does the Pastoral System aim to facilitate Teaching and Learning?

4.   How does the Pastoral System promote moral, cultural, spiritual and
     social development?

5.   How does the Pastoral System assist in the creation of an orderly

6.   How does the Pastoral System seek to ensure regular attendance and

7.   How does the Pastoral System endeavour to eliminate bullying?

8.   How does the Pastoral System promote and protect the well being of our

9.   How does the Pastoral System respond to crises?


     What are the Pastoral Aspirations of Aldridge School?

 • To provide an environment in which all members of the School community

    actively support each other.

 • To create an ethos in which children can achieve and in which their

    achievements are encouraged and celebrated.

 • To provide opportunities for intellectual, sporting, creative and social

    potential to be realised.


                                 Who is involved?

   • All staff have a pastoral role and a duty of care and are expected to conduct

       their professional duties in a supportive and caring manner.

   • Within the staffing compliment there are staff who have specific pastoral



       Deputy Head                                               Deputy Head

SENCO        Barr          Daniels     Linley       Scott    6th Form   WEX
LSU          HOH           HOH         HOH          HOH      Head of    Coordinator
Learning     Deputy        Deputy      Deputy       Deputy   6th Form   2 i/c
Mentor       HOH           HOH         HOH          HOH      2nd i/c

                                     FORM TUTORS

   • The Pastoral System cannot operate effectively without the involvement of


   • External agencies will be called upon as appropriate (Appendix 1)


        How does the Pastoral System aim to facilitate

                        Teaching and Learning?

   • Creating an efficient pastoral system which supports and complements

     the academic life of the school by:

        -     having a key role in the monitoring and tracking of the pupils’


        -     the communicating relevant information to all interested


        -     the implementing the Rewards and Sanctions procedures as

              set out in the relevant policy.

        -     providing all students with accurate, timely and appropriate

              advice, providing support and guidance, that is informed by

              systematic monitoring of overall academic progress.

        -     supporting and enabling students to perform effectively by

              creating a positive ethos which allows them to achieve their

              potential whilst operating within clearly defined parameters.

        -     helping pupils to develop the requisite skills and attitudes thus

              enabling them to become good citizens.

        -     playing a key role in developing a supportive structure within

              which all staff can operate effectively.


           How does the Pastoral System promote moral,

              cultural, spiritual and social development?


  • By reinforcement of “right and wrong” through the implementation of the

     “Rewards and Sanctions Policy”.

  • By encouraging support for House and School based charity ventures.

  • By encouraging students to take responsibility for, and helping them to

     reflect upon, their own actions.

  • Through the public recognition of high moral standards.

  • By setting high standards of personal and professional conduct and



   • Through the implementation of the Race Equality Policy.

   • By encouraging and celebrating the cultural diversity that exists within our

         school community.

   • By raising the level of awareness of multi-cultural issues and helping our

         pupils to recognise that multi cultural education is not a subject, but a

         dimension that affects all of our lives.

   • By encouraging an atmosphere of respect and tolerance.


   • Through raising awareness of the diversity of beliefs.

   • Through raising awareness that fulfilment is not necessarily materialistic.

   • Through the encouragement of positive self image.

   • Through encouraging an acceptance of the attitudes, values and beliefs of



   • Through the provision of leadership and team work skills.

   • Through the encouragement of personal responsibility.

   • Through the creation of formal opportunities to contribute to the life and

         development of the school.


               How does the Pastoral System assist in the

                   creation of an orderly environment?

  The promotion of good behaviour is everyone’s responsibility. Without an

    orderly atmosphere, effective teaching and learning cannot take place.

       If children misbehave they not only prejudice their own education

                          but also that of their peers.

This is achieved by:

   • the effective administration of the whole school Behaviour Policy.

   • the administration of the Rewards and Sanctions Policy.

   • the provision of timely and appropriate intervention, advice, support and


   • close collaboration with parents in instances of both positive and negative


   • treating even the most challenging pupils politely and calmly and by

      recognising “there is no such thing as a problem child, just a child with


   • liaison with external agencies as appropriate (Appendix 1).

