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					                         WORLD TANDEM TOUR/ITSA
                                      Contest rule book


(A) Proposed to the best Tandem Teams to participate in international events during the year.
(B) Provide a guarantee that World Tandem Tour will gather the best Tandem Teams in the
(C) Permit to each country to improve its federal work by having the organisation of an
important International contest.
(D) Allow Tandem Teams to get prize money.
(E) Any brand of surf or others will be able to sponsor and organise an event if of course they
accept the ITSA technical rules and charges and be approved by local organisation.

                                       1 - PRINCIPAL

(A) The World Tandem Tour is a competition that takes place in a minimum of four contests
     that may be held in different countries.
 (B) Every Nations are invited to organise an event on their territory.
(C)     Any country that is a member of the ITSA may be candidate to organise an event of the
   World Tandem Tour. Each nation may organise more than one contest.
(D) The World Tandem Tour is opened to every ITSA member
(E) The technical organisation of the contest is provided by the ITSA. The technical rules used
are the ITSA ones.
(F)     The contest promoter provides the site organisation and logistics.

                  2 - FORMAT OF THE WORLD TANDEM TOUR

(A) The World Tandem Tour will have minimum one day duration on weekends.
 (B) The Check in can be made on the site of the contest till the day before the event.
(C) If a directly qualified Tandem Team cannot participate, will be replaced by the next team
(D)    The contest will generally be held on the straight elimination format. The country
   organising the event may, at the Contest Directors discretion, be able to use a single or
   double elimination format (according to the number of the surfers and to the surf
(E)    The 4 best contest results from each team will be taken for the WTT final ranking.
(F)     In case of perfect equality for the World tour title, the “Versus Ratio” will be executed.
                  Versus Ratio = Ratio of victories between the concerned teams

                                       WTT ITSA Rule Book
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                             3 – ORGANISERS OBLIGATIONS

 (A) The contest promoter must provide the International Tandem Surfing Association with a
    copy of civil liability to cover the event for the minimum sum required by the host country
    at least 15 days before the contest
 (B) The country organising have the right to propose 2 judges, all the other countries can
    propose a maximum of 2 judges. If the numbers of judges are more or less than 6 the Head
    Judge and/or the Contest Director (or representative) will decide how to handle it.
 (C) In the futur the judges will be chosen by ranking.
 (D) All the charges with judges, Head Judge and contest Director will be granted by the
 (E) The Head Judge will be chosen by the chosen ITSA region board member in charge of the
 (E)     Judges will receive $90 per day. After day 1 an allowance of 60 $ per day is paid to
    ITSA judges for days when not judging.
 (F)     The Head Judge will receive full benefits and at least $130 per day. After day 1 an
    allowance of 80 $ per day for days when not judging.
 (G)     The Contest Promoter must assist in obtaining adequate accommodation and meals, for
    the ITSA staff (Head judge) for the duration of the event (Eg: Thursday night till Sunday
    night included).
 (H)     A minimum of 16 teams must be accepted by the organisers.


 (A)     Any candidature must be proposed to the ITSA before the deadline set by the ITSA
 (B)     The dead line is for any candidature and contest ranking is 30 days before the contest.

 (C)     World Tandem Tour
          PRIZE MONEY
                        TEAMS(maximu   ITSA SANCTION
                             m)              FEE

  *        250 US$       50 US$         100 US$

  **       500 US$      100 US$         200 US$

 ***      1000 US$      150 US$         400 US$

 ****     2000 US$      200 US$         600 US$

*****     4000 US$      225 US$         800 US$

******    8000 US$      250 US$        1000 US$

 (D)     The sanction fee goes to chosen ITSA region and has to be paid 30 days prior to
    the event or the event will be cancelled. If the competition is cancelled under any
    circumstances what so ever, the sanction fee will not be refunded to the organiser or its
    associated promoters.
 (D)     The entry fee goes to event.
 (E)     The currency use by all the contest will be US $

                                          WTT ITSA Rule Book
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                            5 - PRIZE MONEY REQUERIMENTS

(A)The total prize money in 4-man format is:

            *          **         ***         ****       *****       ******
        US$ 250     US$ 500     US$ 1000    US$ 2000    US$ 4000     US$ 8000
 1ST       100        200         400          800        1600         3200
 2ND        75        150         300          600        1200         2400
 3RD        50        100         200          400         800         1600
 4TH        25         50         100          200         400          800

(E)   All prize moneys must be paid after taxes, to the Team once eliminated from the event.
(F)   If the event is cancelled before the end of the first round there will be no place for prize
   money and point’s attribution, but the entry fees will be returned to the competitors.
(G)   If otherwise the event is cancelled after completion of the first round then the prize
   money and points will be divided among all remaining competitors according the seeding.

