Around the world governments are trying to assess and improve the

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					Around the world governments are trying to assess and improve the quality of health
services. These tasks are of even greater importance in those countries where the
responsibility for providing health care is being decentralized and the private sector in
taking a steadily larger role. This course has been designed to improve the conceptual
and practical skills of senior officials.

   Specifically, participants attending this course will:
     Learn an effective conceptual framework for the design of an overall health
     improvement system;
     Learn to plan strategically for health system improvement;
     Learn about the components of the “Quality Toolkit;”
     Learn about specific methods for quality improvement including clinical practice
     guidelines; and
     Learn how to strengthen the people aspects of the quality improvement process.

This course will be useful for country or regional leaders engaged in health sector
reforms, especially those contracting for health services with private or quasi-
governmental institutions. Only managers with strategic authority are appropriate from
health care institutions including hospitals. An international perspective will be stressed.
This course is not appropriate for people solely focused on work in the United States, or
for individuals new to the health care field.

Please note that the deadline for applications is September 23, 2002 and space is
limited. However, the earlier we receive applications, the sooner we can get back to
applicants regarding their admission status. Once the applicant has been accepted,
payment must be made by September 27, 2002 in order to retain reserved space. Note:
Teams of two or more representing the same organization will receive a $500
discount off the combined tuition.

If you have any questions about applying for this course, please contact Ms. Nerissa
Majid, Executive Director for Training and Development. She can be reached by phone
at 617-432-4515, by fax at 617-432-1323, by email at or by
the address specified in the announcement.

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