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MINUTES of a MEETING of the Silkstone Playing Fields Working Party (SPFWP) held on Monday
15 June 2009 at 7.00pm at Silkstone Pavilion.

PRESENT:         Chairman - D Walker –SUCC
A Downes (SUFC u 10’s), S Chambers (SUCC), N Bentley (SUFC Seniors), L Boswell (SUJFC
u’15’s),H Croud (Silkstone B Band), A Horsfield (SUFC Adults),D Liddell (Chairman of Silkstone
Parish Council), R Stier (Silkstone Parish Council), J Ward (SUJFC u11’s), G Wells (SUJFC u 16’s).

In attendance: Mrs K Canadine (Clerk to Silkstone Parish Council)


All those present thanked Darron Walker, Stephen Chambers and Andy Horsfield for the work they
had done for the working party over the past year and...

RESOLVED to appoint Darron Walker as Chairman, Stephen Chambers as Vice Chairman and Andy
Horsfield as Bookings Manager for the forthcoming year.


RESOLVED to accept apologies from Cllr R Leech.


09-04   MINUTES

 RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 27 April 09. Minutes signed by the

RESOLVED to note that minute number 08-73 should refer to Marions and not Whitmores

RESOLVED to bring forward the Pavilion & Pavilion bookings agenda items.

09-05   PAVILION

RESOLVED to note the following points:

       Cricket score board area – the working party request that the BBQ in the cricket score board
        area is removed asap. One of the scorer’s chairs is in need of repair – D Walker to progress
       Cricket changing room 2 – football goalposts stored in the benches in the changing room
        have been removed to the shower area of Football changing room 1. If none of the football
        teams have a need for them they will be disposed of before the start of the football season.
       Cricket club mower – the cricket club have obtained a second hand mower through a contact
        of the handy man. The cricket club wish to express their thanks to the handy man for this

RESOLVED that the Handyman be asked not to clean the cricket changing rooms on a Friday since it
is used on a Saturday. S Chambers advised that cricket club members would clean up on a

RESOLVED to note the Handyman’s hours in the Pavilion for April included 2 hours snagging and 9
hours maintenance and for May included 9.5 hours snagging and 13 hours maintenance.

RESOLVED to note the following comments from the comment book which have been actioned by
the handyman,

       Health & Safety checks all completed
        May 1 – lots of litter left on the football pitch side lines and the pavilion lights left on,

SPFWP Minutes 15 June 2009

       Downstairs toilet water cistern not flushing – parts obtained and repaired.
       Disabled toilet stench pipe pulled off.

H Croud from Silkstone B Band asked if Band could borrow some tables for a BBQ on 11 July.

RESOLVED that B Band may borrow tables for their BBQ on 11 July subject to D Walker confirming
direct to her that there is no cricket match on that date.

RESOLVED to thank S Chambers for investigating alternative utility companies for the Pavilion and to
note that British Gas now supply the gas and electric to the Pavilion. S Chambers advised that this
exercise should save in the region of £400 - £500 per year in utility bills. The utilities suppliers should
be reviewed again in 12 months time.

RESOLVED to note that the heating timer clock has been tampered with and that Cllr Stier will


RESOLVED to note that the cricket club have hired the community room for a social on the 26 June

A Horsfield advised that he had turned down a request for a private party at the pavilion and also a
junior football club presentation. The football club presentation was planned for a time when a cricket
match was organised and so for Health & Safety reasons the presentation could not be held on the
football pitch /pavilion.

H Croud left the meeting


D Walker read out the e-mail from Mr Dyson – Cricket Club Chairman, regarding double booking of
the recreation ground

RESOLVED that the working party will no longer permit a football match to be played at the same
time as a cricket match. This is a Health & Safety issue since cricket balls frequently land on the
football pitch and could cause serious injury to anyone on the football field.

RESOLVED to note that Andy Horsfield (for the senior football teams) and Julie Ward (senior
secretary for junior football) check their matches against cricket fixtures to ensure no clashes.
Unfortunately the rearranged date for the football match for the under 16’s was not advised to the
junior clubs secretary as is required. All football managers will be reminded of the requirement for all
match dates to go through the senior or junior teams secretary to ensure no clashes occur in the

RESOLVED that all football club secretaries should refer to Andy Horsfield if they have any queries
relating to cricket & football match dates. If clashes occur football teams can rearrange their games to
be played away or at an alternative football venue locally.

RESOLVED that Mr Dyson’s e-mail be forwarded to Julie Ward as the junior teams senior secretary
to enable her to reply in writing to the points made in Mr Dyson’s e-mail.

