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									Sample Cover Letter Writing Template for Tender Application Submission
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                                                                  April 26, 2014

Mr Akhil Singh
RSL - Delhi

We are enclosing three copies of Tenders Papers of ASRTU (White, Pink & Yellow copy)
out of which we have to submit White and Pink copy only. Last date of submission of
Tender is 06.05.2014 before 5P.M. and date of opening of Tender is 07.05.2014 at 2.30
P.M. Kindly note the following points before submission of tender :

1) Please go through the documents carefully.

2) All Tender documents are to be signed by putting Company's Rubber Stamp with
   designation of the person who will sign the document.

3) On Xerox copy of documents you should sign by putting "CERTIFIED TRUE COPY"
   and Company's Rubber Stamp.

4) We have put tick mark at some places where you have to fill date, place of
   signature. Your designation and also to sign the documents, with Company's Rubber

5) Mr L K Agarwal has informed that we do not require to give earnest money. So we
   are not paying.

6) We are enclosing herewith a Demand Draft for Rs.15,000/- for inspection charges
   and Rs.1,50,600/- for Testing charges along with Tender documents.

7) We are enclosing certificate for authorisation for your record.

8) All Documents are to be submitted in envelope sent by ASRTU only.

9) If you find any correction is to be made in the Tender documents, kindly do the
   needful accordingly under intimation us.

10) Kindly ensure that you and Mr Anish Rai should present at the time to opening of

11) Wherever correction is made or white ink is used, kindly sign by putting Company's
    Rubber Stamp.

12) Kindly submit tender in their envelope only.

With regards,

Ajay Singh

Encl. As above
                                                                         April 25, 2014

                            TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

We hereby authorise Mr Akhil Singh, Regional Manager (North) and / or Mr Anish Rai,
Area Manager to sign documents of Tender No.1/2014 due to be opened on 07.05.2014
of Association of State Road Transport Undertakings, Delhi, on behalf of our Company.

                                                            For ROCEKT SALES LTD.

                                                                      AJAY SINGH
                                                              MANAGING DIRECTOR

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