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					       Pre-Advanced and Advanced Placement at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

Sheldon-Williams Collegiate is one of two public high schools in Regina (one of thirty in
the province) that currently offers the Pre-Advanced and Advanced Placement
Program. Using the existing curriculum provided by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of
Education, Pre-AP prepares students to acquire the knowledge, concepts, and skills
needed to engage in a higher level of learning. More specifically, Pre-AP works
towards developing the skills, academic self-discipline, and the concepts needed for
students to continue in an enriched academic program at the Grade 12 level with
anticipated entry into a university and/or college of their choice.

The Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) Program at Sheldon is based on the
following three principles:

      The first is the expectation that students perform at rigorous academic levels.
       To reflect this, the Saskatchewan curriculum will be used to challenge students
       to expand their knowledge and skills at a higher level and faster pace.
      The second principle is the belief that, as early as possible, through the
       development of skills, acquisition of knowledge, and engagement in their
       learning, students can be prepared for increased academic commitment.
      The third principle is the belief that by the time Pre-AP students reach the
       second semester of Grade 12, they will be adequately prepared to write the
       Advanced Placement Exam in their chosen subject area.

The Pre-AP program will:

   1. Comprehensively cover and extend existing Saskatchewan curriculum, as well
      as enrich specific learner outcomes for each subject offered.

   2. Provide for an engaging and challenging learning environment using inquiry-
      based learning, problem-based learning, and community service.

   3. Engage students in exercises that challenge them to think critically, see things
      from different perspectives, respond creatively to universal questions, and
      acquire knowledge from interesting and unique sources.

Typically, good Pre-AP candidates are students who are:

   o   Eager to be challenged
   o   Able to complete tasks in a timely manner
   o   Highly self-directed
   o   Curious about many things and interested in learning about them
   o   Prepared to work collegially with their peers
   o   Analytical about their own education and open to personal growth as a learner
   o   Wanting to broaden their intercultural and international understanding
   o   Eager to be socially responsible, lifelong learners
Our goal for Pre-AP at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate:

Our goal is to encourage students to take academic risks that help them acquire the
knowledge, concepts, and skills needed to engage in a higher level learning that:

   o    Challenges and extends their thinking
   o    Hooks them into engaging and high-paced learning
   o    Encourages reflection through process and metacognitive experiences
   o    Helps students improve their writing skills, sharpen their problem-solving
        abilities, and develop time management skills, discipline, and strong study

Similarities between Pre-AP classes and classes that are not Pre-AP:


   o    Use the outcomes and indicators outlined by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of
        Education to plan lessons and assess students
   o    Address students’ needs at their current level of skill and knowledge
   o    Give students choice in process and product
   o    Promote high interest learning
   o    Provide a challenging learning environment for students using inquiry-based
        learning, flexible groupings, and other learning strategies

Myths about Pre-AP and AP classes:

Myth: Students write a Pre-AP/AP exam at the end of each school year.
Fact: Students only write one AP exam during the second semester of Grade 12.

Myth: Pre-AP and AP use a totally different curriculum than other classes.
Fact: Pre-AP and AP classes use existing provincial curriculums.

Myth: Pre-AP and AP is only for a student with a 90+ average.
Fact: Pre-AP and AP is for any student who wants to be challenged, enriched, and
extended in their learning.

Myth: Pre-AP and AP are not as rigorous as the International Baccalaureate Program.
Fact: Both AP and IB are rigorous programs that require students to work at a more
advanced pace.

Myth: There are no benefits beyond high school for taking Pre-AP and AP classes.
Fact: Many universities/colleges in Canada and the US give students credit, advanced
placement, or both on the basis of AP Exam scores.

Pre-AP Course Offerings at Sheldon:

For the 2012-2013 school year, Pre-AP will be offered in the following subject areas at
Sheldon-Williams Collegiate:

           Grade 9 and 10 English Language Arts

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