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The information below was written by Rachel               Island. Our first Volunteer Fair will be held
Allen who is serving in the capacity of Community         September 21st, this coming Friday, in the Field
Service Director. We are excited about the work of        House. At that time students will hear from several
                                                          organizations about their missions, and then be
her committee and wanted to share some of the             given an opportunity to speak to them individually
changes that resulted from of the work of this            and sign up for volunteer hours. These
group.                                                    organizations include: The Boys & Girls Club of
                                                          HHI, Wish Upon a Horse, Bluffton Self-Help,
 Since the inception of Hilton Head Prep, our
                                                          Neighborhood Outreach Connection, The Coastal
students have been an instrumental part of service to
                                                          Discovery Museum, La Isla Magazine, and
the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton community,
                                                          Programs for Exceptional People. Should a student
recognized as such through various accolades and
                                                          currently have a passion and volunteer commitment
testimonials. However, as it is our mission to hold
                                                          prior to the fair, we would not limit their
ourselves accountable to executing each
                                                          participation with these organizations. It is our goal
institutional goal with passion and purpose, we have
                                                          for each student to find an outlet with which to
restructured the community service graduation
                                                          serve the community, developing their character
requirement to create more meaningful and long-
                                                          while building a relationship through commitment
lasting partnerships with various organizations and
                                                          to an organization. We hope to develop a
non-profits on the Island and in Bluffton. As a
                                                          sustainable mentality of giving within our students
community of learners, we believe that giving to
                                                          while providing them with an outlet to develop their
others is an integral part of educating the whole
                                                          skills through service learning. We look forward to
individual and fostering life skills that perpetuate a
                                                          implementing our mission and seeing the effects of
personal legacy and meaningful life. It is no
                                                          lives being changed through altruism and
mystery therefore, that without giving of your time,
                                                          community awareness.
talents or resources, you are not truly living to your
full potential.                                           For More Information:
   By evaluating our community service                    http://headofupperschoolhhp.blogspot.com/
requirement, we have begun an initiative to offer
our student body a chance to speak firsthand with         Or
representatives from various organizations on the         LIKE Hilton Head Prep Upper School on Facebook

                                     Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                        Hilton Head Preparatory School
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                                         General Information
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•   First Mid-Trimester Ends on September 28th
       o Grades will be released on Friday, October 5th .
       o If you do not have your login information to NetClassroom, please contact Peggy Kennedy at
         PKennedy@hhprep.org .

•   October 8th and 9th
       o This is a reminder that we will be out of school on Monday, October 8th and Tuesday, October
       o Please refer to the school calendar at http://www.hhprep.org/page.cfm?p=439 for more important

                                Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                   Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                          671-2286 ext. 306
                                     College Counseling News

•   On Saturday, Sept. 22, US Senator Lindsey Graham will host “Academy Day 2012” at the National
    Advocacy Center in Columbia, SC. The day will begin with registration at 10 a.m. The following will
    be on hand to present: Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, West
    Point, Naval Academy, Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board, and ROTC. To
    RSVP and/or for more information, please contat Rene Ann Brown at 803-933-0112 or go online to

•   College Visits:

       o University of Alabama will have a rep on campus on Friday, September 21 at break.
       o Vanderbilt will have a rep on campus on Wednesday, Sept. 26, but only at 9:10 a.m. – interested
         students should see Ms. Ham to be part of that meeting.
       o SMU will have a rep on campus on Friday, Sept. 28, but only at 1:30 (as our day ends) –
         interested students should see Ms. Ham to be part of that meeting.

•   Attn: Class of 2013 Students and Parents: Please see below for important scholarship

                               Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                  Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                         671-2286 ext. 306
                              Information Current as of September 19, 2012
At Various Colleges/Universities
   •   Boston University – Trustee Scholarship Competition. Prep must nominate; nominees are “typically in
       the top ten percent of their class and are leaders in their schools and communities.” Applicant packages
       must be submitted by Dec. 1, 2012. See Ms. Ham if interested.
   •   Clemson University – “Sneak Preview” for “academically talented senior minority students…[to have]
       the chance to experience life as Clemson University engineering or science majors.” Applicants must be
       seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or above. The Program runs from Thursday night, Oct. 25, through noon on
       Saturday, Oct. 27. See Ms. Ham if interested. Only five students from Prep may attend; this program is
       first-come, first-served.
   •   Davidson College – Bryan Scholarship for our “top senior scholar athletes.” Applicants should present
       with “outstanding academic records, are strong leaders both in the classroom and in their sport, and are
       impact players at the NCAA Division I level.” Prep must nominate; please see Ms. Ham if interested.
       Note: Football and Men’s and Women’s Basketball are not eligible sports for this scholarship.
       Nomination forms must be submitted by Sept. 21.
   •   Davidson College – The Belk Scholarship is for “those students whose outstanding intellectual ability
       and success, leadership experience, commitment to service, and overall personal vigor mark them as
       those who will accomplish much and contribute most to the Davidson community and in their lives
       beyond their college years.” Prep must nominate by Dec. 3; please see Ms. Ham if interested.
   •   University of North Carolina/Charlotte – Levine Scholarship program. This program “seeks
       extraordinary seniors who hold an excellent academic record, demonstrate a commitment to community
       service and possess a capacity for ethical leadership.” SAT and ACT scores are required as part of the
       nomination process, and applicants should have an unweighted GPA of 3.8, have scored 1800 on the
       SAT (all three sections combined), or have a 29-36 on the ACT composite (Plus Writing is required).
       To be nominated, please see Ms. Ham.
   •   Spartanburg Methodist College – SMC Scholars Program. “This program offers high school seniors
       who will graduate with a 3.0 GPA a full tuition financial aid package…combining the SC Life
       Scholarship and SMC grants.” If interested, please see Ms. Ham who will then forward your name to
   •   Auburn University – The University has several specific scholarship opportunities, among them the
       Presidential Scholarship, the Heritage Scholarship, and the Charter Scholarship. For more information,
       go online to www.auburn.edu/scholarship.

