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									                    *Official Parent Guide to SUCCESS at KX ATHLETICS!!!*

Thank you for your interest in KX Athletics All-Star Cheerleading! As we prepare for our 2012-
2013 season, we are looking forward to another very exciting and successful year. We look
forward to meeting each of you who are new to KX Athletics and welcome back all of our
returning athletes. There is no previous experience necessary to begin your all-star
experience. We are dedicated to giving each cheerleader the ultimate training to develop
beginning through advanced all-star skills. Our staff gets to know each individual, helps them
set and reach goals and learn the value of loyalty, commitment and team work to ultimately
give them a successful season of competitive cheer.

The following information is to help each family understand the commitment level that it takes
to be an athlete with KX. Please take the time to thoroughly read over the packet to prepare
you, your family and your child for the experience of KX. It is with the belief that it takes a
partnership between parents and coaches to keep the athletes focused and driven that KX
Athletics is creating the overall success of the gym at every level and division for our teams.

The coaching staff is the most qualified and talented staff in the tri-state area and continues to
better their knowledge every day. Our staff is trained to coach with Pride, Class and Dignity,
focusing on teamwork, integrity and structured, safe workouts. If at any time while reading
through this packet, you should have questions or concerns please feel free to email

*Thank you and we look forward to a great year!*

*The Staff at KX ATHLETICS*

                          Expectations……..page 1

                    Team Development…….page 2 & 3

                     Attendance Policy…….page 4 & 5

                 Unique Features at KXA………….page 5

                   Rules and Regulations…..page 6 & 7

                                Travel…..page 8

                              Uniforms…..page 9

                              Pro Shop…..page 9

                           Fundraising…..page 10

                        Important Dates…..page 10

      Season Scheduling & Membership Fees …..pages 11-16

  **New for 2012-2013** International Travel Team…..page 17

             Financial Contract Explanation………page 18

                       Try-Out Checklist…….page 18
(packet not included – please print the try-out packet posted on www.kxathletics.com)

            What to Bring to your 1st Practice………page 18

               Payment Authorization Form……..page 19

            KX Athletics Member Agreement………page 20
    Are you willing to put in the extra time it takes to be a
      member of one of the BEST programs in the US?
Dedication, commitment and hard work are what we are expecting our team members to
bring with them to every practice. The KX Athletics staff trains to be the best in their field.
Each coach is capable of developing a champion out of every athlete that aspires to
become a champion. Sometimes this requires dedication above and beyond your regular
practice schedule. Throughout the season additional practice “boot camps” may be added
to ensure the confidence and preparation of each team before competition.

Students may miss other school activities or family functions to be a part of KX Athletics
All Stars. Notice for extra practices will be given with as much notice as possible to help
avoid these types of conflicts but we need you to be aware that they may occur.

     What can you expect in return from KX Athletics All Stars?

         The KX Athletics staff is 100% dedicated to the
                  development of your child.
We are interested in investing more than just one season with each athlete. We will teach
the progression of skills necessary to continue through each level that is within reach for
each child. Our training style is technical. We want the athletes to be able to execute each
skill with correct technique before moving on. Strength and confidence begin to grow
with this style of teaching. It does however require patience and commitment on the part
of the athlete and parent. Every athlete has their own pace at which they progress and the
KX Athletics staff is dedicated to their individual progress as well as the overall success of
each team. It is our mission to provide a positive environment where athletes are learning
and improving with each season. Creating winning routines is a process, ever changing
and evolving into an award winning and nationally recognized style known as KX Athletics
All Stars.

                  Team Development
                   Building POWERFUL CHAMPIONS!

Phase I -Tryouts
Phase II – Advanced Assessment of Skills
Phase III – Team Placement
Phase IV – Re-evaluation of Team Needs

During the 2012-2013 season, the coaches will spend many hours working towards
building the strongest teams possible. When each individual part (flyer, base, back spot)
is thoughtfully put together the result is a high performance team called KX Athletics All
Stars. Team placement is not guaranteed based on request, carpool, practice availability,
or previous team assignments.

2012-2013 Full Year Team Try-Outs held in May 2012! You can print and fill out your try-
out packet information from our website www.kxathletics.com.

