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									          Gate One Marketing Expands Scott Nichols Tennis Book
 Scott Nichols new book “On The Other Hand” is not only available on his Website, but is now
                   available on both the USTA and US Open 2012 websites.

Green Cove Springs, FL, September 18, 2012 - This is the official website for Scott Nichols, the
Author of “On the Other Hand” (Lookbook Press Seattle, Washington USA – Library of Congress
2012931809). The website offers Tennis Tips and of course, the ability to purchase “On the
Other Hand” in PDF or in Hardcover Book format. Each book ordered will be autographed by

It is Scott Nichols’ goal in writing this book to affect the world of tennis beyond local and regional
levels by introducing players, tennis instructors and tennis coaches of all abilities to a proven
technique that is broadly used in amateur and pro ranks, but rarely taught-the role of the non-
dominant hand in all tennis strokes.

Recently, the USTA has approved “On the Other Hand” on the USTA's Website and the book was
also approved for the US Open 2012 Tennis Championship.

In 2004, Scott was selected by the USTA committee, as a member of the United States Trabert
Cup Team, traveling to Turkey to compete for the United States. On the road to success, Scott
attended Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he played four years of varsity
tennis. At age 18, he won the Eastern Section Junior Grass Court Singles Championship. Twenty-
five years later, in 2003, he won the USTA National Men’s 40s Grass Court Tennis Championship.

In 2005, Scott was named United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) Southern
Division 35 and over Player of the Year and also, was awarded the prestigious Professional Tennis
Registry USPTR player of the year.

Scott also works with USPTA Master Pro Mike Van Zutphen, so if you want the best in tennis tips
and online training, please go to Scott's site and click on the link for Mike Van Zutphen's One
Minute Tennis Lessons. Both these professional's offer expertise that is sought out by touring pros
to fine tune their games.

By the way, Mike is a USPTA Master Pro of which there are only 113 in the World and has been
teaching Tennis for over 30 years. Mike’s coaching style teaches you to understand how to
immediately correct the execution of each stroke and the discipline to adjust your game

Gate One Senior Partner, William B. Weeks Jr stated; “Scott and Mike have been a joy to work
with and both offer years of experience in teaching tennis to both amateurs and professionals!”

About Gate One Marketing:
Gate One Marketing was founded in October 2010. We have over 20 years of experience in
traditional and in Internet Marketing. We are Experts at Website Development and SEO as well as
PPC with Google and Facebook.

Our background is in Aerospace and Defense Systems. However, we are very technical and
business orientated, having founded High Tech Start-up Companies, so we understand the
complete business process, not just the internet marketing niche. We specialize in low cost
Websites for High Tech companies and any other Internet business from Authors to Artists, to

We take into account all the business functions and requirements that can help your business
succeed online.

Please call us for a 30 minute free consultation service to discuss your marketing needs. Gate One
Marketing has branches in the USA and Sweden. For More Information Go to

About On The Other Hand:
Scott Nichols Website called “On The Other Hand” is a Website devoted to the Worldwide Tennis
Community and show cases Scott’s new book “On The Other Hand”. The site also offers Tennis tips
and is to have a monthly Newsletter packed with tennis training tips on everything from Strategy
and Tactics, and how to properly execute different strokes with use of written text, video and

About Mike Van Zutphen:
Mike was the 2007 Champions of Tennis Recipient as well as 2007 Champions of Tennis USPTA
(Member of the Year) and 5 Time Southwest Professional of the Year. He was the 2 Time
Southwest Coach of the Year and the 2 Time Recipient of the National USTA Community Service
Award and for 20 Years Southwest Tester of the Year. Mike was the coach of Wimbledon Junior
Champion Wesley Whitehead and Pat Dupre’ Number 12 in the World on the ATP Pro Tour.
William B. Weeks Jr
Gate One Marketing International
445 Hope Hull Ct.
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043


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