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									shouldn’t need to move them around to maximize your earnings from those
kinds of ads.

Now, how Google is figuring out where on the page you’re putting your ads
beats me. The company’s love of Smart Pricing (see Chapter 10) though,
suggests that they could be comparing advertisers’ sales results with the
number of impressions and assuming that sites with high impressions and
low sales have put the ads in out-of-the-way places.

Whichever method they’re using, the end result is that you’re still going to
see higher revenues from ads in the best locations and less from the worst

5.6 Going With The 'Flow'

So what are the best spots to put AdSense units? Where on the page should
you put your ads?

According to Google’s research, certain areas of a Web page are naturally
more effective than others. Researchers have found that when people look at
a website, their eyes start in the top left hand corner and then travel down
the page from left to right.

Users naturally track the expected direction of content, so you need to make
sure that your ads follow that content too. You need to identify the reading
patterns of your visitors, know what draws their attention first and
understand what makes them click.

Look at the design and layout of your webpage, identify the places that you
think most of your users look — and mark each of them as a likely spot to
put your ads.

Google actually offers a pretty neat tool to help you identify where your users
are most likely to look. Their heat map, available through AdSense Help,
sums up the options pretty well:

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