D Walker read out the e-mail from Mr O Dyson – Cricket Club Chairman, regarding the split of
responsibilities between the Parish Council, Cricket Club and Football Club.

RESOLVED that Mr Dyson should be reminded to communicate his concerns direct to cricket club
representatives on the working party – i.e. D Walker or S Chambers, not the Parish Clerk. This is the
accepted channel to communicate to the working party. It is then the responsibility of D Walker to
raise cricket clubs concerns with the working party and the Parish Council.

SPFWP Minutes 15 June 2009

RESOLVED to note that neither D Walker nor S Chambers have detected any resentment towards
the Parish Council from cricket club members and so Mr Dyson’s e-mail should be considered as a
personal view and not that of all cricket club members.

RESOLVED to note that football club volunteers help out with the maintenance of the football field by
mowing it, unfortunately the type of maintenance work required on a football pitch is specialist and
cannot therefore be carried out by volunteers.

RESOLVED to note the comments of the Parish Council Chairman D Liddell that Mr Dyson’s work for
the cricket club is respected and appreciated by the Parish Council.

RESOLVED that any suggestions for improvements to the way in which the cricket field is managed
should be directed to the cricket club representatives on the working party; so that they can present
the ideas to the working party.

09-08     ACCOUNTS

RESOLVED that the Clerk will amend the forecast figures column following the discussion at this
meeting – an updated copy of the schedule is attached to these minutes.

RESOLVED to note that the cheque book for the SPFMC cannot be located. A Horsfield will contact
the bank to arrange for a new cheque book to be issued.

RESOLVED that A Horsfield will arrange for payment to be made to the handyman for the repair to
the football club roller (grounds man to be asked to confirm in writing that the roller is now in the
ownership of the football club).


RESOLVED to note that the timesheet for the grounds man is working well and that timesheet for the
handyman had been amended slightly – this amended timesheet was passed around the working
party and approved.

RESOLVED to note that the Parish Council will consider pay increases for the handyman and
grounds man during their budget setting process in November 09.



RESOLVED that no home friendlies are to be played on the pitch to give the football pitch maximum
time to recover i.e. no matches on main pitch until 1 September 09.


RESOLVED to note that the cricket club has secured sponsorship for kit and cricket balls from
Holiday First at Dodworth and that the club intend to develop sponsorship for next year.

RESOLVED that any proposals for advertising boards/fencing around the cricket field will be
discussed at the working party when proposals have been agreed within the cricket club. The final
proposal will need to be approved by the Parish Council.

RESOLVED that D Walker & S Chambers will investigate insurance for cricket club equipment and
report back to the working party.

RESOLVED to note that the Parish Council are waiting to hear back from SY Police regarding the
possibility of the Parish Council applying for a Designated Public Place Order for the recreation
ground and car park at the back of the Co-op which will enable an alcohol ban to be imposed on the
area.(subject to the agreement of SY Police the Clerk will progress the application for a DPPO with
the exception of organised events such as Rockin the Rec and cricket matches)

SPFWP Minutes 15 June 2009

RESOLVED to note that Mr Dyson is aware of the Parish Council’s intention to apply for a DPPO as
he has been trying to pursue a blanket alcohol licence for the cricket club which is now on hold until it
is clear whether the Parish Council can apply for a DPPO.

a. Football Pitch Goal Mouth

RESOLVED that the grounds man be asked to carry out the works to the goal mouth within his
normal hours. The working party authorise him to spend up to £130 on additional materials required to
carry out the work.

FURTHER RESOLVED that N Bentley and G Wells will mow the grass on the pitch to enable the
grounds man to carry out this work within his normal hours.

b. Shrub border

RESOLVED that the handy man be asked to weed the shrub border since the shrubs now seem to be
well established. (post meeting note – G Wells has volunteered to strim around the bushes, the
handyman will be asked to trim the shrubs).


REOSLVED to note the date for Rockin the Rec is 4 July 09 from 5pm onwards.

RESOLVED to note that the under 10’s will be playing with the Millennium league instead of the
Huddersfield league next season.

RESOLVED that a copy of the STRI report is sent to Matt Dawson.

RESOLVED to note that plans for the proposed MUGA are on hold pending agreement between the
Parish Council and Barnsley MBC about who will be responsible for on-going maintenance.
09-12   DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Monday 27 July 2009 at 7.00pm at the Silkstone Pavilion.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.37 pm.

Chairman’s Signature                                    Date

SPFWP Minutes 15 June 2009

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