Phase I
Tryouts – All athletes (new and returning) attend an age breakout session to be evaluated.
Each athlete has the opportunity to show her skills in the following areas: Jumps, Motions,
Stunts, Dance and Tumbling. At that time the staff is able to give skills class assignments
to each athlete to begin our Summer Session and continue evaluations of skills and team
needs. The KX Athletics staff has the knowledge and experience to build successful teams
based on the competitive scoring systems that need to be met.

Phase II (Early June)
Skills Classes – The skills classes assigned for the first 2 weeks of June allow for dynamics
to be assessed by coaches prior to designating and leveling teams appropriately. We begin
working on team skills and will try different combinations of athletes together and get a
better assessment of their potential to achieve new tumble skills in order to create the
best TEAM. It is during this time that stunt groups are evaluated by coaches. Since KX is
dedicated to successful teams at every level and division, there are no guarantees of
placement on a certain level of team at this time. We are committed to being able to put
teams on the floor that have the ability to maximize the score sheets as a whole, not just
based on what skills only a portion of the athletes possess.
Example: An athlete with both base and flyer potential and has their roundoff handspring
tuck could be placed on a level 2 team to develop flying skills further OR placed on a level
3 team as a base who is contributing a tuck to the team tumbling.
        Team Development (cont.)
Phase III(Mid-June)
Team Placement –Athletes are placed on their team and begin working towards solid
stunt groups that will be utilized in the choreography of the routine. The weekly practice
schedules will be solidified at this time for the remainder of the season. There is still
potential for team placement movement during this phase based on team need. Most
changes will occur before routine choreography begins.

Phase IV – Revision to team placement after early preseason are usually minimal and
athletes are informed individually if movement deemed necessary.

Team development can be stressful for athletes. The KX Athletics staff is dedicated to
doing what is best for a team to ensure a successful season. With our belief of the
Parent/Coach relationship that is needed, we ask that parents help their daughters
through these phases with the assurance that they will be placed on a strong and
successful team that is the best fit for her to showcase her skills.

Example: A “flyer” who is placed on a team for her flying skills may possess higher level or
lower level tumbling skills than the team level but is needed for her flying skills for a
particular stunt group that will benefit the team.

Example: A “base” who is needed for strength in a stunt group may or may not possess
the tumbling skills of the team level but is needed for her experience in stunting for a
particular stunt group.

All of these considerations are with the mission of creating a strong TEAM. In the event an
athlete is working higher level tumble skills than her team level, she will still have the
opportunity to practice those skills during her team’s tumbling sessions. In the event an
athlete is working lower level tumble skills than her team level, she will have the ability to
do modified drills to ensure her safe progression.

               Attendance Policy
KX Athletics is successful because of our MANDATORY
                   attendance policy.

 Excused absences include: illness with fever and school event that earns a
 Other sports or work that conflicts with KX practices are NOT excused. If
  a conflict with an outside sport arises, athletes and parents must make
  arrangements for the athlete to attend KX practice.
 Absences must be reported to your coach prior to missing practice. If you
  do not reach the team coach, please know that leaving a
  message/text/email does not mean the absence is excused.
 School Spring Breaks will not be honored as we have too many school
  schedules to contend with. We ask families to plan their vacation
  schedules around the competitive season (Dec-May) and the gym closing
  dates unless a weekend has solidly been cleared by KXA as “open”.
 KXA Full Year teams train 12 months of the year. 3 Absences max during
  June, July, August. 3 Absences max from September through May. The
  gym is closed on designated weeks as per the KXA member Calendar.
 Summer attendance is VERY important to the development of the team
  and tumbling progression. Please note that we expect team members to
  be at the majority of the summer practices however we understand this is
  prime vacation time.
 Athletes must be on time to practice. Continual tardiness will be grounds
  for disciplinary action or dismissal.
 Two unexcused absences will warrant disciplinary action, a third will be
  grounds for dismissal.
 If you are injured or sick, you must still attend practice. You will not be
  required to fully participate. You will be required to watch any changes
  that directly affect you. Please note that in the event of athlete injury,
  there are no tuition credits for the time the athlete is recovering.
 All competitions are mandatory.
                                                     Attendance Policy
                                                     Attendance Policy
          Attendance Policy cont.
 If an athlete is injured and needs to be excused from full participation, a
  doctor’s note is required to secure her placement on the team.
 In the event an athlete is injured or ill but has not been to a doctor,
  parents must speak to the team coaches directly to make them aware of
  the circumstances and to avoid any miscommunications between the
  athlete and coaches. Please understand that in the event that an athlete is
  not able to practice prior to a competition, it is at the coach’s discretion to
  allow her to compete or to arrange a “fill in” for the event.

