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2009 newsletter west linton


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									                          West Linton Tennis Club
                           2009 Events calendar
                                                                                                                                                           Spring 2009
 JAN               FEB              MAR               APR             MAY                JUN
                                    Fri 20           Thur 16th:       early May        Sun 21st
                                                                                       Under8 and 9
                                    March            Club                              tournament 10
                                    Ceilidh at The   Sessions         Ballot for       – 2pm
                                                     begin            Wimbledon        Sat. 20th:
                                    Bowling Club                                       11 a.m.
                                                                      tickets (terms
                                                                      and conditions   Social Mixed
                                    Sat 21st         Thur 23rd        apply)           Doubles Final
                                                                                       2 p.m.
                                    2 p.m.           Teen Tennis                       American
                                    American         starts                            Tournament
                                    Tournament              Social Mixed doubles tournament
                                                      Ladies’ and Mens’ Matches (Borders League)

 JUL              AUG               SEPT             OCT               NOV              DEC            Dear Friends

                                    Sat. 19th:       Sat 24th                          Fri 4th:        We hope that you have enjoyed your tennis over the past year.
                                    1- 2pm Junior
                                    tournament.      11am                                              We enclose details of club activities for the year ahead and do
                                                                                       WLTC IV
                                                     AGM                               Christmas       hope that you can join us for what looks like being a great year.
                                    2pm                                                dinner
                                    Tournament                                                         Having confirmed our 25 year lease from the Bowling Club we
                                                                                                       plan to improve the court surface at some point in the coming
                                                                                                       financial year. If we can obtain the appropriate level of grant
Ladies’ and Mens’ Matches (Borders League)
                                                                                                       funding we hope that a new 'artificial grass' surface can be laid.
                                                      Over-40’s Matchplay                                                                                   (continued)

Open Club days: Thursday evenings (7:15 p.m.) &          For more information about the club contact
Saturday mornings (9:30am to 11:30am)                    Drummond Begg (660380) or Fred Walker
Junior Tennis: Contact Heather Robertson for more        (660028).
information                                              For Coaching contact Heather Robertson
Teen Tennis: Thursdays 6:15 to 7:15 p.m.
Match days: Ladies on Tue eve / Mens on Wed eve
                                                         For Match play contact Heather Robertson or
                                                         Peter Walker
                                                                                                                                West Linton Tennis Club
 Check the Bulletin Board at the Club House for updates
           Welcome                                                                           Club Activities and Events
                                                                                                        Junior Tennis
As ever, we aim to make tennis accessible to all by keeping the                                  For all keen pre-school and junior members wanting to
subscription fees to an absolute minimum, while still covering the                               know more about tennis and join the after school
essentials such as maintenance, insurance and affiliation fees to Tennis                         coaching sessions, please contact our coach, Heather
Borders. The subs cost under 50p a week for children and just £1 a week                          Robertson.
for adults to play. Family membership works out at around 50p each. By
comparison, hiring a court in Edinburgh can cost between £10 - £20 an
hour to play! So we do feel membership of the Club represents good value
for money.                                                                                           Club Tennis for Adults

To keep costs low for all we do depend on everyone paying their               Want to meet up with other Club members and enjoy a good game or two
subscriptions. To ensure we achieve this we will be padlocking the courts     or more – then join us on Thursday evenings at 7:15 p.m. onwards and again
this year and giving members the code. This will change every 2 months        on Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. to 11:30. The Saturdays run all year,
and we will inform you of the new code by email. Please make sure you give    weather-permitting; Thursdays start on 16th April and run to 24th
your current e-mail address on the renewal form.                              September.
Visitors are welcome to play and one off games can be paid for via Shaz at
Bells, newsagents.

Please do support as many of our fundraising activities as you can. This is
particularly important this year as we are raising funds to help with the     Annual Christmas Dinner
resurfacing of the courts. We start with a ceilidh on Friday 20th March
with the excellent Drum Maw Band at the Bowling Club, followed by a           Since Emil started this 3 years ago, it has become a popular event and a very
social tennis tournament on the 21st March.                                   pleasant way to look back on the past season (…and look forward to the next
                                                                              ) and catch-up with fellow players, at a time when play can be limited due to
If there are changes that you would like to see in your tennis club then      the weather. Added to this, it takes place at The Bakehouse….need we say
let us know.                                                                  more? Katy is taking over running the event this year which is likely to take
                                                                              place on Friday 4th December. Katy will no doubt be in touch with members
With Best Wishes for the 2009 season.                                         later in the year, but you can make a reservation now by contacting Katy on
                                                                              661 316 or katy@westlinton.com
Drummond Begg,       on behalf of West Linton Tennis Club
                                                                               President         Drummond Begg 660380
                                                                               Treasurers        Fred Walker 660028 and Peter Walker
                                                                               Coaching          Heather Robertson 660595, mobile: 07751693269
                                                                               Match Captains    Heather (ladies) Peter Walker (men)07939539834
 Contact a committee member for further                                        Secretary         Susan Scott 661 744
                                                                               Committee         Tim Crick, Tony Kopsch, Katy Young, Steve Bishop, Emil
 information.                                                                                    Berthelsen, Tony Lofthouse, Chris Lofthouse, Mike Chase,
                                                                                                 Royston Timewell, Graham Rosie.
                                                                                                Club Activities and Events

