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					     St. Elizabeth
      Ann Seton
  Auction & Dinner Gala
  Glitter and Glitz ~ Casino Royale

                  15th Annual
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Auction, March 31, 2012
       Crowne Plaza Hotel,Wauwatosa,WI
           Special thanks to                                                                  Dear Parishioners, Families, and Friends of Seton,

        Krause Funeral Homes                                                                  We are thrilled to welcome you to the 15th Annual St. Elizabeth Ann
                                                                                              Seton Auction, “Glitter and Glitz – Casino Royale”! Prepare to enjoy
                                                                                              thirst-quenching beer, wine, and cocktails, blackjack, a slot machine,
          Invitation Sponsor                                                                  outstanding dinner entrees, wine, dessert and exciting auction items, all
                                                                                              while you sit back and take in the live entertainment of Diamonds and

                                                                                              We unite to raise funds to continue to provide our parish with the nancial
                                                                                              resources needed to ensure that St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s educational
                                                                                              and outreach program expenses will be met.

                                                                                              This event could only be possible through the many dedicated and
                                                                                              enthusiastic volunteers that have worked countless hours to make this
                                                                                              year’s auction a success, and to those parishioners who keep coming
                                                                                              back year after year! One of our many strengths here at St. Elizabeth
                                                                                              Ann Seton is the commitment and involvement each of us has towards
                                                                                              our church. We are blessed and grateful to be a part of this wonderful
                                                                                              community. A special thanks to innumerable individuals, groups, and
                                                                                              companies who made a donation in many forms, all to support the
                                                                                              mission of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

                                                                                              We hope you will enjoy the evening, as we travel through our very own
                                                                                              “Casino Royale”. Bid early, bid-often and please give generously! Thank
                                                                                              you for your contributions supporting St. Elizabeth Ann Seton!

                                                                                              May Lady Luck be on your side tonight,
           Good luck to everyone who came to
  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton auction looking for a deal!
     When you are looking for local businesses to work with, go to
You’ll find trusted businesses who support St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and other local parishes.
                       Design and printing
                       of this booklet provide by LPi
                       Questions? Contact Frank Horning                                       Steve and Debra Holubowicz               Jennifer Hauger
                             Senior Vice President at LPi                                     Auction co – chairs                      Auction co-chair
                             St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parishioner
                             (262) 207-2595

     St. Elizabeth Ann Seton                                    Evening’s Itinerary
       Auction Leadership                                                  6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Auction Chairs               Silent Auction                              Registration and Check-In
                                                       Complimentary Cocktails ~ Music by Diamonds & Martinis
Steve Holubowicz             Dave Meyer
Debra Holubowicz             Diane Meyer
                                                      Silent Auction, Basket Raf e, Fork ‘n Cork, Blackjack, and Slots
Jennifer Hauger              Anita Kopaczewski
                             Paul Kopaczewski                                  7:30 pm
                                                                   Welcome and Prayer ~ Father Joe
Master of Ceremonies         Casino Games                                       Dinner
Steve Holubowicz             Dan Tomczyk                               Silent Auction Continues
                             Matthew Tomczyk                      Dinner Music ~ Diamonds & Martinis
Auctioneer                   Bob Maroszek
Joe Kopinski
                             Volunteer Coordinators                       8:00 pm & 8:15 pm
Invite Design                Steve Mack                         Closing of Silent Auction and Basket Raf e
Becky Kasun                  Renee Mack
                                                                               8:45 pm
Check Out                    Raf e Baskets                           Heads or Tails - $20 entry fee
Bob Weidman                  Jennifer Hauger                         Reverse Bingo - $5 per card
Deb Gonyo                    Debra Holubowicz                   Gaming, Raf e Basket, Seton 100 Winners
Jeff Depka                   Nancy Kasun
Eileen Depka
Mark Mindel                  Entertainment                                      9:15 pm
Linda Mindel                 Diamonds & Martinis                              Voice Auction
Voice Auction Display        Seton 100
Jan Casper                   Jason Metz                                  9:00 pm – 10:30 pm
                                                                     Payment Table and Item Pick-up
Reservations                 Recognition
Nancy and Ross Gulotta       Roger Frankowski
                                                                           10:00 – 11:45 pm
Of ce Support                Mailing                                   Entertainment and Dancing
Kathy Stawicki               Mae Newsome, Iris Robb               Blackjack and Slots reopens – (50/50)
Mary Bostwick                Karen Tews, Ellen Park
                         4                                                           5
                                                                         Special Thanks to…
 2012 Auction Dinner Menu                                                           Auction Chairs
                                                                                        Jennifer Hauger
                                                                                       Debra Holubowicz
                    HOUSE SALAD                                                        Steve Holubowicz
 Mixed Field Greens and Baby Spinach with Spiced Walnuts,                   The Auction Committee
     Fresh Berries and Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing
                                                               Jan Casper                Renee Mack                  Bob Weidman
                                                               Steve Mack              Roger Frankowski              Jason Metz
                                                               Nancy Gulotta             Dan Tomczyk                 Nancy Kasun
                        ENTREES                                Anita Kopaczewski         Deb Gonyo                   Dave Meyer
Grilled Chicken Breast topped with Fresh Tomato-Basil Salsa,                             Diane Meyer
 Parmesan Cheese and drizzled with a Balsamic Reduction        Thank you to all of the many volunteers and people behind the scenes,
    served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Bean          especially the parish of ce staff and volunteers. Thanks to our great
                         Amandine                              student volunteers, who have done so much to make this evening a
                                                                             Thanks to our Sponsors
 Angus Grilled Sirloin with a Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce
  served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Bean                      Cocktail Hour made possible by a donation
                        Amandine                                             from Dave and Therese Fennelly
                                                                     Auction booklets made possible by a donation from
                            Or                                          Frank Horning & Liturgical Publications, Inc.
  Roasted Vegetable Portobello Napoleon - Mascarpone
Cheese Layered between Roasted Vegetables and Marinated        Slot Machine                    Fork ‘n Cork
Portobellos, served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green      Tom and Pat Horschak            Dr. Thomas and Antonia Naughton
                      Bean Amandine                            Silent Auction                  Contributing Sponsors
                                                               Karen Tews – Bailey’s           New Berlin Heating & Air
                                                               Harbor Yacht Club               Conditioning
                        DESSERT                                Raf e Basket                    Roland Stecker
                                                               Bill and Jane Jeruc             Paul and Martha Steffes
                      Tiramisu Torte                           Walter and Janice Schuk
                                                               Jason and Tracy Metz
                                                               Rosemary Mahoney
                             6                                                                  7
             Raffles & Games
Basket Raf e                                                      Heads or Tails
Ticket Price: $5 per ticket or six for $25.                       $20 to play
Enter as often as you like and see                                Win $250 money jar
if Lady Luck will shine on you tonight.                           All players stand and choose either
Win any of our ten themed baskets,                                HEADS or TAILS by placing their
valued between $300 - $825.                                       hands on their head or tail. Coin is
Raf e closes at 8:15 pm;                                          tossed and if you guess incorrectly,
Drawing to be held at 8:45 pm                                     you sit down and are out of the game.
                                                                  Those standing choose again. The
                                                                  rounds continue and the last person
                                                                  standing wins! Game will be played at 8:45 pm.