    Unique only to KX Athletics
                               Getting Involved!

 Jr. Staff Program – is a volunteer program offered to team members at KX Athletics.
  “Jr. Staff” is selected on their leadership skills, ability to teach and spot, availability,
  years at the gym (or in all star cheer) and overall dedication. These team members
  work with our younger teams. They learn how to coach and increase overall
  program bonding.

 Gym Wide Service Projects – Each year the KX Athletes are encouraged to get
  involved with the community or even globally to reach out to others in need. We are
  not just training cheerleaders, we are training LEADERS. We feel that teaching
  children to reach out to others and see beyond themselves is so important. In past
  seasons KX has: collected water and baby items for families in need, participated in
  various “walks for cures”, collected food for a food bank to name a few. All of these
  events have proven to be amazing events of generosity from our families to those
  suffering and in need.

   Each member and parent must be aware of the responsibilities required and the
    commitment she is making to the team.
   Each member must be willing to cooperate with and be helpful to the coach or team
   Each member must realize the manner in which they conduct themselves while
    representing KX Athletics in or out of uniform, directly reflects on the entire squad
    and coach.
   Each member must be willing to work hard, take direction and strive for excellence.


   Members will set and maintain the highest examples of behavior.
   Athletes will remain fully dressed in uniform at all events. Coach’s decision is final
    in regard to this topic!
   Members will do everything in their power to achieve personal and team goals.
   Each member is responsible for finding out any missed information from practices.
   Team members must attend and participate in all practices.
   Members understand they are required to represent themselves in an appropriate
    manner on all public forums (ie. facebook, twitter etc.). There are not to be
    inappropriate photo postings, foul language, or inappropriate public discussions as
    a KXA member.


   Members are required to attend all competitions. This means through the awards
    ceremony. If a parent is unable to stay for the whole competition, other
    arrangements must be made so that the member can stay through the awards
   The HIGHEST standard of sportsmanship is expected from athletes and parents or
    any persons attending representing KX Athletics All Stars.
   Athletes must be properly prepared for competition. Athletes must have a clean
    uniform and shoes. Our appearance is to present as uniform as possible with a well
    rounded, disciplined, and respectful look.

                                                                         Rules &
                                                                         Rules &
Grounds for dismissal from KX Athletics include, but are not limited to:
   No smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of drugs. This will warrant
    immediate dismissal from the program.
   Challenging the authority of the coach or person in charge, by competitor or parent,
    will be automatic dismissal from the program.
   Abusive behavior, lying, stealing or any other negative form of behavior is grounds
    for dismissal.
   Any negative behavior toward a KX Athletics member or member of another gym, via
    any medium (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, cell phone) will result in dismissal.
   No inappropriate language or pictures to be used on the internet by KXA athletes.

KX Athletics Parental Obligations, Rules and Regulations
   Parents need to have their athlete on time to all events and competitions.
   Parents are to inform the coach if the athlete will be late or absent for an event or
   Parents are to fulfill all financial obligations on time.
   Parents are asked to be supportive of KX and help your athlete be the best they can
     be through communications with coaches/directors.
   If a parent is unable to stay for an entire competitive event, other arrangements
     must be made for their athlete as they will be required to stay for the entire event.
   Do not challenge or behave negatively toward a coach’s decision regarding uniform
     choice, event chosen, routine or practice. This will result in a consequence for your
   Parents may never call a competition company regarding travel or events.
   Parents are asked to maintain manners and civility at all functions. Questioning
     competition employees or getting in heated discussions at an event will be cause for
     probation for the respective athlete.
   Posting on Facebook or any other media, directly or indirectly implying KX in a
     negative manner will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
   Discussing any dissatisfactions regarding KX Athletics with other KXA clientele is
     not tolerated in any setting, ie. Lobby, parking lot, competition venue etc. KX
     Athletics has an open door policy for families to approach any director or coach with
     concerns to find a successful resolution.
General Information for Youth, Junior, Senior Travel Teams