                            6 - COMPETITORS OBLIGATIONS

(A)     All contestants who place 4th or better in the Tandem event must attend the scheduled
   event presentation, unless prior consent is given by the Event Director or their prize money
   will be forfeited.
(B)     Competitors must co-operate with the media and attend post-heat press conferences
   where applicable.
(C)     Every competitor must be an ITSA member, and pay an annual tax of US $ 60/Pers.

                                         7 - SEEDING

   (A) The seeding for the World Tandem Tour is based on the year before ITSA WTT
   (B) The waiting list will be seeded and then added to the seeding in case of free places.

                                        8 - RANKINGS

   (A) The points resulting from a classification in an event is in the last page.
   (B) The Final result will be made with the 4 best events for each team.

                                        09 - SCHEDULE

(A)    Willing to keep a harmony between nationals and international schedules it is
   compulsory that the ITSA and the different Federations find common dates at which each
   Federation will organise its national schedule.
(B)     Organizers should send the applications for organizing WTT till December
   31st (except exception)

                                        WTT ITSA Rule Book
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                        10 – LEVEL CONTEST COEF TABULATION

          (A) The coefficient of the contest will be based on the level of each team
                                 results who entered the contest.

                                   11 – EVENT EQUIPMENT

    (A)     Material: Computer judging system, electricity/generator. Scales. P.A. system, chairs,
      tables, notice board, time disks (green and yellow) or flags, buoy, competition vests, pens,
      pencils, staplers, judging sheets, tally sheets, binoculars, horns, copy paper, copy machine,
      first Aid-Kit.

    (B)   Staff: Event Director, ITSA Head Judge, 4 Judges, Beach Marshal, Head Announcer,
       Timers, Disk Operator, Spotter, Tabulator, Media Liaison, Workforce, Security.

                                     12- BOARD MEMBER

           "Keepers of the ITSA knowledge", as such, first responsibility is to ensure that all
      sanctioned contests run smoothly and according to the ITSA rules. All sanction fees paid by
      the promoter should be used to achieve that end for that contest. Any remaining funds can
      be used for infrastructure for the region or to expand the sport, at the board member's
      discretion (but accounted for at year end).
           Advise promoters, contest directors, contestants about ITSA rules and goals
           Identify contest promoters and new contest opportunities
           Contest promoter will "hire" one of the ITSA Board members to bring the knowledge,
      experience, and any judges/infrastructure to the contest. The sanction fee pays for that
      endeavor and any remainder goes to the regional board member's general ITSA fund. This
      will allow the board members to run contests in unestablished areas until they can become
           Board member who was chosen by contest promoter will choose the contest director
           Collect and account for the ITSA membership fees for competitors in their region
           Determine the seeding for sanctioned contests according to the published rules

                                  13- CONTEST PROMOTER
                         (mainly works on the money/publicity side of event)

          Responsible for raising the purse (fund-raising, sponsorship, personal funds, whatever)
          Responsible for making sure that press releases and news write-ups, media are handled
          Responsible for communicating all contest details to the contestants (e.g., dates;
      location; schedule; any changes)
          Arranges the prize money and awards/trophies
          Will work with an ITSA board member to choose the contest director
          Identifies and arranges for the 3 required surfing judges
          Arranges for accommodations for judges during the contest (not for any other days that
      are not specifically requested by contest promoter and not necessarily for hotel...could be a
      free place at someones home, as stated in the WTT specification book)

                                         WTT ITSA Rule Book
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         Pay the head judge per the WTT specification book ($130 per day that they judge for
      head judge/ $80 for any non-judging day after the contest starts)
         Determines how much the entry fee will be

                                   14- CONTEST DIRECTOR
                           (runs the actual competitive aspect of the event)

          Choose the head judge (Can choose to be the head judge)
          Collect contest entry fees
          Make sure all competitors sign the liability waiver and code of conduct
          Work with contest promoter to arrange heat times
          Explain and clarify rules with competitors ( e.g. wave count, interference, etc )
          Collect grievances
          Run weigh-in
          Bring all equipment and forms required to run the contest (horns, flags, computer,
      notation forms, etc)
          Posts results of the heats


    In case of changes to the rulebooks, the official event rulebook is
    the Contest Director own rulebook where all doubts will be

    Base for ranking before level coef:
                      *          **          ***          ****        *****       ******
           1        250         500          750         1000         1250        1500
           2        219         438          657          876         1095        1314
           3        188         376          564          752          940        1128
           4        163         326          489          652          815         978
           5        138         276          414          552          690         828
           7        116         232          348          464          580         696
           9        113         226          339          452          565         678
          13         88         176          264          352          440         528

                                         WTT ITSA Rule Book
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