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									Racing CV
Matthew Satchwell
                                      Location: Antibes, France ● Languages: English
   ● Mobile +447787654859 +33643976106
                                  Nationality: Irish/ South African ● Status: Partner
                                                   Date of birth: November 19, 1985

Crew Boss               Kalikobass (Trehard 105)                                              2009
                        St Barth’s Bucket

Tactics and Main        Dragon                                                                2009
                        Carlo Falcone's Dragon Boat Team
                        Match racing against some of the best match racers in the world. In
                        Non Such Bay, Antigua.

Bowman                  Kalikobass (Trehard 105)                                              2009
                        Antigua Super Yacht Cup

Spin Trim               Mariette 143 Herreshoff                                               2008
                        Les Voiles De St Tropez
                        Cannes Regatta
                        Pendennis Cup

Tactics                 Swann 45                                                              2008
                        Swann Worlds
                        Porto Cervo

Trimmer                 Rambler                                                               2008
                        Maxi Worlds
                        Porto Cervo

Bowman and 2nd          Leopard 3                                                             2008
Bow                     Fastnet
                        Round Ireland
                        Round the Island
                        Channel race

Skipper                 Benneteau 40.7 (same owner as Vrindavan)                              2008
                        Cowes Week class winners
                        Young Skippers award

Front man               Oman extreme 40                                                       2008
                        Pre Cowes Week Races

Tactics                 J80                                                                   2008
                        Match Racing
                        Class Racing
                        Nationals 6th
                        Worlds 10
Tactics           Open 40                                                                   2007
                  Antigua Race Week
2 Bowman          Kalikobass (Trehard 105)                                                  2007
                  Antigua Super Yacht Cup

Bowman            Sumurun 94ft Fife                                                         2004-2005
                  St Barth’s New Year Race
                  St Barth’s Bucket
                  Antigua Classics
                  Charlie Bar Transatlantic from New York to the Lizard
                  Med Classic season x2

Bowman            Giggles Farr 45                                                           2003-2004
                  Competed in the Hamble winter series

Trials            Team Shosholoza                                                           2002-2003
                  Invited to trials for the 32 Americas Cup aboard my country’s boat
                  entry Shosholoza but failed to get past the 5 round, of selections.

Skipper/Tactics   L26                                                                       2002
                  As part of the South African youth sailing team I skippered and ran
                  tactics aboard their first 4 match racing boat. We placed 1 in 3 of the
                                                                   nd      rd
                  8 Cat 1 regattas in South Africa and took both 2 and 3 in the other

Bowman            L26 (South African Youth Sailing Team)                                    2000 and
                  6 out of 8 podium finishes                                                2001

Foredeck then     Warrior (Maxi designed mini Maxi 60)                                      1998-2004
Bowman            I was taken under the wing of the late Berty Reid who found me a
                  position as a foredeck crew member onboard the Cape to Rio winning
                  mini maxi Warrior owned by Phil Gucci. I found myself really and truly
                  in the deep end as they say. It was there that I learnt to work as an
                  effective individual of a well formed and operating team. I was taught
                  the art of effective communication and precise response. We
                  competed in the Cape to Rio race and seated line honours and broke
                  the records of every single offshore race in South Africa. We also
                  competed in all the inshore regattas that would allow us to race.

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