                                 Fork ‘n Cork
                                 Wine Cork Ticket Price:
                                 $5 per cork or 3 for $10
                                 Fork Ticket Price:                                             Reverse Bingo
                                 $10 per fork to win                                            Bingo Cards are $5 a piece
                                 a restaurant gift certi cate                                   Purchase bingo cards from our
                                 valued between $15 - $50.                                      student volunteers during silent
                                 Closes at 7:45 pm or until all                                 auction or prior to the start of
                                 the prizes are gone.                                           the game. All players stand and
                                                                                                if a number on your card is called,
                                                                                                you are out of the game.
                                                                                                The last person standing without a
Seton 100                                                                                       number called on their card wins!!
                                                                                                The prize of $200 will be split if
Ticket Price $100.
                                                                                                the remaining players all go out
Enter as often as you like.
                                                                                                on the last number called. Game
We sell up to 100 tickets and the
                                                                                                will be played after Heads or Tails.
lucky winner receives 50%
of the total amount collected or up
to $5,000. Watch for Father Joe
and his ashing hat as we sell tickets up to 9:00 pm.

                                8                                                                9
                                                                          Silent Auction Procedures
$20 – Three pulls                                                      1. Bidding will open at 6:00 pm
Are you feeling lucky?
Hit the jackpot and take home                                          2. All bids must meet the minimum bid increments marked on the
an Apple iPad 2! If no one hits                                           bid sheet. Final bids not meeting the minimum bid requirement
the jackpot, the prize will go to                                         will be considered void and the next previous valid bid will
the highest cumulative total of your                                      prevail. Once the table has closed, no more bids will be
three pulls. The slot machine game                                        allowed. This is being done in fairness to all bidders, so please
is open from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.                                           bid carefully.

                                                                       3. Bidding will close at 8:00 pm and 8:15 pm. Note the closing
                                                                          time indicated on the speci c tables.

                                                                       4. Winning bidders will be noti ed at their table.
                                 $10                                   5. All items must be paid for on the evening of the gala and
                                 Try your gambling luck.                  removed from the premises by 11:00 pm. Cashier will be open
                                 Beat the dealer and you get              after the voice auction.
                                 a ticket to enter in your choice
                                 of the two exclusive blackjack        6. All sales are nal; no exchanges. All items are sold in “as is”
                                 only raf es; eligible to win either      condition.
                                 a Samsung 32”LCD HDTV
                                 Class 720p 60hz or an                 7. Tax deduction equals the purchase price less the stated value.
                                 Apple iPod touch Black 4th
                                 Generation 32GB                       8. Every attempt has been made to assure the accuracy and
                                 Touch Screen Wi-Fi                       completeness of package descriptions. St. Elizabeth Ann
                                                                          Seton, the Auction Committee, and/or any volunteers are not
Get a Blackjack, 6-7-8 (same suit),                                       responsible for any errors.
or win both hands of a double down
and you instantly win a gift card or                                   9. The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Auction Committee reserves the
gift certi cate from local businesses                                     right to change package contents from what is listed in this
ranging from $10 -$25.                                                    booklet.
Blackjack is open from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.

                                10                                                                       11
   Voice Auction Procedures                                                   Thank You to
1. Voice auction items are available for viewing throughout the
   evening. The voice auction will begin at approximately 9:00 pm.       Our Voice Auction Donors
2. The auctioneer may adjust or amend the description of any
   items; that description will constitute the item being sold and
                                                                                      Mike and Barb Harvey
   supersedes any previous description.
                                                                                    Mortensen Portrait Design
3. The auctioneer will have absolute discretion in determining the
   successful bidder and may offer and resell any article in dispute.                Rick and Kerry Freiberg
4. A form requiring the bidder’s signature will be presented to                     Chuck and Mary Strehlow
   each successful bidder following each item’s bidding.
                                                                                   Campion and Pamela Jaques
5. All sales are nal; no exchanges.
                                                                                     Rod and Marilyn Marzolf
6. Please pay the cashier after the voice auction is over.
                                                                                  Milwaukee Brewers courtesy of
Cash, Checks, Master Card or Visa are accepted                          Jason and Chrissy Shawger and Jeff and Mary Copson
                                                                                    Dave and Therese Fennelly
   Silent Auction Categories                                                          Jerry and Julie Helmle
 100     Dining and Events                   Closes at 8:00 pm                         Mike and Liz Hanna
 200     Family and Fun                      Closes at 8:00 pm                              Ann Hepp
 300     His and Hers                        Closes at 8:00 pm                       John and Mary Jo Levene
 400     Home and Garden                     Closes at 8:15 pm
                                                                                     Bryan and Patti Majewski
 500     Sports and Memories                 Closes at 8:15 pm
                                                                                     Tom and Linda Halverson

                                 12                                                             13
      100 Dining and Events
Package:      The Perfect Romantic Get-A-Way                            Package:               Musical Mainstage II
101                                                                     104

Enjoy a perfect romantic get-a-way with a two night stay at Bauer       Enjoy a musical mainstage with four tickets to the April 29, 2012
Lodge Green Lake (excluding 6/15 - 8/15) and subject to availability.   performance of the Festival City Symphony Concert. The casual,
Present certi cate upon check in - expires 3/31/13.                     family-friendly “Symphony Sundays-Classical Music for All Ages” is
                                                                        a concert series that makes classical music accessible to everyone.
   Donor:        Green Lake Conference Center
   Value:        $240.00                                                   Donor:       Ms. Charlane O’Rourke-Hertig
                                                                           Value:       $56.00

Package:                 Theatre At Its Best
102                                                                     Package:               Musical Mainstage III
You’ll have theatre at its best with a gift certi cate good for two
tickets for a performance during Skylight Opera Theatre’s 2012-         Enjoy a musical mainstage with four tickets to the April 29, 2012
2013 season. Good on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evening            performance of the Festival City Symphony Concert. The casual,
or Saturday Matinee.                                                    family-friendly “Symphony Sundays-Classical Music for All Ages” is
                                                                        a concert series that makes classical music accessible to everyone.
   Donor:        Skylight Opera Theatre
   Value:        $130.00                                                   Donor:       Ms. Charlane O’Rourke-Hertig
                                                                           Value:       $56.00

Package:                 Musical Mainstage I
103                                                                     Package:          A Close Romantic Getaway
Enjoy a musical mainstage with four tickets to the April 29, 2012
performance of the Festival City Symphony Concert. The casual,          Have a close romantic getaway with a two night weekend stay with
family-friendly “Symphony Sundays-Classical Music for All Ages” is      traditional guestroom accommodations; includes breakfast for two;
a concert series that makes classical music accessible to everyone.     based on availability; advance reservations required; not valid New
                                                                        Years Eve; expires 3/31/2013.
   Donor:        Ms. Charlane O’Rourke-Hertig
   Value:        $56.00                                                    Donor:       Sheraton Milwaukee Brook eld Hotel
                                                                           Value:       $350.00

