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Minutes July 2010- to Unite for publication


									Unite Meeting Minutes – Aldgate Union Branch – 12th July 2010
                             Location: Aldgate Union 4th Floor breakout Area

                                              Time: 12-30 – 13:30

1 Agenda Items:
1.1 Introduction & Apologies:
Approx. 30 members attended including Andy Cole (Vice-Chair), Cheryl Aldridge (Secretary), Harriet Culkin
(Senior Workplace Rep).

Apologies received from Albert Hall (Chair) and Paul Hobday (Work Rep).

Andy Cole took the chair in Albert’s absence.

Approx. 50 members attending including Albert Hall (chair), Cheryl Aldridge (Secretary), Harriet Culkin

1.2 Minutes of last meeting:
The minutes from June were agreed as accurate.

1.3 Targeted Voluntary Severance
(Approx 200-400 losses expected out of 2000 at risk)

Unite have not received any details on this, and if we had, it would have been embargoed. Everyone should
hear outcome next week.

It was stated from the floor that take up was only 10% - this had been heard from a programme manager –
and that quite a few had not been accepted.

1.4 Mid-Year Performance Reviews
Question asked of the floor: have people had any yet? Some had. Had interim ratings been given out?
Again, some had.

It was stated that if no rating was given, you should be able to assume it was a 3.

A question was raised about if you don’t have a mid-year rating, and are given a 2 at the end of the year.

You have to be let know if you are on track for a 2 or below.

Unite’s position is that if you get a 2, you should challenge it.

In further general discussion, some felt managers were under less pressure now to give 2s, others are still
fitting to the bell-curve.

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1.5 Network Management Outsource to Accenture (under TUPE)
Approx 150 staff affected

This has taken place and affected staff have moved to Regent’s House.

1.6 London Property Strategy (inc. move to Regents House)
Extra desks have been put in preparation for restack. GSDS have moved to Regent’s House, so the restack
has started.

There followed discussion on who was moving in to Aldgate Union and where from – mostly Mansell Street
and 199 Bishopsgate.
 th     rd
7 and 3 floors will no longer be Technology, but will be “other business units” and the floors will be
restricted access. People will be squeezed more, and there was speculation that some people may be
required to work 2 days per week from home

General discussion on this, and the discrepancy between different areas regarding working from home.
There should be no coercion, or pressure on people to work from home or compressed.

1.7 Unite General Secretary Elections
Hustings for nomination next week (19 July) 12:30 to 2pm. Need to be a member to vote. Will have
candidates speak, then hand out ballot papers. I you can’t stay the whole 90 minutes, can leave when need

Main ballot October/November.

1.8 Unite Member Surgery Timetable (Harriet)

Nothing to add. As published by Harriet previously – book a slot through Outlook calendar or contact the

1.9 Unite Recruitment Stall – Update (Harriet)
This was held in AU canteen on 5th July. Some new members signed up.

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2 Actions:
2.1 New Actions
 ID               What                                                                      Who   When


2.2 Actions from Previous Minutes
(All c/f)

 ID               What                                                                      Who   When

 Sep-02           Ideas for further articles to include in the newsletter - please supply   All   ongoing
                  ideas to Dave Saunders c/f – ongoing monthly                                    monthly

 Sep-05           Please provide suggestions for inviting future guest speakers to our      All   ongoing
                  meetings c/f                                                                    monthly

2.3 Actions closed at this meeting:

 ID               What                                                                      Who   When


           Question re: VER statement for someone on RBS Serpa T&Cs. Was given quotes for Serpa and
            non-Serpa, would have expected only the Serpa quote.
           Answer: they have to give all the different quotes.

           Question re: id there is a right to appeal if declined VR?
           Answer: not as such. Can lodge a grievance. There are strict rules & regulations around CR but
            not VR.

           Harriet proposed a donation from Branch funds of £500 to campaign within RBS in NW Region to get
            more reps. A similar campaign in Midlands succeeded in recruiting 13 new reps. Campaign will
            take 3 months. Seconded and Agreed, subject to treasurer confirming

           A contribution of £150 towards the cost of a Finance Sector Banner from Branch funds was
            proposed by Harriet. Seconded and agreed.

4 Next Meeting
Branch meeting: Monday 13 September 2010.

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