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									Most sites for example, have room for a leaderboard at the top of the page
(although you should also experiment with a link unit to see which of the two
in that position gives you the best results).

It’s also not too difficult to insert a rectangular unit into an article. You can
do that with just about any article.

That’s two units already.

The final unit, a button or vertical banner, could do very well in a sidebar.

Most people choose to keep the ads far apart, but you can also have some
pretty dramatic effects by putting your ad units together. This isn’t a strategy
that’s going to work for everyone, but creating a zone — at the top of your
page maybe or between blog entries — can really make those ads look like

After all, users are used to seeing ads in single blocks. When they see a
whole section of the page given over to ads, there’s a good chance they’ll
assume it’s content and give it some extra attention.

The search boxes are usually easier. The most popular place for these is one
of the top corners or in the sidebar.

You could try putting the second search box at the bottom of the page if you
want to give users somewhere to go when they’ve finished reading, but to be
frank, I doubt if you’ll make any more money with a search box down there
than you would from the one at the top.

In general, I don’t think that putting two search boxes on a page is going to
give you more income than one. It’s possible and you can try it. But I
wouldn’t expect any massive results.

Two search boxes might not make much of a difference, but I think that
three link units might. They’re small enough to squeeze into all sorts of spots
and they look so good at the top and bottom of a list of links that you could
probably have fun with three of them.

And because link units look very different to ad units, I don’t think you have
to worry too much about them competing for clicks — and ending up with
nothing. They go very well with other ad units.

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