                                 14                                                                     15
Package:                 Steak at its Best I                          Package:               Dinner and a Movie II
107                                                                   110
Enjoy a steak at its best with a $100 gift certi cate to Palmers      This dinner and movie package includes a $40 Boulder Junction
Steak House.                                                          Gift Card - expires 1/27/13.
   Donor:       Terry and Thomas Rooney                               Two Movie Passes good Sunday through Friday only and not valid
   Value:       $100.00                                               when pass list suspended. Each participant will need to pay a $1
                                                                      service charge when using the pass.
                                                                         Donor:       Joe and Wendy Kopinski
Package:                 Steak at its Best II                                         The Marcus Corporation
                                                                         Value:       $57.50
Enjoy a steak at its best with two $50 gift certi cates to the
Milwaukee Steak House.
                                                                      Package:      Movie for Two and Pizza to Follow
   Donor:       Chris and Natalie Cahlamer
   Value:       $100.00
                                                                      This dinner and movie package includes a $50 Organ Piper Pizza
                                                                      Gift Certi cate.
Package:               Dinner and a Movie I                           Two Movie Passes good Sunday through Friday only and not valid
109                                                                   when pass list is suspended. Each participant will need to pay a $1
This dinner and movie package includes a $50 Outback Gift Card.       service charge when using the pass.
Two Movie Passes good Sunday through Friday only and not valid           Donor:       Steven and Karen Pokorny
when pass list is suspended. Each participant will need to pay a $1                   The Marcus Corporation
service charge when using the pass.                                      Value:       $67.50
   Donor:       Scott and Marcia Godfrey,
                The Marcus Corporation                                                   Wine the Way It Should Be
   Value:       $67.50                                                112
                                                                      Enjoy wine the way it should be with a Lux Wine tasting for up to
                                                                      four people to enjoy our most prestigious Cooper’s Hawk wines;
                                                                      includes a chocolate truf e; Tasting Room only. Package includes
                                                                      one bottle of Italian red wine and 5 hand-painted wine glasses.
                                                                         Donor:       Coopers Hawk Winery & Restaurant
                                                                                      Rick and Kathy Frieberg
                                                                         Value:       $98.00
                                16                                                                    17
Package:      Sunset Entertainment and a Movie                          Package:      Family Fun To The Power Of Three
113                                                                     115
This entertainment package gives you 2 gift vouchers to the Sunset      This family fun package includes:
Playhouse for tickets to any Furlan Mainstage, Musical Mainstage,
                                                                        1. A Betty Brinn Children’s Museum Family Day Pass for up to
or SideNotes Cabaret performance of the 2012 season. Vouchers
                                                                           two adults and two children (expires 1/31/13).
expire 8/5/12. Package also includes two Movie Passes good
Sunday through Friday only and not valid when pass list suspended.      2. Four Movie Passes good Sunday through Friday only. Not valid
Each participant will need to pay a $1 service charge when using           when pass list suspended and each participant will need to pay
the pass.                                                                  a $1 service charge when using the pass. Five Passes to Swiss
                                                                           Turners Gymnastics Academy Open Gym.
   Donor:        Sunset Playhouse
                 The Marcus Corporation                                 3. Open Gym is Saturday 6:00 - 8:00 pm ages 2 - 13; or Preschoolers
   Value:        $61.50                                                    Wed 10:15 - 11:45 am.
                                                                           Donor:        Betty Brinn Children’s Museum,
                                                                                         The Marcus Corporation, Swiss Turners Gymnastics
Package: Movies for Four and Dinner to Follow
114                                                                        Value:        $115.00

Dinner and a movie!
$100 Gift Certi cate to the Cleveland Pub and Grill. Four Movie         Package: Movies For Four And Home For Pizza
Passes good Sunday through Friday only and not valid when pass          116
list suspended. Each participant will need to pay a $1 service charge   Movies for four and pizza for home!
when using the passes.
                                                                        This package includes a $30 gift certi cate for Crossroads Pizza
   Donor:        Cleveland Pub and Grill                                and Subs and four movie passes good Sunday through Friday only
                 The Marcus Corporation                                 and not valid when pass list is suspended. Each participant will need
   Value:        $135.00                                                to pay a $1 service charge when using the pass.
                                                                           Donor:        Crossroads Pizza & Subs
                                                                                         Marcus Theatres Corporation
                                                                           Value:        $65.00

                                 18                                                                      19
         200 Family and Fun
Package:                Martial Arts Trial I                       Package:               Martial Arts Trial IV
201                                                                204

Give martial arts a try with a one month membership and uniform    Give martial arts a try with a two week membership and uniform
for adult or child. The World Martial Arts Academy is located at   for adult or child. The World Martial Arts Academy is located at
14200 W. National Ave.                                             14200 W. National Ave.

   Donor:       World Martial Arts Academy                            Donor:       World Martial Arts Academy
   Value:       $200.00                                               Value:       $130.00

Package:               Martial Arts Trial II                       Package:               Martial Arts Trial V
202                                                                205

Give martial arts a try with a two week membership and uniform     Give martial arts a try with a two week membership and uniform
for adult or child. The World Martial Arts Academy is located at   for adult or child. The World Martial Arts Academy is located at
14200 W. National Ave.                                             14200 W. National Ave.

   Donor:       World Martial Arts Academy                            Donor:       World Martial Arts Academy
   Value:       $130.00                                               Value:       $130.00

Package:               Martial Arts Trial III                      Package:               Martial Arts Trial VI
203                                                                206

Give martial arts a try with a two week membership and uniform     Give martial arts a try with a two week membership and uniform
for adult or child. The World Martial Arts Academy is located at   for adult or child. The World Martial Arts Academy is located at
14200 W. National Ave.                                             14200 W. National Ave.

   Donor:       World Martial Arts Academy                            Donor:       World Martial Arts Academy
   Value:       $130.00                                               Value:       $130.00

                               20                                                                 21
Package:           Martial Arts Birthday Party                        Package:               Shopping And Lunch
207                                                                   210
Break a board at your birthday party!!!! Invite up to 25 of your      A bit of shopping and lunch! This package includes a $25 Kohls gift
friends to a World Martial Arts Academy Birthday party; fun           certi cate and three $9 Noodles & Company gift certi cates for a
exercises and games;Tae Kwon Do Demonstration; Mini Tae Kwon          bowl of noodles, soup, or salad.
Do Class; Learn Basic Tae Kwon Do & Self Defense, each guest will
                                                                         Donor:       Anonymous
break a board; Lots of Fun!!! The World Martial Arts Academy is
                                                                         Value:       $52.00
located at 14200 W. National Ave.
   Donor:       World Martial Arts Academy
   Value:       $200.00                                               Package:                Dolls Of Distinction
                                                                      Hannah needs a hug! The rst issue in Lots of Love, a gentle
Package:                   Picture Perfect
                                                                      collection of porcelain dolls capturing childhood’s affectionate
                                                                      moments an Ashton Drake Collectible.
This photo package is perfect and includes one $300 gift certi cate
                                                                      Add a hug for a Cabbage Patch Kid - doll has blonde hair dressed
for any new session.
                                                                      in a pink and white dress with white leggings.
   Donor:       Babboni Photography
                                                                         Donor:       Barbara Rodewald
   Value:       $300.00
                                                                         Value:       $97.00

