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					        Preparing your Pet for a Pet Sitter
Make sure your pets shots, health records and any other required
licenses are up to date.

Be sure that your pet is wearing ID tags complete with your
current contact information.

Training collars such as choke chains and pinch collars are not
suitable for constant wear. We recommend soft collars made from
materials such as nylon or leather as well as break away collars
for our feline friends.

Stock up on Supplies. Stocking up your pets medications,
supplements, food, treats and cleaning products and having them
in a central location is an important part of maintaining the
routine your pet is happiest following.

Peace of Mind Pet Sitting provides supply restocking service
during your pets care should they need anything.

Consider providing a new toy for your pet to occupy their
attention and relieve anxiety. This can go a long way in protecting
your furniture and favorite pair of shoes!

Prepare for the weather. If your pet will be going outdoors for
exercise please take into consideration the possible weather
conditions during their care, especially for wet conditions in which
we require towels be provided to clean and dry your pets feet and

In cold weather please provide easy access to any pet clothing
your pet uses and in hot weather please take into consideration
additional water needs by providing an adequately sized water
dish so that your pet is always hydrated.
                  Preparing your Home
Ensure personal items and chemicals are secure.

Items such as personal papers, breakables, shoes, clothing, trash
bins and household chemicals that your pet may decide to
investigate should be secured from your pets. Usually this can be
easily accomplished by shutting doors to rooms you do not want
pets exploring on their own or with the use of pet gates if your
pet will not be kenneled in the home.

Inform Peace of Mind Pet Sitting of any visitors that may be
present in the home.

Peace of Mind Pet Sitting will provide a sign in sheet for your
visitors to communicate with our Pet Care Specialists anything
relating to the care of your pets that they feel is important for us
to know.

It is also important that you ask your guests not to provide care
such as feedings, medications, and etc while in Peace of Mind Pet
Sitting care.

We will not be responsible for any miscommunication or damages
resulting from such actions.

Please encourage guests to still feel free to interact with your
pets, there is generally no limit to the amount of love your pet

Let your neighbors know Peace of Mind Pet Sitting will be
providing service to your home.

Check the integrity of your locks, fencing, gates and anything
else used to confine your pets to your property. Make sure the
locking mechanisms on doors our Pet Care Specialists will be
using are in good working order and are compatible with the key
copies you have provided.

Check your fencing and gates for any loose boards, holes, or
other structure issues that may allow your pets to escape.

Feel free to check in with us periodically by email or phone call.
We enjoy letting you know how your pets are doing while you are
away. Email's are always welcomed and we are able to respond
to these in a very timely manner. Phone calls are also an option
but please allow 24 hours for return phone calls.

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