   • the creation of an atmosphere of mutual trust, support and understanding

      for all members of the school community.

   • post resolution reviews.


     “Attendance is a critical factor in enabling a productive and
successful career/life. Regular attendance is expected because it is a
pre-requisite for achievement at any level. It enables participation in
   learning, benefits to be gained from learning, opportunities for
         development of social skills and participation in the
                       wider life of the school.”

            How does the Pastoral System seek to ensure

                 regular attendance and punctuality?

  • By the effectively implementing of the Attendance and Punctuality Policy.

  • By ensuring all pupils know the importance of regular attendance.

  • By recognising, celebrating and rewarding those who achieve high levels

     of attendance.

  • By promptly identifying attendance concerns.

  • By involving parents.

  • By involving appropriate external agencies especially the EWO’s.


   “The totally anti social and unacceptable nature of bullying should be
  constantly reinforced as an integral part of the school’s stated aim to create
      a caring and protective environment for all its children and staff”

   How does the Pastoral System seek to eliminate bullying?

 • By the vigorous implementation of the Anti-Bullying Policy.

 • By the implementation of the Rewards and Sanctions Policy.

 • By the constant and consistent reinforcement that bullying is antisocial and


 • By the early identification of the behaviour which indicates the bullied and

    the bully.

 • By creating a secure atmosphere within which all members of the school

    community feel comfortable about disclosing bullying related incidents.

 • By effectively dealing with the bullied and the bully:

          -      Through collaboration with parents

          -      Through the involvement of the “in house” support and

                 external agencies.

          -      By post resolution reviews.


              How does the Pastoral System promote and
                protect the well being of our pupils?

 • By the vigorous implementation of the Child Protection Policy.

 • By the vigorous implementation of the Health and Safety Policy.

 • By the vigorous implementation of the Management of Drug Related

    Incidents at Aldridge School Policy.

 • By the vigilant identification of the signs which may suggest any form of


 • By creating a safe and secure environment in which children are able to

    disclose alleged abuse.

 • By the prompt notification of all such disclosures to the School’s Named


 • By the early involvement of external agencies.

 • By ensuring that all staff are cognisant of procedures relating to medical

    emergencies and the use of facilities.


             How does the Pastoral System respond to crises?

No pastoral system can cover every contingency.       Most of the time, as

professionals, we deal with mundane problems and issues, however, there will

be occasions when tragedies will affect the lives of our pupils e.g.

bereavement, terminal illnesses, suffering caused by criminal activity.

However an effective pastoral system will have created a mutually supporting

environment and awareness of the roles of appropriate supporting agencies

(see appendix 1) which will enable such crises to be dealt with in a

professional, effective and caring manner.

             Appendix 1

(the information contained in this appendix

   will be subject to continual review)

      Aldridge School – A Science College


Agencies in Walsall Supporting Young People
Organisational Name           Contact Name       Address                     Contact No      Fax No         Service Provided
Ablewell House                                   30 Birmingham Road          01922 775000    01922 775002   CAMHS, Family Therapy, CPN
                                                 WS1 2LT                                                    Nurse’s. Referrals only
                                                                                                            School phobic
Addaction                     Hugh Jobber        236 Stafford St, Walsall    01922 646262    01922 646766   Young Person’s Treatment
                              Manager            WS2 8DF                                                    Service for Drug Users. Drug &
                                                                                                            Alcohol, accept self-referrals.
Anchor Meadow Health          Claire Goode       Anchor Meadow Health        Claire                         The school nurse can offer
Centre                        Team Leader        Centre, Westfield Drive,    01922 858848                   advise on any health problem
                              Lorraine Millard   Aldridge WS9 8AJ            Lorraine                       and provide appropriate health
                                                                             01922 858558                   advice on issues including
                                                                                                            healthy eating, exercise, drugs,
                                                                                                            alcohol, sexual health, raising
                                                                                                            self esteem, bullying, growing
                                                                                                            up, behaviour/mental health
Bereavement support                              Walsall Bereavement         01922 724841                   Resource library information
                                                 Support, Market House, 13                                  and advice.
                                                 Lower Hall Lane Walsall
Bharosa                                                                      0121 303 0369                  Asian women and young girls
Blakenall Practitioner Unit   Louise             Blakenall Row, Blakenall    01922 775170    01922 775176   Walk-in mornings,
                              Nurse              WS3 1LW                                                    appointments afternoons. Free
                                                                                                            contraception, morning after pill
                                                                                                            and advice.
Breathing Space               Tony Morgan        Central Hall,               01922 647696    01922 628593   Mentoring, drop in facility,
                              Manager            Ablewell Street, WS1 2EQ                                   training and bail support.
Brownhills Community                                                                                        After school service for young
Association                                                                                                 people, free condoms and
                                                                                                            sexual health advice
Caldmore Area                 Sue Chester        2 Hayden Sanders Square     01922 612267    01922 722958   Drop in sessions for teenage
Housing Association           Team Leader        Brace Street                                               parents 13-19 years (housing,
Young Parents Scheme                             WS1 3PP                                                    benefits, health visitor and
                                                                                                            careers advice)
                                                                                                            Supported Housing for teenage
                                                                                                            mums 16-25 years.