Package:                 The Perfect Picnic
209                                                                   Package:               A Portrait Memory I
Create the perfect picnic with a Picnic Plus Tremont - Includes
                                                                      Create a portrait memory!
weatherproof eece backed picnic blanket; complete picnic set for
two includes melamine plates, acrylic wine goblets, cotton napkins,   This package includes $100 for a full Studio Sitting and $200
stainless steel atware, waiter’s tool, wooden cheese board with       towards a portrait order - Gift certi cates cannot be combined.
knife, salt and pepper shakers; handsome leatherette trim, and an     Only one per family.
insulated food compartment. Plus, a $50 gift card to Sendiks to
start your picnic off right!                                             Donor:       Mortensen Portrait Design
                                                                         Value:       $300.00
   Donor:       Michael and Vincenca Kaminski
   Value:       $125.00

                                22                                                                    23
                       A Portrait Memory II
                                                                                  300 His and Hers
Create a portrait memory!
This package includes $100 for a full Studio Sitting and $200        Package:                      Mystic Jewelry
towards a portrait order - Gift certi cates cannot be combined.      301
Only one per family.                                                 She’ll be stunning in a three piece Mystic Fire jewelry set which
   Donor:       Mortensen Portrait Design                            includes a sterling silver ring, earings, and a slider set (ring size 7).
   Value:       $300.00                                                  Donor:        Dave and Cathy Zabler
                                                                         Value:        $249.00

Package:             Discovery For Children
214                                                                  Package:        Cut, Color And Ready For Action
Package for children includes:                                       302

Discovery Toys gift certi cate for $20; Playtown Pet Hospital Pop    You’ll be ready for Spring with a color, highlight, and haircut with
up; Match Up Magnetic Book; Learning to Read and Write-dry           Abel, Christina, or Erica.
erase &stickers; Playful numbers & shapes.                               Donor:        Steven Edwards Color Group
   Donor:       Theresa Sebestyen                                        Value:        $115.00
   Value:       $115.00

                                                                     Package:                    Let’s Dance Fred!
Package:            Cookies to Your Doorstep                         303
215                                                                  Dance the night away with a gift certi cate for one private lesson
Homemade Cookies with a Ceramic Cookie Jar. One batch                and one practice party at The Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Valid only
of cookies delivered to your home ve times throughout the            at the Brook eld location.
year. Dates of delivery to be mutually agreed upon as well as type       Donor:        Fred Astaire Dance Studio
of cookies. Options inlude: Amish Sugar, Christmas, Chocolate            Value:        $133.00
Chip, Cinnamon Sugar, Everyday, Famer, Molasses, Montana Cowboy,
Nutella, and Peanut Butter cookies. Yummy Yummy in my Tummy!!
   Donor:       Roger and Cindy Schaus
   Value:       $80.00

                                 24                                                                     25
Package:         More Than Just A Pretty Face I                         Package:                  A Blue Original
304                                                                     308
For the ladies - this package provides a gift certi cate for a custom   For the ladies, accessorize with a blue quilted purse and a shades
facial.                                                                 of blue crocheted shawl.
   Donor:        Hair Decisions Oasis Spa                                  Donor:       Marilyn Zwick
   Value:        $73.00                                                    Value:       $65.00

Package:        More Than Just A Pretty Face II                         Package:     Look And Feel Your Mary Kay Best
305                                                                     309
For the ladies - this package provides a gift certi cate for a custom   This Mary Kay Glamour Galore Package includes a 16 item gift set
facial.                                                                 of Mary Kay favorites.
   Donor:        Hair Decisions Oasis Spa                                  Donor:       Michael and Debra Russo
   Value:        $73.00                                                    Value:       $133.00

Package:                 Stay Warm In Style                             Package:               Chocolate And Wine
306                                                                     310
Brave the Wisconsin winters in style with a Dockers dark brown          Is there anything better than Chocolate and Wine?
leather bomber jacket, zippered front, in size Mens medium.
                                                                        Enjoy a chocolate and wine gift basket that includes Satori Estate
   Donor:        Daniel and Marilyn Kopetsky                            Collection 2006, Valpolicella Vigneti; Ghirardelli dark chocolate
   Value:        $210.00                                                collection 8.48 oz; Penzeys Hot Chocolate Mix; WoodWick
                                                                        scented candle.
                                                                           Donor:       Rick and Kerry Freiberg
Package:          In College and Looking Good                              Value:       $40.00
Show your school spirit with a MSOE Mens XL red and black
zippered jacket.
   Donor:        Cathy Varebrook
   Value:        $40.00

                                   26                                                                   27
Package:                Wine And Music                                 Package:            Its Showtime With Pearls
311                  Never Sounded So Good                             314
A collector’s delight!                                                 You are ready for showtime in Vegas with this necklace of 51 white
                                                                       cultured pearls on a 9” loop. An absolutely stunning Cultured Pearl
Wine and Tom Petty - ultimate collection of Tom Petty music and
                                                                       Necklace from Hyderabad, India, the pearl center of India.
videos - 17 Greatest Clips 1979- 1993 all on one video; six CDs;
Bottle of 2009 Chardonnay -Viansa Sonoma Valley.                          Donor:       Raejean Kanter
                                                                          Value:       $300.00
   Donor:        Rick and Kerry Freiberg
   Value:        $95.00
                                                                       Package:                Stock The Wine Bar
Package:                   Never Get Lost
312                                                                    Accessorize and stock the wine bar!
You’ll never get lost with your Garmin “nuvi” 1300 Ultra -thin GPS     This executive wine collectors set features a polished wooden
navigator, with wide screen display with audio street names.           case, ergonomic bottle opener, foil and seal cutter, drip ring,
                                                                       thermometer, pourer, two wine stoppers, and dual replacement
   Donor:        Jim and Helen Krahn
                                                                       corkscrew bits.
   Value:        $200.00
                                                                       6 Bottles of BV Costal Estates Cabernet Sauvignon California
                                                                       Grown 2009; 6 Bottles of BV Coastal Estates Merlot California
Package:                  A Black Original                             Grown 2010.
                                                                          Donor:       Steve and Renee Mack
For the ladies, accessorize with a black and white quilted purse and                   Anthony and Joyce Armeli
black mohair scarf.                                                       Value:       $150.00
   Donor:        Marilyn Zwick
   Value:        $50.00

