Factors that Affect Ageing Progression

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					Factors that Affect Ageing Progression

Ageing progression is one of the most dreaded issues of women. Many are even
willing to spend thousands of dollars just to make sure that they would look young
all the time. If only the fountain of you youth really exists, then many would not end
up having to spend their hard earned money on cosmetic products that will help
them maintain their youthful glow. Just look at the booming business of cosmetic
products, and you will see that many women are indeed afraid to look old and ugly.

Well the ugly truth is, we cannot really stop the progression of aging from
happening. However, we can make sure that we age at the right time and not look
10-20 years older than our real age. Although cosmetic products can help,
prevention will still be the best solution to avoid looking old. Knowing the factors
behind the reason for looking old will help you avoid it. Here are three top factors
that you should watch out for:

      Smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke- you may not smoke but if your
       partner does, then you are also at risk with the tobacco smoke. Exposure to
       tobacco smoke promotes absorption for free radicals in the body. These
       molecules are known to damage the skin and make you look old. This is aside
       from the many negative effects of smoking to the body and to the skin. So if
       you want to stay young, avoid smoking or smokers.
      Too much sun exposure- although getting exposed to the sun has positive
       effects, too much of it will yield a lot of negative effects too. The culprit
       behind is the UV radiation, which is why most dermatologists recommend
       using sunblock with an appropriate UV protection. It can also change the
       texture of the skin and weaken the elasticity of the skin. This can be evident
       with the development of wrinkles in the face.
      Obesity and weight gain- aside from posing a lot of health threats, obese
       people definitely looks older than their real age. Just imagine your face
       bloating up in excess fat, and you will see how it will make you look old.

If you can’t imagine, then try using age progression software instead. You can find
one at With that software, you will be able to visualize how you
would look like after a couple of years with the above factors in mind.

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