                All Cheerleaders will use the same accommodations for Mandatory
                 Overnight Competitions
                There must be a parent chaperone in each room, no exceptions. Parent
                 chaperones are responsible for the athlete’s in their room throughout
                 the duration of the trip.
                It is your responsibility to arrange the hotel stay within the block of
                 rooms KX Athletics reserves at each hotel.
                Travel attire will be discussed with each team prior to each travel
                Athletes are to display examples of good sportsmanship at all times
                 while representing KX Athletics. This includes behavior towards KX
                 families, staff, opposing competition, venue staff, spectators etc.

Parent Guidelines for Travel representing KX Athletics:

                No foul language
                No public intoxication or exposing children to any actions related to the
                 consumption of alcohol
                Smoking is only allowed in designated areas as determined by the venue
                 in attendance
                For safety reasons, parents may not independently take their child at
                 any time during the trip. It is fully understood that all children must
                 remain with designated Chaperones at all times. Parents may join the
                 chaperone their child is the responsibility of while at venues.
                Parents are to display examples of good sportsmanship at all times
                 while representing KX Athletics. This includes behavior towards KX
                 families, staff, opposing competition, venue staff, spectators etc.
                If there are any complications, concerns, issues etc, while traveling with
                 KX Athletics, parents are to resolve such issues directly with KX
                 coaching staff and/or chaperones in a responsible, respectful manner.
                Parents assume responsibility for their additional family members
                 and/or guests traveling with KX Athletics

         Uniforms and Appearance
2 Practice Uniforms will be provided to each athlete with their membership.
    Only KX Athletics apparel may be worn during practice (this can be ANY KX
      Athletics Clothing)
    Hair must be in a high ponytail or securely pulled away from the face during
    No Gum
    No Jewelry. The KXA Coaches are not liable for injuries sustained as a result of
      violation and the athlete is expected to participate in the remainder of practice.
      Please do not get new piercings from September-May. New piercings will need to be
      taped during summer months and may be stud piercings only. Parents and athletes
      understand that injuries can occur from piercings and athletes are still expected to
      fulfill all practice obligations.
    Cheerleading Shoes ONLY

Uniforms are a custom design. Custom Uniform Package Includes Top, Skirt, Bloomers,
Competition Bow and Cheer Shoes.
Cost: 2011-2012 Package Price $365. In the event any increases are incurred for this
design/shipping/ordering in the 2012-2013 season, there may be a minimal increase.
Payment due in Full at the time the athlete is sized. Fitting Dates will be determined and
e-mailed to registered families.

KX Athletics apparel and items are available through the Pro-Shop stock items and
periodic sales. Items representing KX Athletics must be purchased through the Pro-Shop.
Independently designed items are not permitted. KX Athletics has sole rights to the logo,
team names and all representation of the KX Athletics program and does not allow
individuals or companies without approved rights to create their own promotional items.
These policies are enforced to ensure proper and approved representation of the KX
Athletics gym and athletes.
 Fundraising is optional and will be managed by our Booster Club in 2012-2013. The
Booster Club is in progress of being formed. The complete list of fundraisers that will be
offered for the 2012-2013 season will be available to registered families. Fundraised
money can be used to offset expenses such as uniform cost, competition fees (included in
tuition), etc. Fundraising for the upcoming season will begin in June 2012.