                                 28                                                                     29
Package:                  Guy Stuff                                 Package:      His and Her Memory and Snuggle
316                                                                 318
Something for him!!!                                                Snuggle together with two Ralph Lauren Herringbone/Sherpa
                                                                    Throws - Reminiscent of a classic herringbone sweater, these
Enjoy a $25 Gift Certi cate to Ace Hardware - expires 11/1/12,
                                                                    sophisticated throws reverse to the cozy warmth of soft plush
and a classic charging station for his electronic toys. The Chaps
                                                                    sherpa; 100% acrylic face reverses to 100% polyester. One is tan in
charging station is constructed in wood with leatherette padding.
                                                                    color and one is red-orange. Remember your special day with this
Charges up to 6 personal devices.
                                                                    original wedding litho - a 12” X 18” framed P. Buckley Moss, Litho;
   Donor:       Elliot’s Ace Hardware                               Wedding at St. John’s; Edition number 835/1000 Artist’s proofs:25;
                Rick and Kathy Freiberg                             Year of Publication 1994
   Value:       $45.00
                                                                       Donor:       Anthony and Joyce Armeli
                                                                                    Emmy Lou Norris
                                                                       Value:       $200.00
Package:                   Gal Stuff
On the wild side and looking good!                                  Package:               A Heavenly Massage
This package includes an Aveda Spa Basket of assorted Aveda Skin
and Hair Products and a $35 Salon Service gift certi cate to be     A Heavenly Massage, with hands blessed by Fr. Ralph Gross and
used with Tammy Rinaldi at the Wild Side Salon in Elm Grove         trained with the doctors in China, owing from a heart puri ed in
                                                                    Hawaiian Lomi Lomi in an oasis of tranquility. Come to me, you
   Donor:       Wild Side Salon                                     who are weary and hurting and I will refresh your body. This is a
   Value:       $100.00                                             11/2 hour massage for two at Elm Grove Massage. The session will
                                                                    be done simultaneously by two different massage therapists. The
                                                                    session concludes with a hot stone nale.
                                                                       Donor:       Robert and Diane Kutschera
                                                                       Value:       $150.00

                                  30                                                                31
     400 Home and Garden
Package:       Decorate And Enjoy The Wines                       Package:                  The Butcher’s Best
401                                                               404

This package includes a wine bottle holder and (1) Cabernet       You’ll enjoy Ray’s best meats with a $100 gift certi cate to Ray’s
Sauvignon ConshaYToro and (1) Viognier Reserve Tormenta- Chili.   Butcher Shoppe.

   Donor:      Barbara Rodewald                                       Donor:        Charles and Jacqueline Konkol
   Value:      $40.00                                                 Value:        $100.00

Package:         Decoration With Distinction                      Package:             Kitchen Pizzazz and Spice
402                                                               405

Accessorize your kitchen with the one-of-a kind handmade 66       Pizzazz and Spice for your Kitchen! You and your family will love
piece wooden fruit decoration, made with four varieties of wood   a Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven. Quick and easy way to bake
- hand painted grapes, pears, apples and strawberries.            your pizza, chicken wings, quesadillas, pizza rolls, sh llets, egg rolls,
                                                                  cookies, and cinnamon rolls. And season with a selection of six jars
   Donor:      Jim Bauer                                          of outstanding Penzey’s spices.
   Value:      $100.00
                                                                      Donor:        Rick and Kerry Freiberg
                                                                                    Wesley Family
Package:               Kitchen Must-Have                              Value:        $70.00
Enjoy gourmet waf es with a ip. Mix your Farmhouse pancake        Package:                  Kitchen Must-Have
and waf e mix as directed and spoon onto your Black & Decker      406
 ip waf e maker and enjoy Wisconsin pure maple syrup - Grade A.
                                                                  A tool for the kitchen!!! Black & Decker Food Steamer Deluxe
   Donor:      Ann and Ken Nigel                                  Appliance - extra large for whole meal cooking; avor scenter
   Value:      $68.00                                             steamer; timer for auto-off; use one or two bowls; great for
                                                                      Donor:        Rick and Kerry Freiberg
                                                                      Value:        $50.00

                              32                                                                     33
Package:            Kitchen Holiday Originals                         Package:                    Mikasa Magic
407                                                                   410
Decorate for the holidays with nine holiday kitchen towels            Accessorize your bar with Mikasa Magic! Entertain your family
crocheted for Christmas, Easter, Autum, Halloween, 4th of July, and   and friends in style with this collection of Mikasa barware and
St. Patricks Day.                                                     service bowls. Includes 8 “Cheers Too” collection Double Old
                                                                      Fashion glasses with matching ice bucket. Item also includes two
   Donor:       Edna Bigda
                                                                      beautiful serving bowls from the “Celebrations by Mikasa” Fanfare
   Value:       $75.00
                                                                         Donor:       Steve and Debra Holubowicz
Package:            Decoration of Distinction                            Value:       $297.00
Decorate with Southwest Distinction!
                                                                      Package:         The Perfect Garden and More
Southwest Pottery from Laguna, New Mexico; 5” high and approx         411
6” wide; decorative use only.
                                                                      Plan the perfect ower garden with 10 or more double fans of
   Donor:       Anonymous                                             15 varieties of owers; plants will be dug in early May and the
   Value:       $60.00                                                winner will be noti ed prior to digging; pick up or delivery can be
                                                                      arranged. Complete instructions on planting and raising will be
                                                                      provided. Pictures to be provided prior to bidding.
Package:                 The Perfect Smile                            One $25 gift certi cate to Twins Flowers and Home Décor plus
409                                                                   two Shaggies super Absorbent 100% cotton chocolate cloths, a
Keep that perfect smile with a Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean         fresh linen sachet, and a pad of paper and pencil.
Rechargeable toothbrush - Dental Professional Version.                   Donor:       Theodore Haasch
   Donor:       Moles Orthodontics                                                    Twins Flowers and Home Décor
   Value:       $180.00                                                  Value:       $117.00

                                34                                                                    35
Package:                 Kitchen Additions                          Package:                Don’t Forget Man’s
412                                                                 415                     Best Friend - Woof!
This package provides items galore for your kitchen. The basket     Pamper your pet with these goodies:
contains trivets, apple butter, stainless steel spoon rest, hand-
                                                                    A Snoopy Dog Bed, Dog Snuggie (size S - 8-11 inches or pounds),
painted brownie sundae teapot, 2 quart watermelon design break
                                                                    7 ct. Freshies Dental Bones, Dog Bone Shaped Hook Plaque, Hair
resistant dishwasher safe pitcher, 2 trays - wine design ceramic
                                                                    Accessories, Doggy Waste Bag Dispenser & 10 rolls of bags (about
summer tray and a round summer tray. Heart pillow and throw. 4’
                                                                    200)Tennis Ball, two vinyl toys, bone, soccer ball, and two pound
table runner and placesetting mat with a winter theme.
                                                                    dog treats. A $40 certi cate towards a full grooming at Styl’n
   Donor:       Rick and Kerry Freiberg                             Companions Pet Spa LLC - valid until 4/30/13 - no felines.
                Harold and Ramona champagne
                                                                       Donor:       Therese Ashley-Wesley
   Value:       $125.00
                                                                                    Melissa Rohda
                                                                       Value:       $100.00
Package:                 Holiday Essentials
                                                                    Package:              A Bird Lovers Dream
Get a jump start on your Christmas decorating for next year with    416
a beautiful Christmas package. Two snowman decorative plates.
                                                                    For the Discriminate Bird Watcher!
North Pole Church Candle House - The Original Clayworks
Christmas Collection. Yankee Candle with Lamp Shade and Base -      4 six-hole suet bird feeders, hand-crafted and made of resin, with
Balsam & Cedar. Yankee Candle Set - Holiday Scent; Home Sweet       suet and a suet recipe.
Home scent (large) and smaller home sweet home scent candles
with two ceramic candle holders.                                       Donor:       Jack and Mary Hoffmann
                                                                       Value:       $120.00
   Donor:       Rick and Kerry Freiberg
   Value:       $75.00
                                                                    Package:            A Concert in Your Home
Package:                  Handmade Gifts
414                                                                 Lifelike music from a compact and elegant BOSE radio system.
                                                                    Presenting the standard for table top systems. Bose proprietary
Here are two hand-made originals for your home. Numbers and         waveguide speaker technology delivers performance far beyond
letters Baby Quilt 38”x45” annel backing; Black Flowered wool       the system’s size. No setup required, just plug and play. FM/AM
felt table runner approx 16”x30”.                                   radio and CD player are built right in.
   Donor:       Christine Gollasch                                     Donor:       John and Mary Simon
   Value:       $80.00                                                 Value:       $350.00

