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									You’ll even be able to format the ads from that same control panel, making
the whole process very, very simple.

I do suggest that you only use Blogger as an interim solution, and use as your blogging platform on your own hosting platform.

You will then be able to ad AdSense using AdSense plugins, inside the html
of your posts or via text widgets.

If you use a premium wordpress theme like Socrates, AdSense placement is
built into the theme and you simply need to copy and paste your AdSense
code where prompted.

5.5 Does Location Matter For CPM Ads?

All of these design and placement factors are intended to ensure that an ad
unit receives clicks. But not all of Google’s ads are served on a cost-per-click
basis. Occasionally, you might receive an ad that pays on a cost-per-mille
basis. It won’t matter then how many people click that ad as long as you
bring enough people to the page to see it.

So does it matter where you put it? If you spot a CPM ad on your site, surely
you can push it to the bottom of the page, and put a CPC ad in its place
giving you the highest amounts of both kinds of revenue.

In a word, no. It does matter where you put the CPM ad! You can’t just move
it to the bottom of the page.

This is what Google has said about CPM ads, the type of ads you could
receive from a placement-targeted campaign (my emphasis):

       You'll earn revenue each time a CPM ad is displayed on your site. You
       won't earn additional revenue for clicks on these ads.

       Please note that the placement of CPM ads on your pages can
       affect the amount an advertiser pays for that impression.
       Placing your CPM ad units below the fold, or in an otherwise low-
       impact location, may result in lower earnings than if the ad unit was
       placed in a conspicuous location.

Google claims that CPM campaigns have to bid for space on publishers’
websites in the same marketplace as CPC ads, and that therefore you would
only receive a CPM ad if it’s the highest paying option for that slot. You

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