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									       How to Spot an Opportunity for Graeme Bowman


I have carved out a career across Australia as a successful Hoax Speaker, MC,
Corporate Comedian and Keynote Speaker, turning ho-hum into ha-ha at
conferences and events. Also, as a Creativity Facilitator, I motivate people to
challenge their current thinking style, then give them valuable tips on how to think
more creatively. Often I perform several roles at the one event, especially at lengthy

I also work as a Writer, Presentation Skills Coach and Actor.

Past clients include IBM, AMP, DaimlerChrysler, Canon, Pfizer, Glaxo, Coca Cola,
BHP, Telstra, Shell, Dulux, plus many associations and government bodies.

My website is my best selling tool; it features numerous
video and audio clips, plus many testimonials from blue-chip clients. Many clients
who book me have never seen me present live beforehand – there's enough on the
website to get me on the short-list. (Or off it!)

I am happy to pay 15% of my fee when a referral turns into a booking (Fees can
range from $3,000 to over $20,000 for my live presenting work, generally less for
coaching and writing.)

Some more insight:

Typical audience:
       Mature, intelligent, willing to listen, not drunk!
Typical clients:
      Medium to large companies
      Franchise groups
      Associations and societies; eg professional, medical, scientific, industry
      State and Federal Government departments, local councils
      Universities and other tertiary institutions
      Community and not-for-profit groups
      Professional conference and event organisers
      Upmarket sports clubs; eg yachting, horse-racing

Typical events I have appeared at:
      Conferences
      Awards dinners
      VIP client functions
      Christmas breakups
      Product Launches
      Special corporate events eg company anniversary
      Leadership retreats
      Incentive trips
      Professional Development sessions

Typical client needs:
      Master of Ceremonies
      Facilitator
      After dinner speaker or comedian (hoax speaker often fits here)
      Entertaining keynote to open or close a conference
      Keynote and/or workshop on lateral thinking and creativity
      Someone to take on a provocative or devil’s advocate role and raise difficult
       issues; eg as part of a major change management process
      Speechwriting for executives
      Presentation skills coaching for executives
      A comic actor or serious presenter for a corporate video
      Scriptwriting for a corporate video or online multimedia presentation

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