Organisational Name       Contact Name     Address                      Contact No      Fax No         Service Provided
Caldmore Area             Ellis Hopkins    21 Hope Street               01922 616782    01922 722330   Fully supported (24 hrs) &
Housing Association       Team Leader      Caldmore                                                    semi-independent
Young persons scheme                                                                                   accommodation. 16-24 year
                                                                                                       olds. Single people only.
                                                                                                       Referrals only. Via the Hostel
                                                                                                       Working Group
Children and                               Challenge Buildings,         01922 653383    01922 639844   Information on playgroups,
Co-Information Service                     1 Hatherton St WS1 1YB                                      crèches, toddler groups, play
                                                                                                       schemes, childminders, out of
                                                                                                       school clubs.
Child line                                                              0800 11 11                     National organisation
Child Protection/Health                                                 079730824611                   Child protection advice
Civic Centre                               Walsall                      01922 650000
Clinical Psychology       Neil Hall        Greybury House               01922 858450                   Support for pupils with more
                                                                                                       extreme behaviour problems.
Condom Scheme                                                           01922 720255                   Free condoms for all ages and
Connexions (Black                          40 Lower High Street,        0121 502 7400   0121 502
Country) Head Office                       Wednesbury WS10 7AQ                          7401           Advice and Guidance 13-19
Connexions                Tim Luker        30 Station Street            01922 636333    01922 636222   Guidance, information and
Prospects                 Operations       WS2 9JZ                                                     advice, vacancies for
                          Manager                                                                      employment. Access to
                                                                                                       personal adviser
Deal Project                                                            01922 641671                   Provides help and support for
                                                                                                       young people exploring drugs
                                                                                                       and alcohol.
Drug Education and        Diane McNulty    Walsall Primary Care Trust   01922                          Provides advice to young
Managing drug Related     Fran Oaker       Healthy Schools Scheme       618332                         people on drugs. 5 stage levels
Incidents                 Stuart Bentley                                618331                         implementing the national
                                                                        618330                         healthy schools standard.
EDC (Educational                           Pelsall Lane, Rushall        01922 686200
Development Centre)                        Walsall WS4 1NG
Educational Psychology                     EDC Pelsall Lane             01922 686200    01922 746965   Learning problems/behaviour
Service                                                                 Mobile                         which hinders learning
Organisational Name         Contact Name        Address                     Contact No      Fax No   Service Provided
Electric Palace             Eleanor Chell       156a High Street            01922 477499    01922    Offers a Confidential Service,
                            Manager             Bloxwich                                    492616   1:1 support, Health information,
                                                Walsall WS3 3JT                                      free condoms & pregnancy
                                                                                                     tests, training, youth access,
                                                                                                     access to a personal adviser,
                                                                                                     learning gateway 16-18 yrs
EMAG                        Julie Griffiths-    EDC                         01922 686266             Minority ethnic support
                            Brown               Pelsall Lane, Rushall                                Contact normally via KAS or
                                                Walsall WS4 1NG                                      Fina Bongiovi
Education Welfare Service   Tony Sinclair       EDC                         01922 686233
(EWO)                                           Pelsall Lane, Rushall       Mbile
                                                Walsall WS4 1NG             07718195686
EW Support Service                              SEN Inclusion Support       01922 711931    01922    Includes
Early Years SEN, Hearing                        Centre                                      711932   Early Years SEN, Hearing
Impaired, Learning                              Field Road, Bloxwich,                                Impairment team, Learning
Support                                         Walsall WS3 3JF                             01922    Support Team, Vision
Vision impaired.            Advisory Teachers                                               686375   Impairment Team
Excellence in Walsall       Annette Jones       Rhythm Rooms                0121 568 8731            Excellence cluster/Aim Higher
                                                Arts & Media Centre                                  Manager
                            Coral Gardiner      Victoria New Works                                   Learning Mentor/LSU strand
                                                Midland Road                                         coordinator
                            Kulwinder Kaur      Darlaston                                            Administrator
                                                WS10 8HE
                            Kate Causier                                                             Secondary G&T strand
                                                                                                     Coordinator (Mondays)
                            Chris Shercliff                                                          Primary G&T Strand
                                                                                                     coordinator (Mon & Tues)
Family Learning and Study   Malcolm Ratledge    Manor Farm Centre           01922 474875    01922    Free of charge loan –
Support Team                Teresa Powney       Old School Site,                            626881   reference books, and story
                                                King George Crescent,                                sacks.
                                                Rushall, Walsall WS4 1 EG                  
Family Planning Centre                                                      01922 775041             Provides family planning and
                                                                                                     sexual health advice to all
First Base/The Small                            1a Small Street Centre,     01922 700950             Supported housing 16-25
Street Centre                                   Hayden Saunders Square                               Connexions Centre
                                                Caldmore WS1 3RP                                     Community Resources
Organisational Name         Contact Name            Address                     Contact No      Fax No    Service Provided
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual                           Electric Palace             01922 613141              Support, advice and guidance
Youth Group                                                                                               for young people with
                                                                                                          concerns about their sexuality.
Gum clinic                                                                      01922 633341              All ages both male and female,
                                                                                                          free confidential sexual health
Health assessment                                                               01922 858840              General health issues
Hearing Impaired                                    Frank F Harrison School     01922 71620
Secondary Unit                                      Leamore WS2 7NR             Ex 242
Home and Hospital                                   Shepwell Green Centre,      01902 632719
Teaching team                                       Willenhall WV13 2AJ
ICT/SEN Consultant          Tim Kitchen             EDC                         01922 686271
                                                    Pelsall Lane, Rushall
                                                    Walsall WS4 1NG
Inclusion Service                                   EDC Pelsall Lane, Rushall   01922 686200    01922
                                                    Walsall WS4 1NG                             682621
Initiative to reduce the    Mark Rayne –            Dorothy Pattison            01922 858044    01922     Awareness training to adults
impact of Schizophrenia     coordinator             Hospital, Alumwell Close    01922 858020    858085    and Young People on Mental
(IRIS) Project              Liz Lockett             WS2 9XH                                               Health issues and eating
Lantern House               Ms Naughton             130 Lichfield Street        01922 858463    01922     Drug & Alcohol Counselling,
                                                    WS1 1SY                                     858464    Self Referrals
Men’s Sexual Health                                                             01922 613141              Sexual health for men
NHS – Walk-in Centre        Nurse                   19-21 Digbeth Market        01922                     Treatment for minor injuries,
                                                    Square WS1 1QZ              858550                    dental access centre, Citizens
                                                                                                          Advice Bureau, health
NACRO                       Denver Jones            Ground floor, Bath House,   01922 625060    01922     Activities, Street work School
                            Nicky Binns             Bath Street, WS1 3DB                        625101    Projects, Drug Awareness,
                            Natasha Mason                                                                 Possible 1:1 All ages
NACOA                     PO Box 64, Fishponds        0117 924 8005   0117      Children of alcoholics
National Association for    email                   Bristol BS16 2UH            Helpline        9422928
children of alcoholics                               0800 3583456