                      Important Dates
                            Please Note the Following Dates:

                May 16, 2012– Parent Informational Meeting Opportunity
                     May 19th& 20th 2012 – Full Year Team Try-Outs
                         May 23rd – Full Year Team Make Up Dates
                               May 25-June 1- Gym Closed
                   May 26th – Full Year Team Skills Class Assignments
      Week of June 4th - Parent Meeting for registered families during practice times
                          Mid-June– Full Year Team Placements
                                July 1st - 7th – Gym Closed
           Week of July 15th – Mandatory Stunt Week for All Full Year Teams
        Week of August 19th – Mandatory Choreography for All Full Year Teams
                 July 17th & September 12th – Full Year Uniform Fittings
               October 14th - Half Year Season Try-Outs 1pm-3pm All Ages
            November 15th – Travel Fee Due for Full Year Travel Teams Only
              November 21st – November 23rd Gym Closed for the Holiday
               December 24th – January 1, 2013 – Closed for the Holidays
                     March 28th – April 1st – Closed for the Holidays
                       May 27th –June 2nd – Closed for the Holidays

Competitions occur between November/December through May. A complete competition
schedule will be released once 2012-2013 competition dates are finalized. Competitions
typically occur on Saturdays OR Sundays. Occasionally we may attend a local two day
event. We do NOT compete every weekend of the competition season. Please note there
can be changes to competition schedules based on team situations, overall satisfaction
with competition companies or competition attendance. Competition Scheduling is always
subject to change! Any additional important dates will be/are posted on
www.kxathletics.com and e-mail notice will be given.
             Full Year Season Scheduling &
             Membership Fees 2012-2013
12 Month Competitive Cheerleading Program
**NEW** 11 Month Payment Plan
No Experience Necessary – Let us do the training!
$25 Gym registration Fee payable at try-outs
All “TBD” Dates will be determined based teams formed after try-outs
Full Year All-Stars may also choose an additional tumble or stretch/jump/condition
class for 50% off of the class rate!

Teeny Tiny Cheer – Exhibition/Teaching Team
Ages: 3-4 with no previous performing/coached experience
Practice Schedule: 1 hour, 1x per week
June – August: TBD
Sept – May: TBD
Exhibition Performances: 2
Membership Cost: $55/month (includes exhibition registrations, practice t, choreography,
class instruction and team music)

Tiny Cheer
Ages: 5 and under
Athletes under age 5 must have 1 year experience of dance, gymnastics or cheer
instruction or must demonstrate readiness for competitive level team as determined by
June - August: TBD
September-May: 1.25 hours each practice 2 times per week - TBD
Competition Attendance: 5 (No Required Travel)
Membership Cost: $125 x 11 months or pay in full and receive$100 off your yearly tuition!
(tuition includes competition registrations, 2 practice uniforms, choreography, music and
year round instruction)

Mini Cheer
Ages: 8 and under
Skills Assessment Schedule: TBD
June - August: TBD
September-May: 1.5 hours each practice 2 times per week - TBD
Competition Attendance: 7 (No Required Travel)
Membership Cost: $145 x 11 months or pay in full and receive $100 off your yearly
tuition! (tuition includes competition registrations, 2 practice uniforms, choreography,
music and year round instruction)
            Full Year Season Scheduling &
            Membership Fees 2012-2013
Youth Level 1 Cheer
Ages: 11 and under
Skills Assessment Schedule: TBD
June - August: TBD
September-May: 2.0 hours each practice 2 times per week
Competition Attendance: 12 (includes 2-3 required travel Nationals event)
Membership Cost: $220 x 11 months +$150 travel fee. Travel Fee is waived if paid in Full
by Sept. 1, 2012! (tuition includes competition registrations, 2 practice uniforms,
choreography, music and year round instruction).

Youth Level 2+ Cheer
Ages: 11 and under
Skills Assessment Schedule: TBD
June - August: TBD
September-May: 2.5 hours each practice 2 times per week
Competition Attendance: 12 (includes 2-3 required travel Nationals event)
Membership Cost: $240 x 11 months +$150 travel fee. Travel Fee is waived if paid in Full
by Sept. 1, 2012! (tuition includes competition registrations, 2 practice uniforms,
choreography, music and year round instruction).

Junior Level 1 Cheer
Ages: 14 and under
Skills Assessment Schedule: TBD
June - August: TBD
September-May: 2.0 hours each practice 2 times per week - TBD
Competition Attendance: 12 (includes 2-3 required travel Nationals events)
Membership Cost: $220 x 11 months +$150 travel fee. Travel Fee is waived if paid in Full
by Sept. 1, 2012! (tuition includes competition registrations, 2 practice uniforms,
choreography, music and year round instruction).