                                   Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                      Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                             671-2286 ext. 306
   •   Washington University in St. Louis – Danforth Scholars Program. WashU is seeking students “who have
       exhibited a capacity for service and leadership, as well as academic excellence, and who will embrace
       the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum.” They are “especially interested in students who
       exhibit qualities that embody the essence of the Danforths—maturity, strong moral character,
       selflessness, and commitment to the community. (This is named for William H. and Elizabeth Gray
       Danforth.) Students must be nominated from Prep; if interested, please see Ms. Ham.

Community-Based Scholarship Opportunities

   •   The Heritage Classic Foundation Scholar Program – This scholarship program has been around since
       1993, and this year will award 15 college scholarships. The Foundation is seeking applicants of good
       character with solid grades and solid SAT/ACT scores. Students will need to submit essays,
       recommendations, and also proof of financial need (parents’ 1040). An interview is required. No
       application materials are available yet; see Ms. Ham if interested.
   •   SunTrust Off To College Scholarship Sweepstakes – “High school seniors and current undergraduate
       college students can enter for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship for their education expenses at a
       college or university. One winner will be chosen every two weeks from Oct. 26, 2012 through May 10,
       2013.” Enter online at offtocollege.info beginning Sept. 14.
   •   QuestBridge – this is a National College Match program “which helps outstanding low-income students
       gain admission and full four-year scholarships to leading colleges.” This program is “looking for
       academically strong low-income high school seniors. Most finalists are in the top 5% of their class and
       come from households earning less than $60,000 annually for a typical family of four.” Students may
       go online to apply at www.questbridge.org before Sept. 28.
   •   SC Teaching Fellows Program – This program is “now entering its fourteenth year of offering the
       State’s brightest and best students up to $24,000 over four years to become South Carolina educators.”
       Once in college, students will receive an annual fellowship “as long as they are in the process of
       completing a degree leading to teacher certification.” “Fellows must agree to teach in a South Carolina
       public school one year for each year loan monies are received.” This is sponsored by Cerra, the Center
       for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement; the application is available online at
       www.cerra.org. Applicants must postmark their materials by Dec. 5, 2012.

                                   Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                      Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                             671-2286 ext. 306
General Information
      South Carolina Tuition Grants Program – This is a program of “need-based grants awarded to qualified
      South Carolina residents who attend eligible South Carolina independent colleges.” Successful
      applicants must have graduated in the top 75% of their high school class or score at least a 900 on the
      SAT or a 19 on the ACT. Once in college, successful recipients must pass a minimum of 24 credits
      annually. This program is applicable at: Allen University, Anderson University, Benedict College, Bob
      Jones University, Charleston Southern University, Claflin University, Coker College, Columbia College,
      Columbia International University, Converse College, Erskine College, Furman University, Limestone
      College, Morris College, Newberry College, North Greenville University, Presbyterian College,
      Southern Wesleyan University, Spartanburg Methodist College, Voorhees College, and Wofford
      College. Go to www.sctutiongrants.com.
      Quick overview of the LIFE and HOPE Scholarships (in South Carolina). The LIFE Scholarship “is a
      merit-based scholarship program administered by the financial aid office at each eligible public and
      independent institution in South Carolina. Possible award amounts at both public and independent
      colleges in SC (for each of the four years) are “up to the cost-of-attendance, not to exceed $4,700, plus a
      $300 book allowance.” To qualify for the LIFE, students must be a US citizen, have graduated from
      high school, be a SC resident, and be enrolled as a full-time student in college. In addition, students must
      also meet two of these three criteria: earn a 3.0 GPA, score an 1100 on the SAT (does not include
      Writing) or 24 on the ACT, and rank in the top 30% of their graduating class. The HOPE Scholarship is
      “a one-year merit-based scholarship created for first-time entering freshmen attending a four-year
      institution who do not qualify for the LIFE…but [who will] graduate from high school with at least a B
      average.” The award amount is “up to $2,800 (including $300 book allowance) towards the cost-of-
      attendance during the first year of attendance only.” The initial eligibility requirements are much the
      same as for the LIFE; additionally, recipients must earn a 3.0 cumulative GPA.” There is no application
      for either the LIFE or HOPE; “the college or university will determine eligibility based upon the final
      official high school transcript and will notify students if eligible to receive the scholarship.”
      In addition to the LIFE and HOPE scholarships, South Carolina also offers the Palmetto Fellows
      Scholarship Program which is designed “to recognize the most academically talented high school
      seniors and encourage these students to attend college in the State.” Initial eligibility requirements are
      much like those for LIFE and HOPE; however, the Palmetto also has specific academic requirements:
      “score at least 1200 on the SAT (27 on the ACT) by the November national test administration, earn a
      minimum 3.50 cumulative GPA on the SC Uniform Grading Policy (UGP) at the end of the junior year,
      and rank in the top six percent of the class at the end of either the sophomore or the junior year.” (Ms.
      Ham can provide students with this information.) OR (another level of eligibility): a student must
      “score at least 1400 on the SAT (32 on the ACT) by the November national test administration and earn
      a minimum 4.00 cumulative GPA on the SC UGP at the end of the junior year.”

                                   Nathan Stevens, Head of Upper School
                                      Hilton Head Preparatory School
                                             671-2286 ext. 306

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