; Governor Office of Highway Safety in Georgia
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Governor Office of Highway Safety in Georgia


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									                           Governor’s Office of Highway Safety
                                                                                For more information:
NEWS RELEASE                                                                    Jim Shuler, GOHS Public Affairs
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           404-656-6996 or 888-420-0767
   1 MARCH 2007                                                                 jshuler@gohs.ga.gov

      (ATLANTA) Director Bob Dallas of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is pleased
      to announce that Spencer R. Moore has been named as the new Deputy Director of GOHS. Mr.
      Moore, who has been employed in positions of leadership with the agency for the last nine years,
      assumes fulltime administrative duties as Deputy Director on March 1st, 2007.

      The new Deputy Director is a graduate of Atlanta’s Morehouse College and holds an MBA.
      Spencer Moore is the former Division Director of Planning and Programs at GOHS where he has
      managed a fulltime staff and multi-million dollar budget with responsibilities for overseeing
      statewide lifesaving highway safety programs. As a Project and Division Director, Mr. Moore has
      received national recognition from MADD, the International Association of Chief’s of Police, and
      the National Commission Against Drunk Driving for conducting the most comprehensive impaired
      driving and speed countermeasure programs in the country.

      Today’s management team announcement comes as former GOHS Deputy Director Rob Mikell
      leaves the state highway safety agency to join the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Mikell,
      who was appointed by Governor Sonny Perdue to GOHS in 2003, has been named by
      Commissioner Greg Dozier as the new Deputy Commissioner of DDS, effective March 1st.

      Rob Mikell earned his law degree from Washington and Lee University Law School and is a
      former Deputy Chief Assistant Solicitor-General for DeKalb County where he specialized in DUI
      prosecutions. Mikell holds a national reputation as an expert in traffic safety having worked on
      statewide public safety projects involving the Teenage and Adult Driving Responsibility Act
      (TADRA), the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP), Joshua’s law, and mature driver
      issues. He also lead the 2005 Implied Consent Notice Task Force whose work helped passage
      of House Bill 1275, enhancing the ability of law enforcement officers to identify and prosecute
      impaired drivers.

      Also effective March 1st is the appointment of 19-year veteran GOHS employee Linda Bradford
      as the new Division Director of Planning and Programs. She is a graduate of Atlanta’s Clarke
      College and holds a Masters in Social Work. Prior to her promotion, Ms. Bradford was a Planner
      III in the GOHS Planning and Programs Section. She now steps into the position vacated by the
      appointment of Deputy Director Moore and will oversee and execute agency grant and contract

      “Rob Mikell has proven a tremendous asset during his time at the Governor's Office of Highway
      Safety,” said GOHS Director Bob Dallas. “We look forward to a continued close working
      relationship with him and our safe driving partners at DDS. Meanwhile, we at GOHS are
      extremely fortunate to retain the expertise of long-time highway safety experts like Spencer
      Moore and Linda Bradford who will step into their new roles of lifesaving and leadership.”

      The mission of the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety is to educate the public on traffic
      safety and facilitate the implementation of programs that reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities on
      Georgia roadways.
                                               (END RELEASE)

                               Governor’s Office of Highway Safety
             34 Peachtree Street—Suite 800—One Park Tower—Atlanta, Georgia 30303
                      Visit us on the web at www.georgiahighwaysafety.org
      Sonny Perdue, Governor                                       Robert F. Dallas, Director

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