                                36                                                                  37
Package:           Handcrafted Wooden Bowl                             Package:                  Green & Gold & Fur
418                                                                    502
A handcrafted wooden bowl, hand turned by Roger Schaus.                Green and Gold Packer colors Rex Rabbit Earmuffs and cleaning,
                                                                       glazing, and storage gift certi cate to store any fur for the 2012 fur
   Donor:        Roger and Cindy Schaus
                                                                       storage season.
   Value:        $75.00
                                                                          Donor:        A.J. Ugent Furs and Fashion
                                                                          Value:        $140.00
Package:           Handcrafted Wooden Bowl
A handcrafted wooden bowl, hand turned by Roger Schaus.
                                                                       Package:              Lambeau Shrine Game
   Donor:        Roger and Cindy Schaus
                                                                       Four tickets to the Green Bay Packers Shrine Game usually held
   Value:        $75.00
                                                                       on a Friday or Saturday night in August. These are excellent seats
                                                                       on the 45 yard line, directly behind the visiting team bench. Tickets
                                                                       are $87 face value each.
                                                                          Donor:        Ted and Marilyn Raciti
   500 Sports and Memories                                                Value:        $348.00

Package:                A Football Memory                              Package:      Goodbye Bogut - Now a Collectible
501                                                                    504

A Packer Collectible!                                                  Buck’s Center Stylin!!!

2011 Collective Series Football including transfer signatures of the   Autographed Andrew Bogut Authentic Jersey
entire team and coaching staff - includes a certi cate of donation        Donor:        Matthew and Mollie Pape and MillerCoors
from the Green Bay Packers.                                               Value:        $300.00
   Donor:        Green Bay Packers
   Value:        $100

                                 38                                                                     39
Package:          Best Way To See The Bucks                          Package:          Aaron Rodgers NFL Jersey I
505                                                                  508
Be on pace to enjoy a Bucks game!                                    Be in style with MVP Aaron Rodgers!!!
Bucks Tickets - Two Miller Lite Home Court Suite Tickets to the      Authentic NFL Jersey - Aaron Rodgers size Medium.
Bucks game on Saturday April 14 vs Indiana Pacers. The Miller Lite
                                                                        Donor:       Matthew and Mollie Pape and MillerCoors
Home Court is an exclusive club and offers guests complimentary
                                                                        Value:       $85.00
MillerCoors products, food and great seats and view of the Bucks.
Amenities include: 2 private restrooms, 12 HD TVs, and a custom
bar full stocked with MillerCoors products.
                                                                     Package:          Aaron Rodgers NFL Jersey II
   Donor:       Matthew and Mollie Pape and MillerCoors              509
   Value:       $150.00
                                                                     Be in style with MVP Aaron Rodgers!!!
                                                                     Authentic NFL Jersey - Aaron Rodgers size Medium.
Package:        Autographed Packers Helmet
506                                                                     Donor:       Matthew and Mollie Pape and MillerCoors
                                                                        Value:       $85.00
Packers Collectible Helmet!
Packers Wide Receiver, Jordy Nelson Autographed Full Sized
Authentic Riddell NFL Helmet - Green Bay Packers.                    Package:           Brewers Game and Dinner
   Donor:       Matthew and Mollie Pape and MillerCoors
   Value:       $400.00                                              Enjoy the Brewers with Parking and Dining!
                                                                     Brewers game to either Friday June 8th vs. San Diego Padres or
                                                                     Friday July 27 vs.Washington Nationals; Preferred parking pass; $50
Package:           Braun Autographed Jersey                          gift card to Friday’s Front Row Grill.
                                                                        Donor:       Tom and Julia Kinderman
Be in style with MVP Ryan Braun!!!                                      Value:       $140.00
Ryan Braun Autographed Authentic Jersey; size 44. Certi cate of
authenticity in lanyard is included.
   Donor:       Matthew and Mollie Pape and MillerCoors
   Value:       $300.00

                                40                                                                   41
Package:                  Packers Apparel                          Package:         Lambeau Field Photo Display
511                                                                514
Accessories for the Packer Fan!                                    Best NFL Stadium and Quarterbacks!
Packer pullover windbreaker (XL); Packer hat, Pink Packer hat,     Lambeau Field photo behind glass mounted on wood plaque;Topps
scarf, key chain, Jan, 1998 Super Bowl hat, Wallet.                Bart Starr 1977 trading card; Score Brett Favre 2004 trading card.
   Donor:       Rick and Kerry Freiberg                               Donor:       Tony Burant
   Value:       $55.00                                                Value:       $50.00

