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									1.1    Up and Rolling with Training Wheels

Let’s begin with the easiest methods. One of the most dramatic changes to
have taken place on the Internet over the last few years has been the
simplicity of creating certain kinds of website. Today, it’s possible to have
Web pages online, publicly visible and even AdSense-ready in the space of

That’s a real revolution. It’s one of the changes that has put the Internet into
the hands of anyone who wants to make the most of it. You don’t need to
spend months pouring over an HTML manual to learn how to create websites
any more. You don’t need to find a developer and shell out thousands on a
site if you don’t want to.

You can simply write what you want, put it online and everyone will be able
to see it immediately.

It really is that simple.

And there’s no shortage of ways to do it.

Simple Blogging Services: Blogger and Wordpress.com

Probably the simplest method is by blogging.

While traditional websites have tended to need unique designs and layouts,
and required developers who know their way around code to create novel
pages, blogs place a greater emphasis on content than on appearance. That
doesn’t mean they’re ugly. But it does mean that users come to a blog
expecting to read words on a page.

And that means that it’s possible to use templates that allow publishers to
simply type in the posts they want to write and publish them directly onto
the Web.

There are no technical requirements, and nothing more complicated than the
ability to point and click. Success or failure depends primarily on the quality
of the writing and the ability of the publisher to build an audience.

Although weblogs in one form or another had been around for a while the
term “blogging” really originated with Blogger.com.

The service was created in 1999 by Pyra Labs, a San Francisco firm formed
by a couple of freelance developers who had come together to create some
project management software. According to co-founder Meg Hourihan,

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