Organisational Name         Contact Name      Address                     Contact No               Fax No     Service Provided
National Missing Persons                      Roebuck House        020        Missing persons
                                              284-286 Upper Richmond Rd   020 8392 4532            88787752
                                              West, London
                                              SW14 7JE
Occupational Therapy                          Walsall Child Development   01922 858719
Service                                       Coalheath Lane
                                              Shelfield WS4 1PL
PACE                        Dette King        EDC Pelsall Lane            01922 686200
                                              Rushall, Walsall WS4 1NG
Physiotherapy Service                         Walsall Child Development   01922 858724
                                              Coalheath Lane
                                              Shelfield WS4 1PL
Rathbone CI                 Steve Peters      Exchange House              01922 640322                        Training, Life Skills, Job
Training and Employment                       28 Wednesbury Road                                              search 16 Years+, Post 16
                                              WS1 3QT                                                         only
Safe Project                                                              0121 4406655                        Free confidential advice to
                                                                                                              women and young girls
                                                                                                              involved in prostitution
School Improvement          Connie Mergen                                 01922 686264
School transport                              EDC                         01922 686363                        Taxi service for disabled
                                              Pelsall Lane, Rushall                                           students
                                              Walsall WS4 1NG                                                 Normally through statements
                                                                                                              or other SEN route
Sandwell House              Mike Yates        Sandwell Street             01922 644681             01922      Housing scheme, single
                            Project Manager   Caldmore                                             644681     people aged 16-25, 24 hour
                                                                                                              support, Emergency spaces
                                                                                                              and referrals via the Hostel
                                                                                                              Working Group
SEN Consultant              Margaret Wiredu                               01922 686220

