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									Fig. 1.2 Blogger even tells you where to put your AdSense units.

You can certainly use that option to begin with. It’s a great way to get
started, but there are plenty of limitations with this layout and with Blogger
in general.

The layout, for example, leaves plenty of additional monetization strategies
behind, and it doesn’t touch on optimization. It only deals with two ad
formats in two spots. There’s a lot more to making money with AdSense —
even on blogs — than that!

Using Blogger with your own domain name, with all of the search engine
benefits that can bring is difficult, and some publishers have reported that
their sites were deleted by Google who mistook them for spam sites.

When you use a free service to build your site, you’re always a guest, which
means you can be asked to leave at any time.

But Blogger is still a great place to begin. If you’ve never built a website
before, it will let you feel the thrill that comes with seeing your content online
for the first time, and it can even give you the buzz that comes with your
first paid clicks.

And it’s fun to use too!

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