                                                                                                    Annual General Meeting
   Wimbledon 2009
                                                                             This will be held at 11am on Saturday 24th October at the clubhouse.
                                                                             Coffee and danish pastries will be served and, weather permitting, the
                                                                             meeting will be preceded by some games of tennis. We would encourage
The Club has been allocated 7 pairs of tickets for the Championships         members to come along to the meeting to support the club and see if you
this summer which run from 22 June to 5 July.                                can help in any way.
We will be contacting members shortly to give further details and
to ask if they would like to take part in the ballot for tickets.
Thanks to everyone who joined British Tennis Association last year –                              Competitions & Tournaments
this certainly increased our ticket allocation.                              The season opens this year with the First American Tournament on Saturday
                                                                             21st March at 2 p.m. All adult players of all levels welcome.
                                                                             As well as American Tournaments held over the season (see calendar) and the
Guest and Visitor Fees                                                       Social Mixed Doubles, the Club has teams entered into the Men's and Ladies'
The current level of charges are as follows:-                                Doubles in the Borders League this season, and continues with the over 40s
Guests of members - £4 per guest per day                                     mixed doubles in the autumn.
Visitors - £10 per hour per court
Fees are payable to the Club and to be left with Shaz at Bells,              We are always looking for more players to take part in the matches and if
Newsagents – please have the correct amount of money ready.                  you would be willing to play please contact Heather Robertson or Peter
                                                                             Walker for further details.
                                                                             Junior teams start after Easter with Under 13's boys and girls' teams
                                                                             playing on Friday evenings and Under 16 boys and girls on Sunday evenings.
Court Etiquette                                                 20           For further details of this and any coaching matter please contact our coach
                                                                             Heather Robertson.
What to do when all the courts are busy
Just a reminder of the correct procedure to follow if the courts are                                        Teen Tennis
full and someone is waiting to play. ‘ The courts should be yielded in
rotation at the completion of the set or after 20 minutes, whichever         To encourage our S1 – S6 junior members to get together to play tennis, we
event occurs first.’ So the people who have been playing the longest,        are setting aside the courts for them on Thursday evenings from 6.15pm –
should come off first and then wait , along with any other members for       7.15pm. This is immediately before the adult club night so, depending on
the next available court – which would be given up after 20 minutes or       court availability, there may be a further opportunity for juniors to play on.
completion of the set by the people who have then been playing the
longest, and so on. So, if anyone is waiting please follow this format and   We will run this initially from 23rd April to 18th June.
be ready to give up your court at the right time. This way, no one should    During this time an adult member will be down at the courts.
have to wait more than 20 minutes to get on/back on court; except in
the rare event of more than 3 groups of people waiting to play.
                   2009 Social Mixed Doubles
                         tournament                                                                New for 2009
                                                                                 Spring Ceilidh
  Continuing on from last year’s tournament when we had a record entry of        We are holding a Ceilidh on Friday 20th March at 7.30pm
   36, and a nail-biting final, the social mixed doubles tournament will run      at the Bowling Club. The fabulous Drum Maw Band is playing,
  again this year. This is a variant of the American tournaments and will be     along with various soloists through the evening.
   played over April, May and June. We’d like to encourage as many adult         A small finger buffet will be available, along with the
  members as possible to take part. For those who are busy, you don’t even       most reasonably priced bar in the village.
   have to find a partner, as the club will do that for you! Each round will
  have to be played within 2 weeks, so there is a bit of pressure to get the     So join us for a great evening all to raise funds
   games underway!! To ease time pressure as we come up to holiday-time,         for the new West Linton Tennis Courts.
                    there will be no ‘plate’ event this year.
                                                                                 Adults £8 Children £5
   All you have to do is send your name and contact details to Susan Scott       All welcome. (no need to have bowling club/tennis
              (scott-susan4@sky.com) or 661 744 by 21 March.                     club membership)
   The pairings and draw will then be randomly drawn and you’ll be notified
                                with details of:                                 email drummond@westlinton.com for tickets as soon as
                                                                                 possible to avoid disappointment.
                               Your partner
                       Your opponents in the first round
                    Date match requires to be played by                                               ………and then join in the American
                  (approx 2/3 weeks will be given per round)                                           Tennis Tournament the
  The entry fee will be £1, it’s a knock-out competition and the final will be
                                                                                                       next day, Saturday 21 March at 2pm!
   held on Saturday, 20th June at 11am, prior to our second American
                              Tennis Tournament.

    We can only run this if we have enough entrants……..so please go ahead
                        and enter!.....especially ladies!

                                                                                         Tennis Clothing
                     Social Mixed Doubles tournament
                                Entry Form

Name:                                                                            Thankfully, tennis wear has come a long way since this photo was taken!
Address:                                                                         This year the Club has a new range of contemporary clothing, with
Tel no                                                                           WLTC logo, in a wide variety of styles, to suit players of all ages and
e-mail address:                                                                  sizes. See the enclosed leaflet and order form for further details or
                                                                                 contact Peter Walker, our men’s captain who has developed the range.
Please return to Susan Scott at 2 Deanfoot Drive or e-mail above details
to scott-susan4@sky.com

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