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					                                PROBLEM – SOLUTION
                                  By Suzanne Bagley

                                      THE PROBLEM
        What is an easy way to integrate websites into daily lessons? It is very frustrating
to get ready to introduce a lesson using the Internet and not be able to type the URL
correctly or not be able to locate the piece of paper that you wrote it on. Perhaps you
saved it in your Favorites folder at home and now you’re at school in the computer lab
with the big screen and all the children are waiting for your presentation and the
Favorites folder here are not yours! I have experienced all of the above situations. There
has got to be an easy answer!
                                      THE SOLUTION
        The way I solved this problem was to create a template for my lesson plans using
Microsoft Word. I had given up using lesson plan books a couple of years ago, and I
made a template using Microsoft Paint that fits my needs. The wonderful part of this
program is that when you type a URL it is hot. When I create a curriculum page for the
lesson, I just type “Curriculum Page”, highlight it, go to Insert, Hyperlink, Browse, find
the curriculum page and click OK. We used to use other programs to do this. I save my
plans and curriculum pages in the same folder on a floppy disk that I can take anywhere
that I want to teach my lesson.
        Curriculum pages are also easy to create using Microsoft Word. The first thing I
do when making a curriculum page is search for my topic. I gather lots of sites and just
paste them into the document. Then I go back and edit them, making notes about each
one. After that, I choose the most interesting ones, revisit them, and make up questions
that match my students’ level of comprehension. Those sites and questions become my
finished curriculum page. This document needs to be saved as a document template so
that the students can’t change it. Then I save it to a floppy so that I can use the lesson in
the school’s computer lab.
        Curriculum pages are easy to use with cooperative groups. I teach a multi-level
class of students and we often use cooperative groups. I just print the page and give each
student a copy and a clipboard. About 3 students can work at one computer. I load the
document template on as many computers as I need and everyone goes to work.

        Now I am ready to show anyone the websites that we are studying anytime, and at
any computer with my floppy disks. My lesson plan can be loaded, and from the
hyperlink that I have inserted I can go directly to curriculum pages that are related to our
lesson. To browse a website I just click the URL that I want to see. It has given me a
sense of confidence that I didn’t always have before. I can also email students the
curriculum pages for makeup work if they were absent or need to revisit those sites in
preparation for a project or test. A lesson plan and a curriculum page are included for you
to view.
                                    CONTACT INFORMATION
                                         Suzanne Bagley
                                        Kaley Elementary
                                        1600 E. Kaley St.
                                       Orlando, FL 32806
                                                              Monday April 21: Activities:
                                                              Introduce Simple Machines with a KWL chart.
                                                              Make the chart on the board and they copy it. Use 3
                                                              columns and list what they already Know about the
                                                              topic, what they Want to learn, and on Friday, we’ll
                                                              fill in what they Learned.
                                                              COMPUTER LAB ACTIVITY:
                                                              Look at the 6 types of simple machines.

                                                              Watch the Lever movie and discuss. Take the
                                                              quiz. List some levers they remember.

                                                              r/activity.weml Print the activity page and
Tuesday April 22: Activities:                                 duplicate for each student.
Watch the Inclined Plane movie:
e/index.weml   Wednesday, April 23:
e/activity.weml Print the inclined plane activity page     COMPUTER LAB ACTIVITY:
and duplicate for each child.                              Cooperative Group Activity: See Curriculum page:
                                                           Simple Machines

                                                            Friday, April 25: Activities:
                                                           COMPUTER LAB ACTIVITY:
                                                           1. A complex machine is a machine that is made of one
                                                                or more simple machines.
Thursday, April 24: Activities:                                               Next, go to Gadget Anatomy at
COMPUTER LAB ACTIVITY:                            ,
                                                           and see if you can identify your simple machine in any
                                                           of the complex machines there.
Continue with Cooperative Group Lesson started             2. Press Start and then choose The Tool Shed
yesterday.                                                      Activities: Complex Machines.
They need to share what they learned and show their   
pictures.                                                       machines/index.htm
                                                           3. Pass out their KWL charts and fill in what they’ve
                                                           4. Take a Simple Machine Quiz.
                                     SIMPLE MACHINES
                                     CURRICULUM PAGE
                                        By Suzy Bagley

Directions: Cooperative Groups/Jigsaw Strategy (Divide class into 6 groups. Assign each
group a simple machine. Each group answers the questions about their machine and
reports back to the class.)
All groups do the Introduction. Then they just do the activities for their machine.

Go to The Inventor’s Toolbox website,, and read about your simple
machine. Draw a picture of it. In your own words explain what kind of work it does.

Identify the three kinds of levers.
Choose levers. Write down the three kinds and draw a picture of each.
Read the directions. Then, play the Lever Simulation games

  Do small or large gears turn faster? Play the game and draw a picture of the machine
  you made.
Do the experiment and be able to show the class. Draw a picture.

                          WEDGE AND INCLINED PLANE
WEDGE AND INCLINED PLANE: An inclined plane is a wedge sliced in half. Look at
some inclined planes kids made. List 5 inclined planes.

the directions first. Then, play the Computer Simulation games with pulleys. Read the
directions first.

                                 WHEEL AND AXLE
and choose The Home. Go into each of the 4 activities: kitchen, bathroom, garage, and
bedroom. List the wheel and axle things.

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