Social Services Aldridge                                                  01922 743337
Social Services Shelfield                                                 Open referrals                      Child protection etc.
                                                                          New referrals
Organisational Name           Contact Name     Address                       Contact No     Fax No   Service Provided
Speech & Language Therapy                      Walsall Child Development     01922 858726
Service                                        Coalheath Lane
                                               Shelfield WS4 1PL
Speech & Language Unit                         Rushall Primary School,       01922 684446
                                               WS4 1NQ
St Francis of Assisi School   Val Osborne      Erdington Road, Aldridge      01922 621208   01922    Dyslexia Training
                                               WS9 0RN                                      454362   Specific Learning Difficulties
Street Teams                  Heidi Vinton     Bradford Street Centre        01922 621208            Jigsaw Support Service for
                              Jigsaw Workers   51 Bradford St                Mobile                  young people who are at risk
                                               WS1 3QD                       07787525992             of sexual exploitation. Drug &
                                                                                                     Alcohol team, awareness
                                                                                                     training or counselling.
                                                                                                     Counselling team dealing with
                                                                                                     issues such as rape, sexual
                                                                                                     abuse, bereavement,
                                                                                                     relationships and sexuality.
                                                                                                     They will also do School
                                                                                                     Projects, that fit into
Sure Start Plus               Brenda Birch     Old Priory School, Odell      01922 710351   01922    Supporting Teenage Parents
                              Teenage          Road, Leamore                                710351   and their Families.
                              Pregnancy        WS3 2ED
Survival Project                               Asian Welfare Centre          01902 632854            Free Family Counselling
                                               2 Wilkes Street, Willenhall
                                               WV13 2BS
The Vine Trust/Project        Kevin Davies     33 Lower Hall Lane            01922 621951   01922    13-25 years. Drop in
                              Manager          WS1 1RR                                      621951   session/youth provision.
                                                                                                     Second chance/alternative
                                                                                                     education. Outreach support
                                                                                                     worker. Social Activities.
                                                                                                     Work based placements