Package:     NFL Autographed Football in Case                      Package: Don Hutson Autographed Collectible
512                                                                515
Packers Collectible for the New Berlin Fan!                        A Collectible for the Discriminating Fan!
NFL Football with Green Bay Packer autographs in case;Autographs   Don Hutson Framed picture, autograph, and Rookie Card.
were obtained 11.15.2011 at New Berlin Thanksgiving Food drive;
                                                                      Donor:       Tony Burant
Pat Lee, Ryan Grant, Anthony Levine, Nick Collins, Sam Shields,
                                                                      Value:       $350.00
Morgan Burnett, Frank Zombo, and Vic So’oto.
   Donor:       Edward and Barbara Jacob
   Value:       $100.00                                            Package: Tony Canadeo Autographed Collectible
                                                                   A Collectible for the Discriminating Fan!
Package:             Bart Starr Autographed
513                    Football in Case: 77                        Tony Canadeo picture and rookie card; mounted and signed.
Packer Collectible - It Doesn’t Get Any Better!!!                     Donor:       Tony Burant
                                                                      Value:       $200.00
Bart Starr Autographed Hall of Fame, 1977 Football in case.
                                                                   Package: Jerry Kramer Autographed Collectible
   Donor:       Tony Burant
   Value:       $350.00                                            517
                                                                   A Collectible for the Discriminating Fan!
                                                                   Jerry Kramer autographed picture framed and mounted; Paul
                                                                   Hornung too.
                                                                      Donor:       Tony Burant
                                                                      Value:       $150.00
                                  42                                                               43
Package:      Bucks Basketball and Wave Soccer                           Package:            John Kuhn Autographed
518                                                                      521                    Book and Football
Enjoy the Bucks and the Wave!                                            Autographs by Kuuuuuhn Kuuuuuhn!!!
Two tickets Milwaukee Bucks vs. Bobcats on Friday, April 6th,            Return to Titletown:The Remarkable Story of the 2010 Green Bay
Section 217 Row E seats 3 and 4 and two $16 Premier Seats for            Packers – Book; Autographed by Green Bay Packers Fullback John
a Regular Season Milwaukee Wave game must be redeemed 24                 Kuhn; includes certifcate of authenticity.
hours before the game to attend. Expires March 2013.
                                                                         John Kuhn autographed Green Bay Packers youth-sized football.
   Donor:        Bill and Jane Juruc
                                                                            Donor:       Matthew and Mollie Pape and MillerCoors
                 Milwaukee Wave
                                                                                         Steve and Debra Holubowicz
   Value:        $157.00
                                                                            Value:       $95.00

Package:            LeRoy Butler Autographed
519                  NFL Football and Book                               Package:             Packer Party Essential
Autographs by Leaping LeRoy Butler!
                                                                         Packer Accessories for the Man Cave!
LeRoy Butler Autographed Packers NFL Full Size Football &
                                                                         Four Packers Pint Glasses; Packers Ice Bucket; Two Packers Flags;
The LeRoy Butler Story - From Wheelchair to Lambeau Leap -
                                                                         Two Packers Hats; Four Miller Lite bottle openers.
Autographed Copy
                                                                         Packers snowman lighted ceramic gurine.
   Donor:        Steve and Debra Holubowicz
   Value:        $51.00                                                     Donor:       Matthew and Mollie Pape and MillerCoors
                                                                                         Virginia Grimm
                                                                            Value:       $60.00
Package:            Ultimate Golf Accessories
This discriminating golfer package includes:                             Package:                   Go Badgers!!
Callaway Miller Lite Golf Bag - 10.5” top with 14 -way divider - 10
                                                                         Handcrafted and outstanding - For the discriminating Wisconsin
pockets, valuables pocket, insulated cooler pocket, extra traction
                                                                         Badgers fan!
base w/stabilizer grips, single comfort strap. Plus one dozen Titleist
Pro V1 golf balls. Travel with your golf clubs with an Alegis golf       Stained Glass w/WI logo; 20.75”x20.75”
travel bag perfect for airline travel.
                                                                            Donor:       Mike Karolek
   Donor:        Charles and JoAnn Stabenfeldt                              Value:       $175.00
                 Theodore Haasch
   Value:        $495.00
                                  44                                                                    45
Package:                    Go MU!!                                     Package:              Autographed Baseball
524                                                                     527
Handcrafted and outstanding - For the discriminating Marquette          Brewer Autograph!
Golden Eagles/Warriors fan!                                             Nyjer Morgan Autographed Baseball in a protective case
Stained Glass w/WI logo; 20.75”x20.75”                                     Donor:       Milwaukee Brewers
   Donor:        Mike Karolek                                              Value:       $75.00
   Value:        $175.00

Package: Behind the Scenes Tour of Miller Park                          Package:              Autographed Baseball
525                                                                     528

A Custom 2 Hour Miller Park Tour for 15 People!                         Brewer Autograph!
                                                                        Yovani Gallardo Autographed Baseball in a protective case.
Bid on this behind the scenes tour at the Home of the Milwaukee
Brewers. This is a great opportunity for you to see Miller Park            Donor:       Milwaukee Brewers
like you have never seen it before. Suitable for a friends/family get      Value:       $70.00
together, a childs birthday party or employee recognition event.
Your tour will include visits to the PNC Club level luxury suites,
press box, and Bob Uecker’s broadcast booth, visiting team locker       Package:               2 Autographed Bats
room and dugout as well as the batting cages. See where Ron             529
Roenicke holds his post game press conference and nally, take           Brewer Autographs!
a walk out onto the eld to visit the Brewers bullpen. Lots of           Autographed bat by 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun and an
photo opportunitites available. The tour can accommodate up             autographed bat by Nyjer Morgan aka, T-Plush.
to 15 people. Tour dates and time restrictions are based on the
Miller Park events. Tourlasts approximately two hours. Your host           Donor:       Milwaukee Brewers
and tour guide will be parish member Mike Boinski.                         Value:       $450.00
   Donor:        Mike Boinski
   Value:        $300.00
                                                                        Package:            Brewers Baseball - YES!
                                                                        530                Ueckers Seats - NO WAY!
Package:               Autographed Baseball
                                                                        See your NL Central Divison Champions from the Loge Diamond
                                                                        Box section 219 row 4 seats 7 & 8.Tickets will include parking. Go
Brewer MVP Autograph!                                                   Brewers !!
2011 NL MVP - Ryan Braun Autographed Baseball in a protective
                                                                           Donor:       Jim and Carol Gleason
                                                                           Value:       $70.00
   Donor:        Milwaukee Brewers
   Value:        $130.00
                                 46                                                                     47
          Voice Auction Items
Package:                Brewers Suite Package                               Package:                     Go Pack Go !!!
V1                                                                          V3

Come and cheer on your defending NL Central Division Champions              See your Green Bay Packers as they attempt to return to the Super
while sitting in a luxurious suite. This special day includes six tickets   Bowl. You will have four Club Seats and enjoy the indoor comfort
and a parking pass in suite 52 to the July 3rd, Milwaukee Brewers           of the Club Level for the Packer Shrine Game - August, 2012 date
vs. Miami Marlins game. Come hungry as this package includes food           and time TBD. Go Pack!
and drinks.The suite is open 45 minutes prior to the 3:10 PM start             Donor:        Rick and Kerry Freiberg
time. Go Brew Crew!                                                            Value:        $888
    Donor:        Mike and Barb Harvey
    Value:        $1,050
                                                                            Package:                  Breckenridge Vista
Package:               Portrait and Sitting Fee                             Use of a three-bedroom townhouse in Breckenridge, Co
V2                                                                          Breckenridge Vista); April 16th -23rd (2012) or October 1st-8th
Mortensen Portrait Design - 16x20 Signature portrait, individually          (2012). Breckenridge Vista is a gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath duplex
hand printed, hand nished. Portrait and sitting fee included.               located just one block off of Main St in Breckenridge. It has amazing
                                                                            views of the mountains and ski area, a gas replace, a 1 car garage,
    Donor:        Mortensen Portrait Design                                 gas grill, and a washer / dryer in the unit. Breckenridge Vista is 1900
    Value:        $729                                                      sq. ft and has 4 TVs, VCR, and DVD players. This property has one
                                                                            of the best locations in Breckenridge within walking distance to
                                                                            all of the shops, restaurants and activities on beautiful Main St and
                                                                            close to the free shuttle stop. Sleeping arrangements: Master: King
                                                                            2nd: King 3rd: Queen and 1 twin bunk bed (Sleeps 7-8).
                                                                               Donor:        Chuck and Mary Strehlow
                                                                               Value:        $1,850 (Oct); $2,200 (April)