Junior Level 2, 3, 4 Cheer
Ages: 14 and under
Skills Assessment Schedule: TBD
June - August: TBD
September-May: 2.5 hours each practice 2 times per week - TBD
Competition Attendance: 12 (includes 2-3 required travel Nationals events)
Membership Cost: $240 x 11 months +$150 travel fee. Travel Fee is waived if paid in Full
by Sept. 1, 2012! (tuition includes competition registrations, 2 practice uniforms,
choreography, music and year round instruction).
            Full Year Season Scheduling &
            Membership Fees 2012-2013
Senior Level 1 Cheer
Ages: 18 and under
Skills Assessment Schedule: TBD
June - August: TBD
September-May: 2.0 hours each practice 2 times per week - TBD
Competition Attendance: 12 (includes 2-3 required travel Nationals events)
Membership Cost: $220 x 11 months +$150 travel fee. Travel Fee is waived if paid in Full
by Sept. 1, 2012! (tuition includes competition registrations, 2 practice uniforms,
choreography, music and year round instruction).

Senior Level 2, 3, 4 Cheer
Ages: 18 and under
Skills Assessment Schedule: TBD
June - August: TBD
September-May: 2.5 hours each practice 2 times per week - TBD
Competition Attendance: 12 (includes 2-3 required travel Nationals events)
Membership Cost: $240 x 11 months +$150 travel fee. Travel Fee is waived if paid in Full
by Sept. 1, 2012! (tuition includes competition registrations, 2 practice uniforms,
choreography, music and year round instruction).

Early season there may be need for additional practice time to prepare routines
while later season or around heavy competition months we may reduce schedules
to rest our teams. These changes do not affect tuition payments.

All full year families are required to submit auto-payment information. Families
are still welcome to pay by check or cash, however payment must be received prior
to the 1st of each month or fees will be applied to the auto-payment information
submitted. If at any time a family becomes more than 1 month behind tuition
payments, the athlete may not be registered for competitions.
Half Year All-Star Cheerleading
Non-Travel Teams
No Experience Necessary – Let us do the training!
$25 Gym registration Fee payable at try-outs

Extended Half Year Season:
August – October Tumble Classes: TBD $48/month
November – April Competitive Season: $80/month
1 “Missed Class” Voucher will be issued per athlete if their vacation falls within the August
tumble classes.
Gym membership must be current, no additional try-out fee will be applied for the Half
Year try-outs in October. Athletes who are enrolled in Extended Half Year will still attend
try-outs for overall evaluation for team placement.

Half Year Season:
October Try-Out Session: TBD
Ages: 5-18 welcome
Teams are formed based on the majority of ages of athletes who attend the try-out
Practice Schedules TBD
Competition Attendance: 4
Membership Cost: $95/month + uniform (includes competition registrations, practice t-
shirt, choreography, music and 6 months of instruction)


In the event that a team does not compete at all of the indicated numbers of competitions
for any reason (ie. athlete injury, absence etc.) tuition costs will remain the same as they
are paid in advance to competition companies and non-refundable to KX Athletics.

Transportation & Hotel expenses for travel teams are NOT included above
        **NEW** International Travel Team
Mission: To allow athletes to experience the culture of other countries while sharing the common
passion of All-Star Cheerleading.

Practice Schedule:
September Through December – 2-3x per month
January Through March – 1-2x per month
April through International Competition Date – 2x per week or as needed

Competition Schedule:
2 Competition Exhibition performances in the USA
1 International Competition
*It is our intention to select a country where we would not have a language barrier for this first year –
parent meetings will be held closer to September)

Tuition: $560 for the season (includes: instruction, music, choreography and competition registrations)
Passport: TBD
Travel (airfare & hotel): TBD
Warm Up Jacket Required: $50-$60

In our 2012-2013 season, we are offering this opportunity to 1 team. The team level will be set based on
the level of interest we receive from each skill level. Since this is our first season offering International
travel, it is our intention to experience this with one team of 20-30 athletes. There is potential to offer
this to other level teams in the future.

