Present the Honorable Larry Alan Burns District Judge by wuyunyi


									                            Calendar of the United States District Court
                                  Southern District of California
                                            San Diego
                                         Friday, 1/15/2010
                                   Courtroom 9 - Second Floor

Present the Honorable: Larry Alan Burns                            District Judge
Deputy Clerk: T Washam            Court Reporter/ECR: Eva Oemick
Hon. Larry Alan Burns                         Friday, 01/15/2010                                  09:00AM
1. 3:07-cv-00373-LAB -WVG          Callaway Golf Company et al v. Screen Actors Guild, Inc et

 Bench Trial                         ::Plaintiff::
                                   Caryn M Anderson (619)236-1414
                                   Glenn E Cohen (904)396-5181
                                   Michelle Ann Herrera (619)236-1414
                                   Edward P Swan JR (619)236-1414

                                   Robert A Bush (818)973-3200
                                   Erica Deutsch (818)973-3227
                                   Peter Somers Dickinson (818) 973-3200
                                   Ira Lawrence Gottlieb (818)973-3200

    01/11/2010 (179-1)MOTION in Limine 'No. 1'

 Notes:   4th day

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