                                   48                                                                         49
Package:               Tropical Island Retreat                             Package:     Packer Tailgate Party at Our House
V5                                                                         V6
Sanibel Moorings on Sanibel Island, Florida has an amazing vacation        Rain or Shine…it’s Tailgate time! Go Pack Go!!! Come one come
waiting for you! From a romantic getaway for two to a fun- lled            all, we love the Pack and it’s fun for all! We will host your group
escape for the whole family, our island playground is the perfect          (max 10) for a Packer game at our house, setting a date for a
setting for making each moment unforgettable.With a wide variety           packer party, in October or November 2012. The pre-game begins
of activities and our world famous shelling beach just steps from          with a bloody mary bar and munchies, add to that plenty of cold
your door, this is your ideal Sanibel Island vacation condo rental.        beer and various other beverages, throw in a few bucks and pick a
Discover a tropical paradise at Sanibel Moorings - a picturesque           few squares and then it’s kick off time! Watch the game in the dry,
getaway in a breathtaking location directly on the Gulf of Mexico.         warmth of our cozy home. We’ll serve burgers & sausages as well
Sanibel Moorings offers the conveniences of a resort location              as other great food at half time and have you back in your seats for
with all the advantages of a private home. Our fully furnished two         the second half. All you have to do is bring your Packer spirit to
bedroom, two bath condo suite features a living room, dining area,         cheer ‘em on to a win!
full kitchen and a large, private screened lanai. Included in the rental
                                                                              Donor:        Jerry & Julie Helmle and Mike & Liz Hanna
property are two heated pools, two tennis courts, boat dock, a
                                                                              Value:        $750
library containing books and movies, a workout facility, access to
kayaks, bike rental, and weekly shelling/horticultural tours. This is
the getaway you have been dreaming about and waiting for! This is
a seven day rental, Saturday through Saturday. Dates between May           Package:              Global Food and Wine
1, 2012 and November 1, 2012 will be arranged with Owner.                  V7                   Sampling for Ten People
    Donor:        Campion and Pamela Jaques                                Dave & Therese Fennelly invite you to experience an evening of
    Value:        $1,225                                                   sampling wine and bites from around the world. Special wines or
                                                                           drinks will be paired with each tasting. Your bid is your passport
                                                                           that will transport ten people on a worldwide culinary journey
                                                                           without leaving MKE.
                                                                              Donor:        Dave and Therese Fennelly
                                                                              Value:        $1,000

                                  50                                                                       51
Package:            Afternoon on Lake Keesus                            Package:       Get Up, Get Up, Get Out of Here!!
V8                                                                      V10
Spend an afternoon on Lake Keesus. Enjoy a summer afternoon/            This is not your average Brewer game. Your special day includes
evening at our lake house on Lake Keesus in the town of Merton          four tickets to any Brewer game (except opening day) In eld Box
(about 30 minutes from New Berlin). We will provide the water           and it includes four Field passes. But, wait it gets even better for
sports, boat rides , transportation, appetizers, beverages and dinner   the hard-core Brewers fan, as you will be escorted onto the eld
for 10-12 people. Ahhhhh Summertime !                                   during batting practice and get to meet a few of our Hometown
                                                                        Central Division Champions, who will also sign an autograph just
   Donor:        John and Mary Jo Levene
                                                                        for you. Just let us know who you want to meet (at least 2) and
                 Bryan and Patti Majewski
                                                                        we will arrange it, if those players are available. All this excitement
   Value:        $800
                                                                        is going to make you very hungry, so we are including a $150
                                                                        certi cate to Friday’s Front Row Grill.

Package:                      Pizza Party                                  Donor:        Milwaukee Brewers ~ c/o Jason and Chrissy Shawger
V9                                                                         Value:        Priceless

Build Your Own Pizza. Your Music Minister welcomes you to her
family owned restaurant in Dela eld for a “Build Your Own Pizza”        Package:            Luxurious Wyndham
event. This party is reserved for eight people where you will make      V11          Resort Condo - England to Australia
your own individual pizza, learn how to toss dough in the air, and
get a behind the scenes tour of the restaurant. Linda might even        Be prepared to be impressed with a luxurious Wyndham Resort
sing for you!                                                           Condo of your choice of destinations. You choose the week at a
                                                                        choice of Wyndam resorts. Relax in your two-bedroom two-bath
   Donor:        Bennolli’s,Tom and Linda Halverson                     condo (typical). Based on availability and some restrictions apply.
   Value:        Priceless                                              Sample resorts include Myrtle Beach; Oceanside or Sonoma, CA;
                                                                        Sedona, AZ; or Hawaii. Over 80 resorts in total from Maine to
                                                                        California or Australia or England. Maximum points to be used
                                                                        300,000. You will be treated like a King and Queen as you become
                                                                        a Wyndam Owner for a week.
                                                                           Donor:        Rod and Marilyn Marzolf
                                                                           Value:        $3,500

                                 52                                                                       53
Package:                 “Date Your Mate”
A Romantic Evening for Parents with Young Children: Here’s a great
opportunity to “Date Your Mate”.We will come to your home with
wine, beer and appetizers and send you out for dinner with a $150
gift certi cate to Bone sh Grill Restaurant. We will entertain your
children and get them ready for bed. Return to a peaceful home for
homemade dessert and coffee. For two-three families.
   Donor:       Ann Hepp & Mike and Liz Hanna
   Value:       $400

                                                                        A DOOR COUNTY WATERFRONT DESTINATION

                                                                      8151 Ridges Road               Reservations
                                                                      Baileys Harbor, WI 54202    1-800-927-2492

  General Orthopedics/Joint Replacement
 Joint Reconstruction/Arthroscopic Surgery
           Back and Neck Surgery
    Foot, Ankle, Hand and Wrist Surgery
    Hip Resurfacing and Fracture Repair
        Shoulder and Knee Surgery
   Sports Medicine/Work Related Injuries

   Jeffrey Butler, MD          Thomas Perlewitz, MD
    James Stone, MD                Eric Pifel, MD
 Daniel Guehlstorf, MD         Joshua Neubauer, MD
   Steven Trinkl, MD          Christopher Evanich, MD
 William Pennington, MD         Brian McCarty, MD
  Jamie Edwards, MD             Bindu Bamrah, MD
                    Amin Afsari, DO

To schedule an appointment,
     call 414-384-6700
       Milwaukee                      Wauwatosa
 2901 W. KK River Pkwy.           2323 N. Mayfair Rd.
       Suite 102                       Suite 310

  3111 W. Rawson Ave.             17000 W. North Ave.
       Suite 200                     Suite 201 East


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