How Divorce Affects Retirement

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					                How Divorce Affects Retirement

There are few things that can negatively affect your retirement plans more than a
divorce in a community property state like California. If you face a divorce, there are
many aspects of your short-term and long-term finances that must be worked out
between     you    and    your    ex,   either    in   the    courts    or   by    settlement.

A face-to-face meeting with an experienced San Jose family law attorney is
recommended before you proceed with the divorce. Generally, when you know what
to expect before you proceed you will be better able to make the required adjustments
to your retirement plans.
Below is a short summary of some of the issues that most retirees should
expect to face because of divorce:

Obligations for Child Support
Obligations for Spousal Support
The Funds for Retirement
Other Acquired Assets
Medical Coverage After A Divorce

You do not want your retirement to be destroyed by a divorce. Contact Law Offices of
Thomas Chase Stutzman who always inform his clients with any update regarding San Jose
divorce process & their related aspects. For more details and to set up an appointment visit
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Description: San Jose people faces many problems during the divorce process. Retirement plan is one of them. San Jose family law attorney are figure out some important aspects of your short term & long term finances.