Organisational Name             Contact Name         Address                  Contact No            Fax No         Service Provided
Walkways                        Gwyneth Phelps       44 Littleton Street      01922 615393          01922 721805   Free and confidential
                                Manager              Walsall WS2 8EN                                               service, counselling for
                                                                                                                   any issue, counselling
                                                                                                                   specifically for drug and
                                                                                                                   alcohol misuse, Peer
                                                                                                                   Mentoring Support, 11-
                                                                                                                   25 year olds.
Walsall Children’s Fund                              Upland House             01922 471900          01922 471908   Support for vulnerable
                                                     5 Lichfield Road         e-mail                               children/young people
                                                     Walsall                                  aged 5-13
                                                     WS4 2HT
Walsall College of Continuing   Pauline              Hawbush Centre           01922 654597          01922 721805   Family learning, family
Education                       Jeanette or          Hawbush Road             Mobile                               literacy, numeracy
                                Maureen Pearce       WS3 1AG                  07813159565                          workshops, shared
                                                                                                                   learning, keeping up with
                                                                                                                   the children, fun-learning
                                                                                                                   workshops etc.
Walsall Motor Access Project    Mr Graham Merrick/   28-29 John Street        01922 633062                         Funded by NSF 13-19
                                Brian Rigby          WS2 8AF                                                       years, alternative
                                                                                                                   education. Motor cycle
Walsall Pregnancy                                    Based at Walsall Deaf    01922 649000                         Free Pregnancy testing,
Help                                                 Centre                                                        confidential & caring
                                                     59A Lichfield Street,                                         counselling, “Time &
                                                     WS4 2BX                                                       support to help you
                                                                                                                   make your own decision”
Walsall Street Teams                                 Bradford Street Centre   01922 629980                         Confidential support
Drug and Alcohol Team                                51 Bradford Street       01922 621208                         service for young people
                                                     Walsall WS1 3QD                                               in Walsall.
Youth Offending Service         Ged Campion          104 Essington Road,      01922 493006                         Work with children and
                                Manager              New Invention, WV12                                           young people who have
                                                     5DT                                                           offending behaviour, or
                                                                                                                   preventative work with

                                         Youth Clubs and Community Associations in Walsall

Organisational Name                      Contact Name            Address                                  Contact Number
Afro-Caribbean Community Association                             36 Wolverhampton Road                    01922 615179
                                                                 WS2 8PR

Aldridge Manor House and Community       Ken Smith               Little Aston Road, Aldridge WS9 8NJ      01922 743220

Alumwell Community Association           Ms Layland              Primley Avenue, WS2 9UA                  01922 649025

Blakenhall Community Association         Marilyn Bushell         Blakenall Row, Blakenall WS3 1LW         01922 711621

Brownhills Community Association         Mrs G Fereday           Deaking Avenue, Brownhills WS8 7QG       01543 452119

Croft Street Community Association       Mr M Irfan              Croft Street JMI School, Croft Street,   01922 642777
                                                                 WS2 8JE

Forrest Community Association            Barry Dutton            Forest Community Centre, Hawbush         01922 710670
                                                                 Road, WS3 1AG

Frank F Harrison Community Association   Susan Scott             Leamore Lane, Bloxwich WS2 7NR           01922 710670

Green Rivers Community Association       Mrs Patricia Aston      54 Abbots Street, Blakenhall WS3 3AY     01922 711249

Palfrey Community Association            Tim Oliver              Palfrey Community Centre, Milton Street, 01922 646716
                                                                 WS1 4LA

Other Useful Numbers
Helpline                         Number                Notes
Aids                             0800 567123

Bereavement Service              01922 724841

Carer (young carers)             01922 636663

Childline                        0800 1111

Diabetes                         01922 614500

Domestic Violence                01902 713001

RELATE                           01922 626004

Quit Smoking – HAZ               0800 169 9346

The Samaritans                   01922 624000

Social Services     Aldridge     01922 743337

                    Bloxwich     01922 710001

                    Darlaston    0121 568 6611

                    Shelfield    01922 685811/694993

                    Walsall      01922 658170

                    Willenhall   01922 710533

Sure Start Plus     Palfrey      01922 649716

                    Blakenall    01922 476698


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