Athlete Requirements
This team will be built on the same criteria as all other KXA teams, age, experience, team need (ie. flyer,
back spot, base etc) are all considered in creating the best team.

In addition we are looking for athletes who:
*Maintain academics in school
* Athletes with previous KX Athletics experience will be given first opportunity for team placement
* Minimum Running Tumble Skills: SOLID Roundoff Multiple Handsprings
* Minimum Standing Tumble Skills: SOLID Handspring
* Athletes must serve on another Full Year KX Athletics team in the 2012-2013 season
* Athlete must have 1 year history of current account balance at KX Athletics in order to do monthly
payments. Athletes who are participating on the International team who are new to KX Athletics will be
required to pay the International team annual tuition of $560 prior to September 15th.
* The athlete’s family must be committed to the additional expensed associated with International Travel
(Fundraising opportunities will be offered however, in the event that the expenses can not be covered
through fundraisers, the expenses will be the responsibility of each family.
* Athlete must be injury-free – if at any time an injury occurs, Athlete must understand that coaches
decision is final regarding ability to compete.
*Athlete must be able to attend all international team practices
  Financial Contract Explanation
 There are expenses that are paid by KX Athletics in advance for each athlete. If you
 choose to leave the program before your annual tuition is satisfied either for personal
 reasons, job transfer, moving to a new area – we require a signed contract that each
family agrees to pay a buy-out cost that will ensure that KX Athletics is refunded for the
 expenses and competition registrations that are paid in advance. This contract must
   be signed and turned in prior to your athlete participating in classes. This is not to
   penalize families if they decide KXA is not a good fit for their family, but to recoup
expenses that we pay for in advance and do not receive full payback until the end of 11
   months payments for families who choose the monthly payment plan option. This
   member contract is included with this informational handbook for your review and
completion. The buy-out does not apply if your tuition is paid in full however all tuitions
 paid are non-refundable. The positivity that is founded in KXA is created by the belief
  that families should be happy to participate or happy to not participate, however it is
    not an option to be unhappy with the offerings of KXA and stay in the program.

  Try-Out Checklist! Be Sure to Print Your
             Try-Out Packet!
                            _____Copy of Insurance Card
                 _____Completed Try-Out Form with $25 Try-Out Fee
                _____Completed Release and Assumption of Risk Form

 What to Bring to Your 1st Skills Practice –
               See Below
                        _____Payment Authorization Form
  **Auto-Payment is required for ALL Full Year Families. Checks and Cash are still
accepted, however it must be received prior to the 1st of the month or Auto-Payment
                          information will be charged**
                         _____Signed Member Agreement
                           _____Copy of Birth Certificate
           These items are required to participate at your first practice!!
                                       PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION
                                   REQUIRED FOR MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS
“AUTO BILL” Credit Card Charge Authorization Agreement– Please keep form attached and return completed form to
the Office.

  By checking this box, I authorize KX Athletics to charge my assigned account for all services and products related to
 my enrollment or my family’s enrollment in classes and activities at KX Athletics. I understand that my account will
 continue to be charged on a monthly basis until I notify KX Athletics otherwise. If my account should be denied, my
                     tuition and/or additional charges will be due by cash or check, upon notice.

Account Holder’s Name (please print clearly)________________________________________________________________________________________

Account Holder’s Signature_________________________________________________ Student’s Name/s______________________________________

Billing Address associated with account________________________________________________________________________________________________


         CREDIT/Debit CARD -              MC               VISA             Discover

     Card Number ____________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date______/______

      3-4 Digit Code(on back of card)_______________

     Name on Card ___________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________________________________


          ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER “EFT” (please attach a voided check with this form)

Name on Bank Acct: ____________________________________________________ Bank Name:_________________________________________________
       checking          savings

Bank Acct.#: ___________________________________________________________       Bank Routing #: ___________________________________________

                 Personal Checks can only be accepted for “IN FULL” payments or “Semi Annual Payments”
                                                              KX Athletics All Stars
                                                           MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT

  THIS MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT is entered into for the 2012 – 2013 cheerleading season, commencing on June 1, 2012 and to end on May
  31, 2013, by and between KX Athletics, INC (“KX”) and BOTH the participating all star cheerleader and the parent guardian of the all star
  cheerleader (“member”).

        The member has read and fully understands all policies, rules and expectations required to be a part of KX. The member is entering into this
        all star cheerleading program at their own free will. The member understands what will be expected of them both as a parent guardian and an
        all star cheerleader. The member will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and uphold the standards that are expected to be a part
        of KX.

          The member has read and fully understands the amount that is asked for to be a participant of KX. The monthly payment plan may range
          from $40.00 to $275.00 per month depending on the age and level of the member. The member understands that the monthly amount is due
          on the 1st of each month. The member understands that there will be a late fee of $25.00 added if the monthly amount is not received by
          10:00pm on the 1st of each month.
          Members may pay each month using the following options: authorized withdrawal, credit card, and/or debit card, personal check or money
          order. The member understands if in the event that a charge is returned non sufficient a return debit NSF fee of $30.00 per item will be added
          to that current monthly amount.
          The member understands, should their monthly amount not be paid and show a balance due, then KX will reserve the right to remove the
          member from participation until the amount is paid in full. If the member has a due balance for longer than 30 days, KX reserves the right to
          dismiss the member from the program and pursue a legal remedy and/or turn to collections.

          As the member, I understand and acknowledge that the activities that I or my child engage in while on the premises or under the auspices of
          KX pose known and unknown risks which could result in injury, paralysis, death, emotional distress, or damage to me, my child, to property,
          or to third parties.
          I expressly agree and promise to accept and assume all of the risks, known and unknown, connected with KX related activates, including by
          not limited to performance of stunts and/or use of trampolines. I elect for myself and my children to participate in such activates in spite of
          the risks.
          I hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify KX from any and all liability, claims, demands,
          actions or rights of action, which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my child’s participant in KX activities.
          I certify that my child has health, accident and liability insurance to cover bodily injury or property damage that may be caused or suffered
          while participating in this event or activity, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage to my child. I further certify that I am
          willing to assume and bear the costs of all risks that may arise or be created, directly or indirectly, through or by any such condition.

          If the member should fail to follow any of the above mentioned expectations or pay the monthly amount as it becomes due or shall fail to
          perform any or observe any other term or condition of this agreement KX will reserve the right to dismiss the member from the program. If
          the member should be dismissed from the program, decide to quit or stop attending the required participant involvement, then there is a “buy-
          out” requirement set forth as the following.
          BUY-OUT requirement to exit the program is the amount of one thousand dollars. ($1000) . This amount is the amount paid by the member
          as described in section II of this agreement. The buy-out amount must be paid in full upon departure. If the buy-out amount is not paid within
          thirty (30) days from the departure then KX reserves the right to pursue a legal remedy and/or turn to collections. This buy-out cost does not
          apply only if the annual membership cost is paid in full at the time of departure. The member is aware that all fees paid to KX are non-

V.       LEGAL
         Should KX be required to incur attorney’s fees and costs to enforce this agreement, the member will indemnify and reimburse KX for such
         fees and costs. This agreement and any action related thereto will be governed, controlled, interpreted, and defined by and under the laws of
         the State of Pennsylvania, without giving effect to any conflicts of laws principles that require the application of the law of a different
         jurisdiction. If any provision of this agreement is, for any reason, held to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of this agreement
         will be unimpaired and the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed modified so that it is valid and enforceable to the maximum
         extent permitted by law.
  AS THE MEMBER, I have had sufficient opportunity to read the entire KX Athletics Parent Guide as well as this entire document, I have read it
  and understand it. I agree to be bound by its terms.

  Signature of Participant or parent guardian: ___________________________________________________________________________________

  Print Name of Participant or parent guardian:_____________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

  IN consideration of _____________________________ (please print minor’s name) (“minor”) being permitted by KX to participate in its activities
  and to use it equipment and facilities, I further agree to indemnify and hold KX from any and all claims which are brought by, or on behalf of minor
  and which are in any way connected with such use or participation by minor.

  Signature of Parent/Guardian: _________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________

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